Drinks Experiences

Raise a glass to the very best of drinks experiences at venues across the UK.

Other Drinks Experiences

Drinks Experiences

Raise a glass to the very best drinks experiences at venues across the UK.
Bring out their inner connoisseur with a classic wine tasting experience, including a guided tour of the vineyard to discover how the wine is made from plant to bottle. If they're more the 'spiritual' type, a gin tasting experience gift is bound to get their excitement distilling to bring a real kick to their special occasion. When they prefer their apples or grains to their grapes, our combined blacksmithing and beer or cider tasting experience is a unique gift that sees them forge their own bottle opener to use when tasting a range of splendid ciders or beautifully brewed beers.

Wine Tasting Experience Days

Long gone are the days when wine tastings were only for high society, these days wine tasting experience days are open to everyone, and with locations up and down the country, they are more accessible than ever before.

A wine tasting experience is a chance to try a selection of red, white and rosé wines, some you may never have heard of and some that might become new favourites. Often accompanied by a sharing board of breads, meats and cheeses, a wine tasting experience can be a great alternative when you don't fancy a big meal.

Some wine tasting experiences take place on location at the actual vineyard where the wine is made. Seeing where the grapes are grown and the process that turns them from the fruit into the wine in your glass is fascinating and really adds to the whole experience.

Gin Creation And Gin Distillery Tours

Gin is definitely having a moment, it has done for a while now and it's popularity shows no sign of waning. From flavoured gins to fancy gin & tonics and gin cocktails, there is so much to discover in the world of gin.

What is gin? Gin is crafted by distilling a neutral spirit with juniper berries and a blend of botanicals, including herbs, spices, and citrus peels. This infusion process gives gin its distinctive flavour profile, resulting in a spirit known for its complex and aromatic qualities.

Gin distillery tours
A gin distillery tour is a journey into the heart and soul of this revered spirit. The air hums with the heady aroma of botanicals as you're guided through the intricate process of crafting gin, from the careful selection of juniper berries to the artful infusion of herbs and spices. The tour unveils the alchemy behind the distillation process, where copper stills gleam, transforming a medley of ingredients into liquid gold. Each step in the production combines expertise and tradition, with passionate guides divulging the secrets behind the perfect G&T. Getting to taste the gin at the end of the tour lets you appreciate the complexities of this craft and of this beloved spirit.

Gin creation experience days
For gin lovers, the chance to create your very own gin is not something to pass up. You'll start by learning about the different flavour profiles before being able to get creative and blend your own flavoured gin. Under the guidance of a "ginstructor" you’ll mix and match distillates trying out a range of blends until you find the one for you to create a 50cl bottle of bespoke gin to take home with you.

Cocktail Making Experiences

Cocktails, an enticing blend of spirits, mixers, and flavours, have a captivating history that traces back to the 19th century. The term "cocktail" itself emerged in the early 1800s, evolving from a combination of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters. Over time, it became a canvas for creative mixology, with bartenders crafting new concoctions that tantalised the palate. Prohibition in the US in the 1920's spurred the flourishing speakeasy culture, further fuelling the popularity of cocktails as people sought inventive ways to mask the taste of bootleg liquor. The post-Prohibition era marked the rise of glamorous cocktail parties and a cultural fascination with mixology, leading to the proliferation of iconic drinks like the Martini, Margarita, and Old Fashioned. Modern-day drinking culture cherishes cocktails not just for their diverse flavours and versatility but also for the social experience they offer. They've become a symbol of sophistication, an art form in a glass that encourages experimentation and conviviality, shaping trends in bars, restaurants, and home entertaining alike.

Cocktail making masterclass
If you're a fan of a cocktail on a night out, why not learn how to make your own with a cocktail making classes?

A margarita making experience will take you on a journey through the colourful history of tequila and give you the chance to create your very own margarita that you can bottle up and take home.

For a cocktail making experience with a twist, see if you can solve the mystery and crack the case to find the ingredients to make the perfect cocktail on an Immersive Sherlock Cocktail Making Experience.


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