red virgin hot air balloon floating over countryside

Hot Air Ballooning

With more hot air balloon ride locations near you than anyone else, take life higher on a stunning airborne experience with Virgin Balloon Flights.

Up, Up and Away: Magical Hot Air Balloon Adventures Across the UK

Get ready to float away on an adventure of a lifetime with our hot air balloon ride experiences!

Imagine drifting lazily over the breathtaking British landscape, where every glance offers a postcard-worthy view. Picture yourself soaring above lush, green fields, charming villages, and grand, ancient cities, all while basking in the silent majesty of flight. This isn't just any day out; it's your ticket to a magical escape, perfect for those special celebrations or simply making your weekend unforgettable. Let the world unfold beneath you in a kaleidoscope of colour and history, promising memories that will stick with you forever.

Did you know? The story of hot air ballooning is as whimsical as the experience itself, starting in 1783 with two adventurous brothers and a dream that lifted off in France. What began as a daring experiment has blossomed into one of the most enchanting ways to touch the skies. Join us, and not only will you be partaking in a thrilling sky-high adventure, but you'll also be weaving your own thread into the vibrant tapestry of ballooning history. This is your chance to float where heroes soared, to dream big and fly high, connecting with the heavens in a dance as old as time itself.

Hot Air Balloon Rides Near Me

Virgin Balloon Flights have more launch sites than anyone else in the UK, so there is bound to be a hot air balloon ride near you or not too far away. Choose from around 100 locations across England, Scotland and Wales and go up, up and away on the UK's best passenger hot air balloon flights.

An experience like no other, you will never forget the moments when you rise majestically and as if by magic up into the UK skies, with the world at your feet and stunning panoramic views across beautiful landscapes.

For gift experience inspiration that really is on another level, a hot air balloon ride makes the perfect present for any special occasion.

The Best Hot Air Balloon Rides

Whether you're looking for a unique birthday gift, a romantic Valentine's Day present or an unforgettable anniversary surprise, Virgin Balloon Flights has been taking passengers to the skies longer than almost anyone else in the UK. With almost three decades of making flying dreams come true under their burners, nothing comes close to the amazing experience of a flight in an iconic red Virgin balloon.

Because the best balloon flights truly are the experience of a lifetime and something you will still be talking about for years to come.

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