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18 Mile Helicopter Flight

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18 Mile Helicopter Flight

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The Highlights

  • Thrilling Helicopter Trip Experience
  • 18 mile ride across the UK
  • Multiple UK venues
  • Available for up to 4 people
  • Communicate with the pilot in the air
  • Glass of bubbly
  • Exchangeable Experience Gift

48 Locations To Choose From

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  • Alnwick - Charlton Hall
  • Andover - Thruxton
  • Beverley - Linley Hill
  • Bishopton
  • Blackpool
  • Bromyard - Hungry Hill
  • Buxton - Moor Grange
  • Camberley - Blackbushe
  • Carnforth - Greenlands
  • Cheltenham - Gloucestershire
  • Chipping Norton - Enstone
  • Cirencester - Cotswolds
  • Coventry
  • Darlington - Teesside
  • Glasgow - Cumbernauld
  • Glasgow - Heatheryknowe
  • Glossop - Windy Harbour
  • Honiton - Dunkeswell
  • Kinross - Balado Airfield
  • Kirkliston - Conifox
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Newport - West Usk
  • Oxford
  • Penzance - Land's End
  • Perth
  • Redruth - Scorrier House
  • Rochester - Stoke Airstrip
  • Romney Marsh - Lydd Airport
  • Saint Agnes - Perranporth
  • Saint Ives
  • Sandown - Isle of Wight
  • Settle
  • Sheffield - Owler Bar
  • Shepton Mallet - Bath & West
  • Shrewsbury - Sleap
  • Skegness
  • Southend-on-Sea
  • Stirling
  • Symington - Langholm Farm
  • Templecombe - Henstridge
  • Wells - Glastonbury
  • Widmerpool - Nottingham
  • Wigton - Kirkbride Airfield
  • Woking - Fairoaks
  • Wolverhampton
  • York - Elvington

The Main Event

The feeling of flying through the air in a powerful, fast moving helicopter is second to none! There aren’t many experiences you can do that will be as exhilarating as this one, and what’s even better, is that you can do it with up to four people!

Take a moment whilst you hover in the air looking at the ground a few feet below just before the power is applied by the pilot, feeling the helicopter accelerate and climb to up to 1000 feet.

You’ll experience the most amazing views of the beautiful UK countryside for 18 miles as your pilot points out local landmarks, before you gradually return to earth safe in the knowledge you did something amazing today!

*This isn’t a private flight. If you book for 3 people for example, the one spare space to make up 4 passengers could be filled by someone from another booking.*

Important Bits

Important to Note

Please allow 30 minutes for this experience - 10 minutes flying.

Please note that locations are subject to change and can be removed and added by the experience provider.


This is an incredibly popular experience, so the provider advises booking around 3-6 months in advance for most locations. As we are a gift experience provider, we advise giving the voucher for the occasion ( i.e birthday/ anniversary ) and allowing the recipient to choose a location, time and date that suits them. 

The main flying season is April-October for most of the locations, however there are a handful of venues that run all year round. 

The year round locations are: Newcastle, Gloucestershire, Fairoaks, Blackbushe, Cumbernauld, Nottingham & Waterford.

The St Ives location operates 12-16th August and 19-23rd August only.


Your voucher is valid for 12 Months from the date of issue.

Please note you must have booked and taken your experience before the expiry date.

Who Can Go

  • For shared flights such as this one, ages 6 years to 13 need to be accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. There is no maximum age limit.
  • Maximum height is 6’6”
  • Maximum weight is 12-15 stone ( depending on location and party size - see FAQ )
  • Please contact the venue if you weigh over 15 stone.
  • The above are only guidelines and may differ by location please check at the time of booking
  • You should be in reasonable health, if you have any disability or illness that may prevent you from taking part then you must discuss this with the centre before booking
  • Pregnant passengers are welcome however medical advice cannot be given, please consult your doctor if you have any concerns at all before taking your flight.
  • The bubbly is for over 18's only and will be mini bottles of sparkling wine for you to take away, or disposable flutes are available if you want to drink it on the day.

What about Insurance?

The centres contracted with us hold public liability insurance. We also hold contingency liability cover. You will not be liable for accidental damage to equipment, except where damage has been caused as a result of recklessness or wilful negligence.

A cancellation indemnity, subject to terms, is included with every voucher.

How it Works

All you have to do is pay for the experience you wish to purchase and we’ll send a voucher and booking information to you or directly to the recipient, then you just need to check the info and book your experience.


