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WonderDays Staff Picks - Liz

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At WonderDays, our Customer Service Team is at the forefront of current trends, thanks to their constant engagement in discussions about "experiences" throughout the day. This gives them a special perspective on the latest and greatest in the experience day industry.

Also, their extensive product knowledge and direct access to authentic customer feedback mean they are exceptionally well-informed. Our team truly excels in their field!

Today we are talking to Customer Experience Champion Liz, for her Top 5 WonderDays Experiences!

A Little Bit About Me: I feel I like a variety of experiences and am always delighted to hear from our customers about their personal recommendations. I am a natural thrill seeker and have even done a sky dive before!

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson

Being a little thrill seeker myself, I have always wanted to do a Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson! Having already been “enticed” to do a sky dive previously, the thought of being in control of a helicopter is amazing! (although my other half may think different!) £119 for this experience is fantastic and it even counts towards a pilot’s licence!

Meercat Experience

Taking it down a little, who doesn’t love a Meerkat! Having 3 children 10 and under, this would be an experience they would never forget! My little girl Isabelle (5) is absolutely fascinated with small animals and the fact that you can play with them and stroke them….she would be over the moon! Definite mummy points right there!

Zombie Survival Experience

Going back to the thrill seeking… My dad and I, would absolutely love to do something like this! A Zombie Survival Day Out Experience is definitely not your typical “Father and Daughter” Day out!

2 hours of being scared by dead people, solving puzzles, saving survivors and having to escape in one piece…the big question is… who will leave who first and run! My dad or me!

Spa Escape with 3 Course Meal

Now it’s time for some mum and daughter time! Knowing how hard my mum works, I would love nothing more than to take her on a Spa Escape with a 3 course dinner. For the price, it’s an amazing offer. Not only would we get a 1 night stay (away from the men!), we would have a three course meal at The Caprice Restaurant, 2 x 25 minutes treatments each, use of the Esprit Spa & Wellness facilities and a full English breakfast! When can we go!

Sea Life Experience with Hotel Stay

Lastly! Something special to remember as a family! One of the biggest things we have to take into account on our family trips, is whether it is suitable for my little girl who is autistic. She absolutely loves sensory things so this would be amazing for her to get up close and personal! The colorful Coral Reefs, beauty of the Jellyfish Sea and gentle sea turtles, will no doubt leave us all mesmerised.

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