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From the cute and cuddly to the majestic and mighty, our animal experience days will definitely fit the bill to bring out the Doctor Dolittle in you.

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Our Most Popular Animal Experiences

9 % Off children having fun visiting hoo farm in shropshire

Hoo Zoo Family Pre-School Experience

  • Visit the zoo with animals from all over the world
  • Hoo-Rassic World-a dinosaur world with moving dinosaurs
  • Available for families of 4 or 5 people
  • Based in the West Midlands


£59.80 £55.00
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63 % Off a bird of prey looking down the camera as part of a falconry experience day

3 Hour Falconry Experience

  • Falconry Experience
  • Three hour adventure with birds of prey
  • In depth guidance from experts
  • Handle the birds


£49.00 £19.00
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a close up of an alpacas head as part of an alpaca experience day

Alpaca Experience Day

  • 3 durations of trekking available
  • Cuddle and feed the alpacas
  • Trek with them for up to two hours
  • Available to all ages


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National sea life centre birmingham

National Sea Life Centre Birmingham Including Hotel Stay for 2 or Family of 4

  • A 3 or 4 star Birmingham stay
  • For one or two nights
  • 2 people or family of 4
  • Discover the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham


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53 % Off woman with meerkats on her lap as part of a meerkat experience day at hoo zoo in shropshire

Meerkat Experience

  • Learn about Meerkats with this popular experience
  • Hand feed the animals
  • Play and stroke them
  • Experienced staff members on hand


£99.00 £49.00
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33 % Off alpacas under a tree seen on a meet the alpacas experience in shropshire

Meet The Alpacas Experience In Shropshire

  • Meet the herd of alpacas
  • Time to bond with the alpacas, feed them and take photos with them
  • Family friendly
  • Based in Shropshire


£30.00 £20.00
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38 % Off young boy feeding a lemur on a junior half day zoo keeping experience day at hoo zoo

Junior Half Day Zoo Keeper Experience

  • A half day zoo keeper experience
  • Look after, handle and feed a range of animals
  • Experienced keeper supervising
  • Access to the farm when finished


£150.00 £99.00
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26 % Off green sea turtle seen at sea life manchester with a one to two night hotel stay for two

Sea Life Manchester & 1-2 Night Hotel Stay For 2

  • Entry for 2 to Sea Life Manchester
  • Encounter incredible animals like the huge Japanese spider crabs
  • 1 to 2 night Manchester stay
  • Choice of 3* & 4* hotel


£252.00 £187.50
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19 % Off loki the alpaca looking over a gate seen on a meet the alpacas experience in shropshire

Alpaca Meet & Greet With Afternoon Tea In Shropshire

  • Meet the herd of alpacas
  • Time to bond with the alpacas, feed them and take photos with them
  • Enjoy a traditional afternoon tea
  • Family friendly


£110.00 £90.00
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6 % Off giraffe at chester zoo

Chester Zoo Experience Plus a Stay in Chester For 2

  • 3* or 4* Chester stay for one or two nights
  • All Day tickets for 2 to Chester Zoo
  • The UK's number 1 charity zoo
  • Over 20,000 animals & 500 different species


£178.00 £168.00
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a man, woman and a child looking at fish in an aquarium at sea life london

SEA LIFE London Aquarium & 2-Course meal at Mr White's

  • Entry to SEA LIFE London Aquarium
  • UK’s largest jellyfish experience
  • Meet Gentoo penguins at the Polar Adventure
  • 2 Course lunch for two at Mr White's in Leicester Square


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Animal experiences are events or activities where people can interact with and learn about different types of animals in a hands-on and educational setting.

These are typically designed to provide a fun and engaging way for people of all ages to learn about different animals, their behaviour and their habitats.

Animal experience days can vary in terms of the types of animals involved and the activities that are offered.

Some may involve visiting a wildlife sanctuary or zoo where visitors can learn about animals in their natural habitats, while others may offer interactive experiences such as feeding or petting animals.

Some experiences may focus on specific types of animals, such as birds of prey, marine animals, or exotic animals, while others may offer a more general introduction to a variety of animals.

Overall, there are animal experiences near me and you that provide an opportunity for people to learn about and appreciate different animals, while also enjoying a fun and memorable experience.

There are so many choices for animal places to visit, from sanctuary visits to famous landmarks such as Whispsnade Zoo, ZSL London Zoo and even Welsh Mountain Zoo.

Hoo Zoo – Telford Exotic Zoo Animals

One of the most popular animal experiences we have at WonderDays is a very family friendly trip to the zoo, with Hoo Zoo one of our top selling animal attractions.

The Telford zoo and ‘dinosaur park’ offers a variety of options to get up close and personal with a variety of different animals.

Our favourites include:

Meerkat Experience sessions, with the chance to feed, play with and stroke these cute and cheeky animals

Junior Half Day Zoo Keeper Experience

Carnivore Combo Experience, featuring four top predators

Our carnivores at Hoo Zoo are rather smaller than those at some of the various big cat sanctuaries here in the UK.

Such sanctuaries provide a home for big cats that have been rescued from the exotic pet trade or other dangerous situations and they work to promote conservation and education about these magnificent animals.

Hoo Zoo offers similar conservation and protection across a wide range of different exotic zoo animals.

Animal Experiences Near Me

When asking which ones are the best animal places near me, think about whether you want to enjoy meeting exotic zoo animals, enjoy falconry or even take part in a zoo keeper experience looking after all types of creatures.

Falconry is an ancient art that involves using trained birds of prey to hunt for game. In a falconry experience, participants may learn about the history of falconry, the different types of birds of prey, and the techniques used to train and handle them.

During a falconry experience, participants may have the opportunity to hold and fly a trained bird of prey, and watch as it performs aerial manoeuvres and returns to the handler's glove. Some falconry experiences may also include a demonstration of the bird's hunting abilities, where the bird may catch and retrieve a piece of prey, such as a rabbit or a quail.

Meerkat Experience Near Me

A meerkat experience or more general zoo keeper experience can vary depending on the specific program and facility.

However, generally, these experiences offer a behind-the-scenes look at the daily operations and care of animals in a zoo or wildlife park.

During a meerkat experience, participants will have the opportunity to meet and interact with meerkats up close, observe their behaviour, learn about their diet and habitat and possibly even help with feeding or enrichment activities.

A zoo keeper experience, on the other hand, may involve shadowing a professional zookeeper as they go about their daily duties such as feeding and caring for animals, cleaning enclosures, providing enrichment activities, and monitoring animal health and behaviour.

Both experiences may also involve educational sessions where participants can learn about the conservation efforts of the facility and the importance of protecting and preserving wildlife.

These experiences are typically guided by trained professionals and follow strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of both the participants and the animals.

If you're looking for other family-friendly experience days that don't necessarily involve animals, check out our full range of family experiences here.


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