Is this experience weather dependant? 

Yes, all flights are subject to weather, operational factors and are subject to the possibility of short notice cancellation.

As the weather is ever changing, the pilot will not make a decision until 6pm the evening before your flight. Please do follow the weather check process on your boarding pass

It is important to note that things can change at the last minute and whilst we try our best to predict the weather, reports are not always accurate.

Is this experience private? 

All helicopters can seat at least 4 people, but there are a few helicopters that have 6 spaces, so exclusivity is not guaranteed. 

What is the maximum participant weight?

Flying activities have maximum weights (per seat) to ensure health and safety along with the comfort of fellow passengers.

You must enter passenger/participant weight at the time of booking an experience. If weight varies between the time of initial booking and date of flight experience it remains the responsibility of the customer to update their individual weight via their online account prior to flight.

All passengers will be weighed before flight and if disparity exists between weight disclosed and actual weight (within reason), the passenger may be ineligible to fly.

The following weight restrictions cover multiple flying experiences:

Aeroplane Flying Lessons (2 Seater Aircraft) – Max 15 Stone (95kg)

Aeroplane Flying Lessons (4 Seater Aircraft) – Max 18 Stone (114kg)

Helicopter Flying Lesson - Max 15 Stone (95KG)

Pleasure Flights (Helicopter)
Group size of One – Max 15 Stone (95kg)
Group size of Two – Max 30 Stone (190kg)
Group size of Three – Max 43 Stone (273kg)
Group size of Four – Max 56 Stone (355kg)
Group size of Five – Max 66 Stone (420kg)
Group size of Six - Max 76 Stone (485kg)

Please note that the maximum weight limit for the Co Pilot Seat on a helicopter pleasure flight varies depending on aircraft and other operational considerations but will not exceed 95kg.

If as a party of one you weigh in excess of 15 stone, you may still be able to fly however you will need to purchase an additional seat. This seat will either have to remain unoccupied or can be occupied by an individual as long as the combined total as listed above is not exceeded. However, a total individual weight of 20 stone cannot be exceeded.

Is there an age limit? 

Shared Helicopter Flights – 6 years to 13 years (accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket). There is no maximum age limit.

Private Helicopter Flights - 2 years (accompanied). There is no maximum age limit.

Is there a maximum height?

The maximum height is 6ft 6 for helicopter rides.

Can I fly whilst pregnant? 

We are happy to fly pregnant passengers however we cannot give medical advice, please consult your doctor if you have any concerns at all before taking your flight.


A photographer is present at every flight and customers can have their photos taken outside and inside of the helicopter. The framed photos will be available to purchase after the flight for £10.

Locations To Choose From



Alnwick, situated in the heart of Northumberland, England, offers a unique blend of historical, cultural, and natural beauty, making it an ideal location for an aerial tour and the perfect helicopter experience day gift for anyone, especially adrenaline lovers!. A helicopter ride over Alnwick gives breathtaking views of the following landmarks:

1. Alnwick Castle: Dominating the skyline, this magnificent castle is one of Britain's most iconic and is often recognised for its role in films and television, including Harry Potter. From above, you'd appreciate its vast scale, impressive architecture, and the intricate layout of its gardens.

2. The Alnwick Garden: Adjacent to Alnwick Castle, the garden is famous for its contemporary design and the grand cascade, a large water feature that would be particularly striking from the air. The garden's various sections, including the Poison Garden, would be distinguishable, offering a patchwork of colours and textures.

3. The River Aln: Winding through the countryside, the River Aln adds a natural beauty to the landscape. In a helicopter experience, you'd see how the river meanders, flanked by lush greenery and occasionally crossing under historic bridges.

4. Barter Books: Located in Alnwick's old railway station, Barter Books is one of the largest secondhand bookshops in the UK. While the interior is a wonder to explore on foot, the distinctive Victorian architecture of the station and its surrounding tracks would be a sight to behold from above.

5. Alnwick's Historic Town Centre: The town's layout, with its narrow streets and medieval buildings, tells a story of centuries past. Key buildings such as Alnwick Playhouse, the market square, and St Michael's Church would stand out.

6. The Coastline: Just a short distance from Alnwick, the Northumberland coastline, with its dramatic cliffs, pristine beaches, and historic castles such as Bamburgh and Dunstanburgh, offers a stunning contrast to the inland sights.

