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What were our lives before social media? It seems almost unthinkable to today’s younger generation that any sort of intelligent life existed before the days of Facebook and Instagram – They don’t even know creative artform that went into your first My Space profile!

In today's digital age, social media has woven itself into the very fabric of our lives, shaping the way we communicate, connect and consume information. From sharing our thoughts and experiences to staying updated on global events, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok have become integral parts of our daily routines.

One of the most fascinating aspects of social media is its ability to tap into our desire for validation. The pursuit of likes, comments and shares has become a daily struggle and all part of the online experience. What happened before socials… people would have to actually take the time to get photos developed and physically come and knock on your door to show you a photo of what they had for dinner!

Let’s not get too heavy into this, whilst for some; social media views and likes is an actual way of making a wage, but for your average Joe, it’s just nice to see that something you posted moved someone enough to give you a quick thumbs up. Let’s not deny it, we all like a like!

Fire Up the Likes and Views

So, let’s talk about our Wonderdays Experiences that are sure to fire up the likes and views! Whether your thing is Facebook, X, Instagram or TIK TOK; we have the experiences that will get you posting about your experiences and set your personal social media alight with your buddies hitting that like and share!

What better social brag than sharing photo’s from between 1500ft – 3000ft. As you drift gently across the landscape, go live on your socials, and show your journey aboard an iconic Hot Air Ballooning Experience. Whether you vlog your experience or simply take a few snaps of the day, your sure to have your social media buzzing with interaction.

Should you fancy something a little bit more high speed, why not clamour onto one of our unique and adrenaline fuelled Helicopter Experiences. Show off your inner dare devil or maybe consider yourself a celebrity for the morning by showing every on your Insta that there is only one way to travel, and that’s in style!

If prefer your experiences more terra-firma based, then what could be more attractive to your social media audience than the twists and turns of a Supercar Driving Experience. Get the platforms bragging rights in front of Maserati GT, or maybe it’s a Lamborghini LP560 that’s going to get your posts shared. Put your foot to the floor around a few highspeed laps at a location of your choice and watch your likes and shares accelerate.

Ignite Your Socials

Next level social brags come in the form of this stunning Italian Afternoon Tea. We all have socials full of people sharing what they have had for their dinner, well now you will have a dinner brag worth sharing. Blow the competition out of the water sharing wonderfully presented Italian meats and cheeses, before taking on the sweet section with some delectable scones, jam and fresh cream. Once you’ve finished making your Facebook posts the envy of your newsfeed, you can get down to enjoying your food! Afterall, that’s really why you are there!

Finally, let’s get your Tik Tok abuzz with the highspeed thrills of The Ultimate London Adventure Thames Rocket Experience. Your cameral roll will be full of amazing content to share amongst your social channels. Capture the sights of London’s Iconic Landmarks to make a splash on Facebook, Ignite Insta with your high speed speedboat Thames Rockets adventure and Tempt those Tik Tok views with your water escapades all to the sound of adrenaline filled party tunes.

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