For families

For Families

Gear up and get ready for a full day out of splishin’ and splashin’ with our range of family-friendly water sports.

Water sports are perfect for the explorers and thrill seekers of this world, with whole new worlds to be discovered underwater and endless fun to be had on the surface.

These activities will have you and the family screaming with laughter on a day you will never forget!

It is the perfect activity to explore with the family and create amazing memories together.

From diving to a full-speed power boating experience for the whole family, WonderDays has a fun on the water experience for you.

Speedboat Experiences

Speedboat experiences in the UK, especially along the river Thames in London, offer a thrilling adventure for those seeking a different perspective of London from this iconic river. As the boat zips through the water, you'll be treated to a dynamic panorama of London's landmarks, including Tower Bridge, the Shard, and the Houses of Parliament. The swift and agile nature of the speedboat adds excitement to your sightseeing, getting your adrenaline pumping!

Navigating the twists and turns of the Thames, these speedboat rides showcase the city's vibrant energy from a distinct vantage point. Whether it's the wind rushing through your hair or the splash of water, a London speedboat experience on the river Thames with Thames Rockets is a memorable experience, making it a standout addition to any London visit.

Surfing Lessons

Surfing lessons are an awesome family activity by the sea, riding waves together and learning something new. It's not just about surfing; it's about bonding, laughing at wipeouts, and cheering on each other's progress. Plus, for someone who's all about the sea, it's a great gift idea. They get to dive into something they love, spend time in the water, and maybe even pick up a lifelong hobby. It's a gift that's more about experiences and memories than just more stuff.

Boat Trips

Boat trips around islands like Skomer Island and Ramsey Island off the coast of Pembrokeshire offer an incredible experience for families. It's a chance to delve into the wonders of nature while cruising through the open sea. For families who enjoy spending time together, these trips create an environment where everyone can bond over the shared thrill of spotting diverse wildlife, from puffins and seals to a variety of seabirds. The adventure becomes a unique learning opportunity for both kids and adults, offering insights into the marine ecosystem, its inhabitants, and the importance of conservation efforts.

If you know someone who finds solace by the sea and has an insatiable curiosity for wildlife, a boat trip around these islands could be an exceptional gift. It's a chance for them to immerse themselves in their passion, gaining firsthand knowledge about the various species that call the coastal areas home. The experience isn’t just about sightseeing but also about fostering a deeper connection with the ocean and its inhabitants, making it an enriching and thoughtful present for any sea-loving wildlife enthusiast.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting in Scotland is an exhilarating adventure, especially for families seeking an adrenaline rush together. The rugged Scottish landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for this thrilling activity, offering a blend of scenic beauty and heart-pounding excitement. It’s a fantastic experience for families looking to bond over a shared challenge, navigating the twists and turns of the river while working together to conquer the rapids. The sense of accomplishment and teamwork it fosters can create lasting memories, making it an ideal activity for families seeking an unconventional yet thrilling way to spend quality time together.

For water sports enthusiasts who thrive on challenges and seek an adrenaline kick, white water rafting is an incredible gift idea. It’s more than just a present; it’s an opportunity to dive into the untamed waters, testing one's skills against the powerful currents. The rush of the rapids offers a perfect outlet for those who love the thrill of conquering nature's forces. It’s an experience that promises not just excitement but also a sense of achievement, making it an ideal choice for someone who adores water sports, craves challenges, and finds joy in the pulse-quickening rush of an adventure.

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