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Spa afternoon tea

Spa Afternoon Tea

With a spa afternoon tea experience, you get to not only unwind but revitalise too!

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Spa Retreat with Afternoon Tea

  • Enjoy a stunning afternoon tea
  • Use of all facilities
  • Indoor spa pool, sauna, steam room and gym
  • Beautiful lakeside location


£76.00 £51.00
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Relaxation Spa Package with Treatment & Afternoon Tea in Buckinghamshire

  • A Classic Afternoon Tea For Two
  • Wide choice of 25 minute treatments from Hot Stones, Face and Full Body massages.
  • Use of facilities
  • Indoor spa pool, sauna, steam room and gym
£211.00 £170.00
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39 % Off the sculpture outside the crowne plaza marlow hotel lit up at night

One Night Escape with Dinner, Breakfast, Spa Access and Optional Afternoon Tea

  • One night accommodation in a Standard room - Thursday to Sunday
  • Use of the Spa & Wellness facilities
  • Swimming pool, sauna, steam room and gym
  • Three Course Dinner


£326.00 £200.00
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Two Night Spa Break with Three Course Dinner, Breakfast & Afternoon Tea

  • Two night accommodation in a Standard room Friday to Sunday
  • Classic Afternoon Tea
  • Use of the facilities
  • Swimming pool, sauna, steam room and gym
£549.00 £385.00
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afternoon tea at the crowne plaza hotel in reading

Spa Day with Afternoon Tea & Treatment Option at Beautiful Berkshire Hotel

  • Full use of the Esprit Spa & Wellness facilities for up to 2 hours
  • Afternoon tea including finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, tea or coffee
  • Optional 25 minute spa treatment
  • Available for 1 or 2 people


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What Is A Spa Afternoon Tea?

A spa afternoon tea is a delightful combination of relaxation and indulgence, offering a unique experience that combines the pleasures of a traditional afternoon tea for two or more with the rejuvenating benefits of a spa visit. It provides a perfect opportunity to unwind, treat yourself, and enjoy a pampering session.

Typically, a spa afternoon tea takes place in a luxurious spa setting, where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and immerse yourself in a serene and tranquil environment. The experience usually begins with a warm welcome and a chance to change into a comfortable robe and slippers, setting the stage for complete relaxation.

The tea portion of the experience is often served in a dedicated lounge area or a serene garden setting within the spa premises. You'll be presented with a selection of fine teas, ranging from classic blends to exotic herbal infusions, accompanied by an array of delectable treats. Traditional finger sandwiches with various fillings, such as smoked salmon, cucumber, and egg salad, are usually served alongside freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam. The sweet offerings may include dainty pastries, cakes, macarons, and other delicate desserts, all meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds.

What sets a spa and afternoon tea apart is the added touch of wellness and rejuvenation. In between bites, you can take advantage of the spa facilities, which may include access to a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, hot tub, or relaxation lounge. You can enjoy a soothing massage, facial, or other beauty treatments offered by the spa, allowing you to unwind and pamper yourself fully.

The combination of a spa experience with afternoon tea provides the perfect balance of indulgence and self-care. It allows you to enjoy delicious food and drinks while promoting relaxation and rejuvenation for both your body and mind. It's an ideal way to spend quality time with friends or loved ones or even as a solo treat to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

When planning to indulge in a spa afternoon tea, it's recommended to make reservations in advance, as these experiences tend to be popular and often require prior booking. Additionally, it's worth checking the specific offerings and facilities provided by the spa to ensure they align with your preferences and expectations.

A spa afternoon tea is a luxurious and soothing experience that combines the best elements of indulgence, relaxation, and culinary delights. It's a wonderful way to treat yourself and indulge in some self-care while enjoying the finer things in life.

Who Should I Go With?

A spa afternoon tea can be enjoyed with various companions, depending on your preferences and the occasion. Here are some suggestions for who you can take:

  • Friends: Invite your closest friends for a relaxing and pampering spa afternoon tea. It's a great way to catch up, bond, and enjoy some quality time together while indulging in delicious treats and spa treatments.
  • Romantic partner: A spa afternoon tea can be a romantic experience to share with your partner. It offers a serene setting for couples to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other's company while savouring delectable treats and enjoying the spa facilities.
  • Family members: Treat your family members, such as your mother, sister, or daughter, to a spa afternoon tea as a special occasion or as a way to celebrate and spend quality time together. It can be a lovely mother-daughter outing or a way to honour a special milestone.
  • Colleagues or business partners: A spa afternoon tea can also serve as a unique and luxurious way to entertain and network with colleagues or business partners. It provides a more relaxed and informal setting for building professional relationships while enjoying a delightful experience.
  • Solo treat: You can also choose to embark on a spa afternoon tea experience by yourself. It can be a perfect opportunity for self-care and indulgence, allowing you to relax, recharge, and enjoy some quiet time away from the demands of daily life.

Ultimately, the choice of who to take on a spa afternoon tea depends on your personal preferences and the nature of the occasion. Whether you're seeking relaxation, celebration, or simply a delightful experience, a spa afternoon tea can be enjoyed with a variety of companions.

Spa Afternoon Tea In London

There are several places in London where you can enjoy a spa afternoon tea experience. London is known for its diverse and vibrant spa culture, offering a range of options to cater to different preferences and budgets.

If you do your research, you will be able to find that there are many smaller establishments that offer a spa afternoon tea which means that not only will it be cheaper for you maybe but also you’ll have a more personal experience.

The beauty of a spa afternoon tea in London is that once you have finished being pampered, the world is then your oyster as you can go and see some tourist spots or go out for a drink and a spot of shopping!

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