7. The Cheviot Hills: On a clear day, the rolling landscape of the Cheviot Hills, which form part of the border between England and Scotland, would be visible in the distance, adding a rugged backdrop to the green and cultivated lands of Northumberland.

An aerial tour of Alnwick not only showcases the area's rich history and natural beauty but also provides a unique perspective on how these elements intertwine to create a landscape full of character and charm.



Taking to the skies over Andover in one of our many helicopter rides is like flipping the pages of a vibrant storybook, each turn revealing scenes rich in history, nature, and modern life seamlessly woven together. Imagine lifting off and soaring above this charming town nestled in Hampshire, where the tapestry of England's green and pleasant land unfolds beneath you.

First, you'd be greeted by the warm embrace of the River Anton, meandering through Andover like a ribbon, its banks a patchwork of activity and tranquillity. Picture the quaint reflections of trees and skies in the water, a view that's just poetic from up high.

Then, there's the historic heartbeat of Andover, the town centre, with its blend of old-world charm and contemporary bustle. From above, the market square would look like a miniature gathering spot, the hustle and bustle of daily life just a gentle hum. You'd see the spire of St Mary's Church, standing tall as a timeless sentinel over the town.

Sweeping your gaze further, the eye-catching outlines of the Hawk Conservancy Trust would come into view. Imagine the thrill of spotting majestic birds of prey taking to the air, their wings spread wide, a mirror to your own airborne adventure.

And let's not forget the lush expanses of the countryside that cradle Andover. The patchwork fields, hedgerows, and woodlands are like nature's own mosaic. In the midst of this green expanse, the iron age fort of Danebury Hill would catch your eye, its ancient contours a whisper from the past, telling tales of ages gone by.

As you circle back, the modernity of the town, with its schools, shops, and homes, might inspire a sense of community from this unique vantage point. It's a reminder that Andover, for all its history and natural beauty, is very much alive and kicking, a place where the past and present dance together.

An aerial jaunt on a helicopter ride over Andover is more than just a flight; it's a journey through time and landscape, offering perspectives that ground you in the town's essence while allowing you to see it from a whole new angle.



Soaring above Beverley in East Yorkshire is a bit like stepping into a painting where history and nature blend seamlessly. Imagine yourself on a helicopter ride, gently lifting off and the tapestry of this historic market town coming into view.

First up, you can't miss the Beverley Minster, an architectural masterpiece that's stood for centuries. From the air, its gothic splendour is even more striking, with the intricate roof, towering spires, and the stunning length of the building stretching out.

As your eyes wander, the charming cobbled streets of Beverley come into sight, weaving their way through the town like threads of history. Each twist and turn tells a story, with the market square acting as a gathering point, just as it has for generations.

Then there's the Westwood, an expanse of common land that borders the town. From above, it's a vast green canvas, dotted with the tiny figures of people and animals enjoying the open space. It's easy to spot the Beverley Racecourse too, its neat tracks carved into the Westwood, a venue for thrill and excitement.

Flying further, the patchwork fields and quaint villages surrounding Beverley add to the charm. The rural landscape, with its mix of farms, woodlands, and rivers, provides a stunning contrast to the urban heart of the town.

Hovering over Beverley, you're also treated to a unique view of the Beverley and Barmston Drain, a testament to human ingenuity in shaping the landscape. It's a ribbon of water cutting through the land, vital for drainage but also adding to the scenic beauty of the area.

A helicopter ride over Beverley isn't just about seeing the sights. It's about feeling a part of something timeless, where every rooftop, every street, and every green space has a story to tell. It's a gentle reminder of the beauty that lies in the blend of human history and natural grace.



A helicopter ride over Blackpool offers a unique perspective on its most famous sights and the stunning natural landscapes that surround it.

From the air, the Blackpool Tower is an unmissable landmark. Standing at 158 metres, it has been a symbol of the town since 1894. The tower's intricate architecture and the sprawling complex at its base, including the Tower Ballroom, would be a sight to behold from above.

Another highlight is the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, an amusement park famous for its variety of rides, including the Big One, one of the UK's tallest roller coasters. Viewing this bustling amusement park from the skies would provide a thrilling glimpse into the heart of Blackpool's entertainment scene.

The three piers - North, Central and South - stretching out into the Irish Sea are also iconic. Each pier has its own character and array of attractions, from amusement arcades to theatres, offering a snapshot of traditional British seaside culture.

