Fun for kids

Fun For Kids

While the popularity of a junior driving experience never wanes, we have a whole range of other experience days that kids will love too.

A day out with the kids, whether they’re enjoying a young driver experience, hot air balloon ride or family afternoon tea on a red London bus, an experience day is a memorable thing to do.

Days out with the kids are totally our bag here at WonderDays, we've got great experience day gifts they will love and will be telling all their mates about for months, if not years to come!

Spend quality time together as you watch them embrace a brand new challenge and have lots of fun in the process. If you’re in the capital, visit View from the Shard or even try climbing with the Up at the O2 experience.

The best fun for kids are days out that embrace the fun of childhood while introducing them to new adventures they might never have dreamed they would actually do.

Check out how an 11 year old supercar experience made a young girls dream come true with WonderDays.

Ideas For Days Out With Kids

Rather than a new computer game or kids magazine subscription, get them something which gets them outside to enjoy something in real life they will never forget.

Whether you’re looking for Christmas, birthday or even Easter gifts for kids, nothing beats a day out with them.

A meerkat experience, a scary family day out at the London Bridge Experience, or a Bear Grylls adventure perfect for slightly older children, will bring thrills to their day and make the everyday a WonderDay.

Some of our favourite days out with the kids include:

Whatever experience you choose, take what they love to do into consideration but also think about something totally new, bringing them whole new experiences they will never forget.

What To Consider When Planning Kids Experience Gifts

  1. Choose an age appropriate activity. You might be surprised just how many cool things can be enjoyed by kids, with driving experiences and helicopter rides from just 10 years old, zip line adventures from even younger and a hot air balloon ride from just seven years old.
  2. Do something they might never have done before. Bringing new experiences into their lives from a young age makes for an enriched and memorable childhood.
  3. Make sure everyone is dressed properly for the kids day out you choose, whether its for the activity itself or the weather on the day.
  4. Interests: Always tailor a kids experience gift to the child's hobbies, interests, or passions but consider any potential risks involved and whether adult supervision is required.
  5. Location: Think about the proximity of the experience to the child’s home to minimise travel stress.
  6. Group Involvement: Consider whether the experience is individual or could involve family and friends.
  7. Cost: Keep in mind the overall cost, including any additional expenses like gear, travel, or food.
  8. Educational Value: Assess if the experience is educational and if that is a desired feature.
  9. Physical Requirements: Make sure the child is physically capable of participating in the experience.
  10. Weather-Dependence: Consider if the activity is indoor or outdoor, and how that could be affected by weather conditions.
  11. Special Needs: If applicable, ensure the experience can accommodate any special needs or restrictions the child may have.
  12. Longevity: Consider if the experience is a one-off event or something that could lead to a longer-term interest or hobby.
  13. Seasonal Availability: Some experiences might be seasonal, so plan accordingly.
  14. Surprise Factor: Determine if the experience is meant to be a surprise, and how that could be best orchestrated.
  15. Last of all...have fun! Take plenty of pictures of the kids experience gifts and create memories to last all of you for a lifetime. Planning thoughtfully will help you select a memorable and enjoyable experience gift for the child.

Why is a kids driving experience the greatest present for a child?

While the popularity of a kids driving experience never wanes, we have a whole range of other experience days that kids will love too but the appeal of a kids driving experience goes far beyond the immediate joy of sitting behind the wheel. For many children, driving is a quintessential symbol of adulthood, something they've seen parents or guardians do and have perhaps fantasised about. Being given the opportunity to drive, even in a restricted, safe setting, allows them to tap into a sense of adult responsibility that is both exhilarating and empowering.

Moreover, it's an experience that requires a level of focus and skill, helping to build their coordination, spatial awareness, and decision-making abilities. These are more than just fun activities; they are formative experiences that can contribute to personal growth and even offer a sense of achievement. When a child successfully navigates a course or masters a driving manoeuvre, the sense of accomplishment they feel is genuine and impactful, often leading to increased self-esteem and confidence.

Additionally, the experience can be a bonding moment for families. Parents, siblings, or guardians who participate or observe share in the child's excitement and achievements, creating a communal family experience that becomes a cherished memory.

Last but not least, in a world increasingly dominated by digital experiences and screen time, a driving experience offers a tactile, real-world activity. It pulls them out of the virtual realm and allows them to engage their senses fully, providing a well-rounded experience that is as educational as it is thrilling.

A kids driving experience serves as a multi-layered gift. It's not just an experience but an entry point into a world of skills, responsibilities, and emotional development, packaged as an adventure they won't forget.


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