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From a magical hot air balloon experience to helicopter rides or flying lessons near you, the gift of flight is one that will leave them on a high. Give them the sky and let them take life higher with a flying experience day gift they will never forget.

Other Flying Experiences

Our Most Popular Flying Experiences

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12 % Off Hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • Hot air balloon ride over stunning UK landscapes
  • We offer the LARGEST choice of locations in the UK!
  • You won't find a bigger choice of locations across England, Scotland & Wales anywhere else
  • 3-4 hour total experience (approx 1 hour in the air)


£169.00 £149.00
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11 % Off a black helicopter with green stripes in the air for a helicopter ride experience with adventure 001

18 Mile Helicopter Flight

  • Thrilling Helicopter Trip Experience
  • 18 mile ride across the UK
  • 56 UK venues
  • Available for up to 4 people


£95.00 £85.00
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34 % Off iconic city of london - helicopter pilot simulator experience

Iconic City of London - Helicopter Pilot Simulator Experience

  • Available from March 2024
  • Helicopter flight simulator experience
  • 30 mins with 20 mins flying
  • Learn the basics of aviation
£59.00 £39.00
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22 % Off a black helicopter on grass against a blue sky as part of a helicopter flying lesson

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson

  • Tactical Helicopter Lesson Experience
  • 3 x 6/7 minute flights
  • 2 x Observation and 1 x Hands-on flight
  • Approx 45 mins with 18 mins flying


£139.00 £109.00
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8 % Off looking into the cockpit from the back of a helicopter on a helicopter experience day

Helicopter Simulator Flight Experience

  • Helicopter Flight Simulator Experience
  • Ride on the Agusta Bell 109 Helicopter for 45 minutes
  • Only one of its kind
£130.00 £120.00
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5 % Off turweston helicopters

30 Minute Helicopter Flight Over Northamptonshire

  • 30 minute helicopter ride over Northamptonshire
  • Fly in a Bell 206 JetRanger
  • Enjoy beautiful views over Northamptonshire
  • See the Althorp Estate, Stowe School & Silverstone


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turweston helicopters

Private Helicopter & Dining Experience With A La Carte 3 Course Lunch Or Afternoon Tea At Weston Manor Hotel

  • Private helicopter flight to the Weston Manor Hotel
  • Choose the à la carte 3 course lunch or afternoon tea
  • For up to 4 people
  • The ultimate in luxury travel & dining


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15 % Off aeroplane flying lesson wing shot

Land Away Aeroplane Lesson - Triple Flying Experience

  • Learn how to fly an aeroplane
  • 2.5hr experience with 90 mins flying
  • Counts towards pilot's license
  • Be an observer and a pilot for the day
£199.00 £169.00
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12 % Off helicopter in the sky

30 Minute Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

  • Helicopter ride experience
  • 30 minute ride across the UK
  • 56 UK venues
  • Approx 60 mins with 30 mins flying time


£169.00 £149.00
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40 % Off football stadium helicopter tour

Football Stadium Helicopter Tour Experience

  • Football Stadium Tour by Helicopter Experience
  • See up to 3 football stadiums from the sky (dependent on location)
  • A must for football fanatics
  • Available for up to 4 people


£199.00 £119.00
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11 % Off a black helicopter with green stripes in the air for a helicopter ride experience with adventure 001

Private London Charter Helicopter Tour - For Up To 3 Or 4 People

  • Private helicopter tour over London
  • Choice of 2 launch sites
  • For up to 4 people from Biggin Hill
  • For up to 3 people from Blackbushe Airport


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Top 25
35 % Off national flying lesson

Land Away Aeroplane Lesson - Double Flying Experience

  • Two flying sessions of approximately 30 minutes each
  • Be an observer and a pilot for the day
  • Different landing and take off locations
  • Available for 1 or 2 people


£215.00 £139.00
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47 % Off helicopter take off helicopter ride for 1

12 Mile Helicopter Flight Experience

  • Amazing helicopter trip experience
  • 12 mile ride across the UK
  • Many locations
  • Available for up to 4 people


£99.00 £59.00
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30 % Off a black helicopter taking off for a helicopter tour with a person waving through the window

6 Mile Helicopter Flight Experience

  • Helicopter Ride Experience
  • Six mile tour across the UK
  • Available for up to 4 people
  • 54 UK venues


£49.00 £39.00
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12 % Off a helicopter taking off as part of a helicopter ride for 1

City of London Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

  • Helicopter ride experience over London
  • Approx 60 mins with 30 mins flying time
  • Available for up to 4 people
  • 3 take off venues


£169.00 £149.00
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Flying Experiences

The sky’s the limit with a flying gift experience they will never forget.

From magical hot air balloon rides to helicopter flights or the thrill of indoor skydiving, there’s a flying experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Our popular indoor skydiving experience brings the feeling of jumping out of a plane without having to actually jump out of one. It’s perfect for those not too keen on heights but who still want to feel the same adrenaline rush.

