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Junior Driving

Fill their heads with dreams and experiences and let them race around a track in a supercar!

When it comes to significant milestones in a young person's life, few things are as exciting and memorable as learning to drive. For many teenagers, the desire to get behind the wheel and experience the freedom of the open road is a rite of passage. While the legal driving age varies from country to country, the concept of a junior driving experience has gained popularity worldwide.

In the UK, kids driving experiences are a fabulous way for children to get a feel of being behind the wheel. These experiences are designed with safety at the forefront, often involving dual-controlled cars and professional instructors to guide the youngsters at every step.

Through these sessions, children not only build confidence but also develop an early understanding of road safety and the meaning of various road signs. It’s not just about learning the rules but about cultivating a sense of responsibility that comes with driving.

What makes these experiences truly remarkable is the realism they offer. Kids get to navigate through different road layouts and traffic systems, offering a glimpse into the real world of driving. Moreover, the venues offer a range of vehicles to choose from, including supercars and off-road vehicles, giving the little ones an exciting and varied experience.

These sessions can be personalised to suit individual abilities and learning paces, ensuring that each child gets the most out of their time behind the wheel. It’s not just a driving lesson; it’s an educational journey that helps in enhancing coordination and understanding mechanical concepts.

Beyond learning and development, these experiences are packed with fun and excitement, offering a joyous time for the kids. They can make for wonderful gifts on special occasions, leaving the children with cherished memories.

Furthermore, it offers a wonderful opportunity for family bonding, where family members can watch and cheer the young drivers on, sharing the joy and excitement, and creating loving memories together. It is indeed more than a driving lesson; it's an experience packed with education, fun, and family bonding, nurtured in a safe environment.

What is a Junior Driving Experience

A junior driving experience is an opportunity for pre teens and teenagers to gain first hand experience in operating a motor vehicle in a controlled and supervised environment. It serves as a stepping stone for young enthusiasts who are eagerly awaiting their chance to obtain a driver's license. Junior driving experiences are designed to provide a safe and educational platform where teenagers can learn the basics of driving, develop essential skills, and cultivate responsible habits on the road.

How old do you need to be for a Junior Driving Experience?

Junior driving experiences are crafted to allow young individuals to have a preliminary encounter with driving under secure and controlled conditions. The minimum age requirement for such experiences is set at 10 years, focusing more on fun and less on the actual driving techniques.

Aside from age, there might be other prerequisites such as a minimum height requirement, which is generally in place to ensure that the child can reach the pedals and has a clear view of their surroundings while seated. This height restriction generally starts at 4ft 5in (135 cm) but it can vary based on the specifics of the experience and the type of car being used.

Junior driving experiences are built to be a safe initiation into the driving world. The vehicles used are often equipped with dual controls, allowing the instructor to take over at any point to ensure safety. Moreover, these experiences are carried out in closed environments, free from other traffic, ensuring a secure space for learning and enjoyment.

Booking a session involves choosing a suitable package that can range from a basic introduction to driving to more advanced lessons which might incorporate learning about road signs, handling junctions, and even rudimental maintenance checks on the vehicle.

While it's a learning experience, the emphasis is very much on enjoying the thrill of being in the driver's seat, and many venues make a concerted effort to ensure it's a day to remember with a certificate presented at the end to commemorate the experience.

Junior driving experiences aim to balance education with enjoyment, nurturing a young person’s interest in driving from an early age in a safe and structured manner. It is a step towards building a responsible and confident future driver.

Where can I find an Under 17 Driving Experience near me?

To find an "under 17 driving experience" near you in the UK, you would generally start by searching online using terms such as "under 17 driving experience near me" in search engines to locate nearby facilities offering this service. Additionally, you might want to explore the following avenues:

1. Websites that specialise in experience day vouchers like WonderDays who offer a variety of junior driving experiences.

2. Social media platforms and forums could be a place to seek recommendations from others in your local area who have used these services.

3. You could check out reviews and ratings to find well-rated providers in your region.

4. If you prefer a more traditional method, you might want to look into local directories or ask for recommendations from friends or family about under 17 driving experiences near me.

5. Additionally, you can contact local driving schools or racing tracks to inquire if they offer any programs or can recommend any providers for junior driving experiences.

Remember to always verify the credentials of the service provider to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the youngster. It's recommended to book well in advance, especially during peak times, to secure a spot.

What is a Junior Supercar Experience?

A junior supercar experience is where youngsters get the opportunity to drive a supercar under the supervision of a qualified instructor. It generally entails a junior supercar experience:

Supercars: These experiences offer the youngsters a chance to drive high-end supercars which could include renowned brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or McLaren. These cars are generally known for their powerful engines and high speeds.

