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We’ve been collecting your valuable feedback for over 12 months and we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to let us know how you feel. Every piece of your journey with us has been crafted by your comments so we are now working hard to get more precise information to help the development of WonderDays to make it even more awesome!

Here at WonderDays, we take things very personally so reviews are very important to us! Reviews let us know when we do good things but they also let us know when we just haven’t quite hit the mark. Our goal is to make buying an experience day an easy process and go above and beyond in the way that we help and guide you through the purchase journey with us.

Our website is state of the art, fast, safe and secure and we analyse every component of it to make sure we are delivering a 5 star service to the people that entrust in us enough to part with their hard earned money. We strive to bring our customers the best Experience Days to help them make memories that will last a lifetime, which always makes them think of us when buying that special experience gift for someone.

What People Are Saying

Here are some WonderDays reviews from the people that matter the most.

What Rating Does WonderDays Experience Day Company Have.


People are finding the website easy to use and the customer support is great.

Buyer Rating
  • Super


    Paul | 13-02-24

  • Easy


    Louise | 12-02-24

  • I had a few glitches paying online from Australia, but overall, it was excellent. Natalie was able to answer my email straight away and was very helpful. Many thanks.


    Nerida | 12-02-24

  • No Issues (so far). All seemed to go to plan.


    Graham | 12-02-24

  • helped me fix issue


    Anna | 12-02-24

  • Easy thankyou


    Karen | 10-02-24

  • simple & easy


    Paul | 06-02-24

  • Very quick and easy to do


    Gabriella | 05-02-24

  • Excellent 👍


    Dorothea | 05-02-24

  • Easy


    Jamie | 05-02-24

  • Easy and convenient


    Imran | 04-02-24

  • Nice and straightforward


    Simon | 04-02-24

  • Great, no hassle


    Carolyn | 04-02-24

  • great


    Alison | 03-02-24

  • Had a query used the chat and was answered within 5 minutes. Easy to book and redeem.


    Victoria | 02-02-24

  • found experience easily and called and spoke to adviser who helped.


    Ann | 02-02-24

  • That was easy!


    Salleh | 01-02-24

  • Very helpful. Lovely to talk to!


    Joanne | 01-02-24

  • The customer service advisor I spoke to was very knowledgeable and friendly and helped me find the right experience for my son's 16th birthday. Thank you very much


    Alison | 30-01-24

  • Very easy


    Sadie | 30-01-24

  • very helpful!


    Stefan | 29-01-24



    Sharon | 28-01-24

  • Simple no problem at all


    Jane | 27-01-24

  • Excellent


    Ian | 24-01-24

  • Very easy to do.


    David | 23-01-24

  • Great site with e cellebt options, details and easy to book


    Punam | 23-01-24

  • Quick and easy


    Michael | 22-01-24

  • Perfect


    Samantha | 21-01-24

  • Very easy.... bought for a grandson's birthday... It will be his second driving experience, he loved the first time so much we decided to buy another!!!!


    Pamela | 18-01-24

  • Very easy and fast !


    Maria | 16-01-24

We are extremely proud of our customer satisfaction rating, reviews and customer feedback. WonderDays is less than 3 years old and is learning all the time. Our customer reviews are what helps us drive to be the best experience day company in the UK.

Why WonderDays

When it comes to buying an experience day gift you need to know you’re in good hands. Occasionally, there might be some confusions with the finer details and just booking an experience can be daunting so we’re on standby!

We operate differently to other experience day companies and offer 3 lines of communications; you can Live Chat, Email or Call us with any problems you might be having.

We also have our state of the art 3 click exchange option, so if you do get it wrong or the person who bought it for you did, you can convert any experience into another one of your choice (within the budget you’ve paid, of course).

How Good Are The Experience Days Compared To Their Competitors.

Most of the experiences that are offered on WonderDays can be found on other Experience Day websites. Our aim is to work with more artisanal experience providers in the future and bring more variation to you as we grow and develop.

We have tried to be unique in our approach to the Experience Day Gift Market in that we believe one size does not fit all. Gone are the days that people only buy for 2 as families are not your 2.4 average anymore meaning that we offer experience days for all family sizes and groups of all sizes and ages.

We try not to overwhelm you with the same experience with different connotations on different pages for you to have to compare and check prices, making the purchasing process easier for you.

By being part of the WonderDays community, you’re choosing to help shape how we move forward in offering the best experience days. The reviews you give help with not only our buying process, but see how we can tailor more of what you, our customers want, and it’s these considerations that will make you want to return to WonderDays time and time again to find the best gift for your loved one.

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