The seafront promenade, with its tramway, would be a striking sight, showing the transition from the urban environment to the sandy beaches and the vast expanse of the sea. The geometric patterns of the Comedy Carpet, an art installation featuring jokes and catchphrases from British comedians, would add an intriguing visual element.

Beyond the town's immediate attractions, the surrounding landscape of the Fylde coast and the Ribble Estuary provide a contrasting backdrop of natural beauty, with expansive beaches, nature reserves, and the distant rolling hills of the Lancashire countryside.

A helicopter ride over Blackpool would offer a panoramic view of its famous landmarks, entertainment venues, and natural surroundings, providing a comprehensive overview of this beloved British seaside town.



Bromyard, in Herefordshire, is a quaint market town with a rich history and a charming rural landscape. A helicopter ride over Bromyard and its surrounding area offers breath taking views of both historical landmarks and natural beauty.

From the air, the medieval and Georgian architecture of Bromyard town is striking. The town's narrow streets, lined with timber-framed buildings, weave a tapestry of history beneath you, leading to the focal point of the town, the Bromyard and Winslow Town Council building.

Surrounding the town, the patchwork fields and rolling hills of the Herefordshire countryside unfold in all directions. The lush greenery, interspersed with small woodlands and winding country lanes, encapsulates the quintessential English rural landscape.

The Bromyard Downs, an area of common land offering expansive views of the Malvern Hills and the Welsh Mountains, are a prominent feature. From above, the diverse habitats of the Downs, including grasslands, woodlands, and scrub, are evident, showcasing the area's natural beauty and biodiversity.

Another notable sight is the National Trust's Brockhampton Estate, encompassing a moated manor house set within a farmed landscape of woods and orchards. The contrast of the historic manor against the backdrop of extensive parkland and agricultural fields provides a stunning aerial vista.

The River Frome, meandering through the countryside, adds a serene blue thread to the landscape, highlighting the region's rich agricultural heritage with its fertile floodplains.

A helicopter experience over Bromyard offers a unique perspective on this historic market town and its surrounding countryside, showcasing a blend of architectural heritage and the natural beauty of the Herefordshire landscape.



A helicopter experience over Buxton and its surrounding area provides an unparalleled view of this historic town and the breathtaking landscapes that surround it. Buxton, in the heart of the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire, is renowned for its natural thermal springs and stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture.

From the air, the architectural grandeur of Buxton is immediately apparent. The Buxton Opera House, with its exquisite Edwardian design, stands out as a cultural jewel. The nearby Pavilion Gardens, a beautifully landscaped 23-acre park, offers a splendid array of colourful flowerbeds and intricate walkways, which are even more impressive from above.

The town's centrepiece, the Crescent, a magnificent example of Georgian architecture originally built as a hotel and spa in the 18th century, is currently undergoing restoration. Its graceful curvature and historical significance make it a standout sight.

Overlooking the town, the sprawling landscapes of the Peak District come into full view. The rolling hills, limestone dales, and rugged moorlands of this national park offer a dramatic contrast to the urban architecture below. The patchwork of fields, divided by traditional dry stone walls, and the occasional glimpse of wild deer or grazing sheep, enhance the rural charm of the area.

The imposing Solomon's Temple, a Victorian folly perched on Grin Low hill, provides a focal point in the landscape. From the air, its position offers a strategic vantage point over Buxton and the surrounding valleys and hills.

The helicopter experience also reveals the intricate network of caverns and caves that lie beneath the surface, including the famous Poole's Cavern, a natural limestone cave known for its stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations.

A helicopter ride over Buxton offers a unique blend of natural beauty and architectural elegance, showcasing the town's rich heritage and the dramatic landscapes of the Peak District National Park.

Great Reviews

  • Great day out

    Excellent day staff went above and beyond to make my husbands 70th birthday flight with the grandkids a day to remember, thank you so much

    Great day out helicopter

    Lynettr|30 May 2024

  • Birthday helicopter ride ❤️❤️

    Very good communication which is reassuring.


    Tracey|14 Mar 2024

  • Was so fun to try

    We originally wanted to buy a hot air balloon ride but the season was over so we decided to do a helicopter ride. We might still do a balloon trip when season is open again but the heli ride was quite cool. It's nothing like flying a commercial plane. Much lower and more adrenaline. Would definitely recommend.


    Steve|28 Oct 2023

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