Safety Measures: Safety is paramount in these experiences. The cars are often equipped with dual controls, allowing the instructor to take control if necessary. Additionally, the experiences are carried out in safe, controlled environments such as closed circuits or tracks, free from regular traffic.

Professional Instruction: The young drivers are guided by professional instructors who are there to ensure safety while helping the kids to get the most out of the experience. They teach the kids how to handle the car, steer correctly, and manage speed responsibly.

Real Driving Experience: Despite being a junior experience, it aims to provide a real feel of driving. The children learn to navigate through a series of setups that mimic real-road conditions, offering them a true sense of what it's like to drive a supercar.

Personalisation: The experiences can often be personalised to suit the individual's preferences and driving ability, ensuring they feel comfortable and safe at all times.

Memorable Occasion: These experiences are crafted to be memorable, often concluding with a presentation of a certificate commemorating their achievement, and sometimes offering photos or videos of the day as a keepsake.

A junior supercar experience is a dream come true for many youngsters, allowing them to have a fun, exhilarating, and educational experience. It can be a unique gift option for special occasions and a way to introduce youngsters to responsible driving from an early age. It's always advised to research thoroughly and choose a reputable provider to ensure a safe and enriching experience.

What kind of cars do you drive with a Junior Supercar Experience?

The specific cars available can vary between providers, but they generally include some of the most well-known brands in the automotive industry. Here are some popular options that are commonly featured:

1. Ferrari - Often a favourite, young drivers might get a chance to drive cars like the Ferrari 360 or Ferrari 430, known for their sleek design and powerful engines.

2. Lamborghini - Another popular choice, offerings often include models like the Lamborghini Gallardo, famed for its speed and luxurious design.

3. Aston Martin - Renowned for its association with the James Bond films, young drivers might experience driving the elegant Aston Martin V8 Vantage or other models.

4. Porsche - Known for its sporty design and speed, youngsters might get behind the wheel of cars like the Porsche 911.

5. McLaren - Some experiences offer the chance to drive a McLaren, a brand synonymous with luxury and high performance.

6. Audi - Cars like the Audi R8 might be on offer, known for their modern design and powerful performance.

7. Nissan - High-performance cars like the Nissan GT-R might be part of the fleet, offering an exhilarating driving experience with its turbocharged engine.

It is important to note that the specific models available can depend on the individual experience provider and their fleet of vehicles. Generally, these cars are adapted to ensure safety for younger drivers, including dual controls allowing the instructor to take over if necessary. It is recommended to check with the provider to understand exactly what cars are available for the junior supercar experience.

The Components of the day:

Classroom Instruction:

Before hitting the road, participants in a junior driving experience often undergo classroom instruction. Here, they learn about traffic laws, road signs and signals, basic vehicle operations, and the importance of defensive driving. These lessons aim to instil foundational knowledge that lays the groundwork for safe driving practices.

Practical Driving Sessions:

The practical aspect of this adventuretypically takes place in a designated driving course, such as an empty parking lot or a closed-off track. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, teenagers have the opportunity to take the wheel and familiarise themselves with the various aspects of driving, including steering, braking, accelerating, and parking. These sessions focus on developing basic driving skills, enhancing coordination, and promoting good decision-making behind the wheel.

Hazard Perception Training:

Understanding and responding to potential hazards on the road is crucial for any driver. Many junior driving experiences incorporate hazard perception training to teach participants how to identify and react appropriately to potential dangers. By honing their ability to anticipate and respond to different scenarios, young drivers become better equipped to handle real-world driving situations safely.


1. Safety Education:

One of the primary benefits of a junior driving experience is the emphasis on safety education. By introducing teenagers to safe driving practices at an early stage, these programs help instil responsible habits and encourage a greater awareness of the potential risks associated with driving.

2. Confidence Building:

Gaining hands-on experience in a controlled environment helps build confidence in young drivers. As they become more comfortable behind the wheel and understand the mechanics of driving, teenagers can develop a sense of self-assurance that will serve them well when they eventually transition to driving on public roads.

3. Skill Development:

Junior driving experiences provide an ideal setting for teenagers to develop essential driving skills. By receiving professional instruction and practice, participants learn the fundamentals of vehicle control, manoeuvring and hazard perception, setting a strong foundation for their future driving endeavours.

It offers an exciting and educational opportunity for teenagers to learn the basics of driving and become responsible motorists. By combining classroom instruction with practical driving sessions, these programmes equip young enthusiasts with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate the roads safely. As teenagers transition into adulthood and eventually obtain their driver's licenses, the lessons learned during a junior driving experience can shape their driving behaviour and contribute to a safer and more responsible driving culture for all.

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