A flight simulator experience is also perfect for those nervous about flying to enjoy the same exhilaration without the actual height.

The oldest form of aviation, hot air balloons have been taking people up, up and away on unforgettable sky-high experiences for 250 years.

With a unique mix of adventure and nostalgia that no other flying experience offers, balloon rides in the UK are something special.

What Are Some Of The Best Flying Experiences?

Taking to the skies offers an unparalleled perspective on the world below, providing views that are both breathtaking and unique. In the UK, there is no shortage of flying experiences that allow you to soar above some of the most stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks.

Whether it's the tranquil beauty of a hot air balloon ride over the Lake District, the adrenaline rush of skydiving in Swansea, or the historic allure of a vintage aircraft flight, there's a flying experience to suit every taste. Step into the world of aerial adventure and discover the best flying experiences the UK has to offer, each promising memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Lake District: The Lake District offers some of the UK's most picturesque landscapes, and seeing it from a hot air balloon is truly special.

2. Helicopter Tour of London: This is a great way to see the UK capital's famous landmarks from a completely new perspective, including breathtaking aerial views of the Thames, the London Eye, and the Shard.

3. Aerobatic Flight Experience: For a thrilling flying experience, try an aerobatic flight where you can experience loops, rolls, and spins while flying over the UK countryside.

4. Glider Flight over the South Downs: Experience the quiet and serene skies as you glide over the beautiful rolling hills of the South Downs.

5. Microlight Flight over the Scottish Highlands: Enjoy a unique and exhilarating flying experience while taking in the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands from a microlight aircraft.

6. Skydiving in Swansea, Wales: For adrenaline junkies, a skydiving experience in Swansea offers stunning views of the Gower Peninsula and the opportunity to experience free-fall at over 120 mph.

7. Vintage Aircraft Flight: Step back in time with a flight in a vintage aircraft, such as a Tiger Moth, and experience flying as it was in the early days of aviation.

8. Scenic Flight over the Jurassic Coast: Take a scenic flight over the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Jurassic Coast, renowned for its beautiful cliffs and unique geological features.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Take to the skies in an iconic red Virgin hot air balloon for an airborne adventure unlike any other.

WonderDays is one of very few experience day companies to offer hot air balloon rides nationwide from more than 100 locations, giving you more choice of where to fly than anyone else. Fly from Scotland right down to Cornwall.

What To Expect On A Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • An experience lasting 3-4 hours in total
  • About an hour actually in the air
  • A celebratory Prosecco toast after landing
  • The chance to get involved preparing the balloon for flight
  • The opportunity to help pack the balloon up after landing
  • Some of the world’s most experienced and skilled hot air balloon pilots

Helicopter Flights

A UK helicopter tour will take sightseeing to new heights.

See the sights of the capital with a helicopter tour over London, fly over gorgeous countryside or even get behind the controls yourself for a helicopter simulator flying lesson.

Looking for an exhilarating yet romantic couple’s experience to enjoy together? A helicopter ride for two from a choice of locations across the country is just the ticket.

A family helicopter ride is a great activity to do together, whatever the age of the kids or grown ups.

Indoor Skydiving Experience

For the ultimate indoor skydiving adventure, the Bear Gryll’s iFly experience offers all the thrills of free falling from height, only without the actual height.

It’s also the perfect introduction to actual skydiving for those who have always dreamed of trying the real thing but might not be sure whether they could do it.

Our indoor skydiving experience also comes with the option to add a second adventure to your day, from high ropes, climbing, archery and more.

Virtual Flight Experience

A realistic flight simulator experience is perfect for all the budding pilots out there wishing they could get behind the controls of any aircraft.

From a Boeing 737 flight simulator to a helicopter virtual flight experience, they make great gifts for any aviation enthusiast.

There’s even a combination flight experience where you can enjoy two different flying simulations.

Why Buying Someone The Chance To Fly A Plane Experience Is The Best Gift Idea

Giving someone the opportunity to fly a plane is a fantastic gift because it offers them a chance to fulfil a dream that many people have. Being able to control an aircraft, even just for a little while, lets them escape their daily life and experience something truly extraordinary.

Flying is not just thrilling but can also be a deeply moving experience, offering a new perspective on the world below. The recipient might discover a love for flying that they didn't know they had, or simply enjoy a unique adventure that they will remember forever.

It's more than just a fun experience; to fly a plane is a chance to break away from the routine and to feel a sense of freedom and exhilaration. This kind of gift can show that you really understand and appreciate them, giving them not just a physical gift but also wonderful memories and potentially a new passion.

More Flexible Gift Experience Buying

WonderDays experience gift vouchers are the most flexible in the industry.

If you buy a flying experience, whether it’s a hot air balloon ride, helicopter flight or indoor skydiving voucher, if you or the lucky gift recipient changes their mind, you can swap the voucher right here online in just three simple clicks.

We’re the only experience day provider with a fully automated, online exchange policy.

We also offer a range of gift cards at various prices points, starting at just £25, if you really can’t choose which experience they might enjoy best.


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