Cinema tickets to see any movie any day any time from a choice of 300+ Cinema locations, includes a FREE FILMPASS PRIME membership

people in the cinema eating popcorn watching a film with a cinema pass for up to six people
woman enjoying a film at the cinema with a cinema pass for up to six people

Cinema tickets to see any movie any day any time from a choice of 300+ Cinema locations, includes a FREE FILMPASS PRIME membership

Up to
56% Off

Free Exchanges

30 Day Refund

Valid for 12 Months

The Highlights

  • Multi-cinema e-ticket gift experience
  • Choice of 300+ cinemas (see locations below)
  • Choose any 2D film, any day, any time
  • Free FILMPASS PRIME membership included
  • Exchangeable Experience Gift

300+ Cinemas To Choose From

  • Odeon
  • Movie House
  • Picturehouse
  • REEL
  • The Light
  • VUE
  • Scott Cinemas

The Main Event

Experience the magic of cinema like never before with our Cinema Lovers' Gift Experience—a journey through the silver screen that promises thrills, laughter, and unforgettable memories. 

Delight your loved ones with cinema tickets granting access to Any Movie, Any Day, Any Time at over 300 locations nationwide, including acclaimed venues like Odeon, Movie House, Picturehouse, Reel, Savoy, Showcase, the Light, VUE and Scott Cinemas.

Why is this the ultimate gift for the movie aficionado in your life? 

1. Unparalleled Flexibility: Select cinema tickets to enjoy any 2D film, anytime, anywhere across 300+ Cinemas nationwide, offering unmatched cinematic freedom. 

2. Complimentary FILMPASS PRIME Membership: Elevate their movie experience with a lifetime membership to our exclusive Film Club.

What’s Included:

- Discounted Cinema E-Tickets: Enjoy the silver screen for less with discounted cinema e-tickets at 300+ cinemas for additional cinema tickets for you, or so you can take your friends and family with you for all your ongoing cinema visits.

- FilmPass OnScreen Magazine: Dive into the cinematic universe with our downloadable magazine featuring the latest news, exclusive teasers, and in-depth features.

- Out Now & Coming Soon Trailer Hub: Stay ahead of the curve with sneak peeks and previews of the latest releases.

- FilmPass Poster Library: Download your favourite movie posters to bring the magic of cinema home.

- CineMapper: Explore the real-world locations where your favourite films were shot and immerse yourself in the magic of movie-making.

Give the Gift of Cinema—Where Every Frame Holds a Story.

Elevate your gift-giving game and transport your loved ones to a world of cinematic wonder. Purchase the Cinema Lovers' Gift Experience now and redefine movie nights forever.

Important Bits

Important to Note

Redemption Process: The gift recipient simply needs to redeem their WonderDays voucher, following a short process to access their cinema e-tickets.

Valid Cinemas: This experience is valid for standard seats during 2D film showings at participating cinemas. Note: Some exclusions apply.

Expiry: Your voucher remains valid for 12 months from the issue date. Ensure you book and enjoy your cinematic escape before the expiry date.


Valid for any 2Dfilm, any day, any time at the participating cinema venue.

Please note the following cinema locations are NOT included in the list of participating cinemas.

  • Odeon Luxe Leicester Square 
  • Odeon Luxe & Dine Islington 
  • SHOWCASE Bluewater
  • Picturehouse Central
  • Picturehouse Fulham Road


Your voucher is valid for 12 Months from the date of issue.

Please note you must have booked and taken your experience before the expiry date.

Who Can Go

  • Upgrades may be available for IMAX or 3D experiences, with an additional cinema fee.
  • Booking your seat online might include a cinema booking fee.
  • Not applicable for special events, premieres, screenings, or non-public events.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
  • Subject to availability, standard age restrictions, and terms set by participating cinemas.
  • Approximately 300 cinemas are part of this experience, though some venues may opt out.
  • Northern Ireland Exclusive Valid for Movie House and Odeon cinemas in Northern Ireland.

What about Insurance?

The centres contracted with us hold public liability insurance. We also hold contingency liability cover. You will not be liable for accidental damage to equipment, except where damage has been caused as a result of recklessness or wilful negligence.

A cancellation indemnity, subject to terms, is included with every voucher.

How it Works

All you have to do is pay for the experience you wish to purchase and we’ll send a voucher and booking information to you or directly to the recipient, then you just need to check the info and book your experience.


How do I activate the FILMPASS PRIME membership and claim the cinema e-tickets?

There are 2 easy steps to follow. You need a cinema ticket code that is used to activate and create your membership through which you can access the cinema e-tickets.

Are any cinemas excluded from this offer?

Yes, the following cinemas are not included:

  • Odeon Luxe Leicester Square

  • Odeon Luxe & Dine Islington

  • SHOWCASE Bluewater

  • Picturehouse Central

  • Picturehouse Fulham Road

Can I add multiple WonderDays codes to my FILMPASS PRIME account?

Absolutely! You can add as many WonderDays codes as you'd like to your FILMPASS PRIME account. Each code you add will credit your account with the corresponding number of cinema tickets it holds.

How can I add a code to my account?

Adding a code is simple. Just log in to your FILMPASS account and navigate to the "REDEEM CINEMA TICKET CODE" section. Enter your cinema ticket code, and your account will be instantly credited with the cinema tickets associated with that code.

Track your tickets

Keep track of your available cinema tickets by checking your account at any time. Your ticket balance will be displayed, allowing you to plan your next cinematic adventure with ease.

Can I upgrade to FILMPASS PRIME+ membership?

You can upgrade at any time by purchasing a FILMPASS PRIME+ membership package and following the brief upgrade procedure.

Regarding the use of a 3D or IMAX film, the FILMPASS PRIME+ membership typically allows you to see any 2D movie any day any time, which includes standard 2D tickets. For specific details about 3D or IMAX film eligibility, please refer to the terms and conditions of the membership or contact customer support.

Some cinemas may offer the chance to upgrade to a 3D or IMAX screening but there will most likely be an extra fee for this charged by the cinema.

Event cinema and concerts are not classed as standard 2D movies.

Can I use this on a 3D or IMAX film?

No, this cinema gift experience is valid for 2D films only.

Some cinemas may offer the chance to upgrade to a 3D or IMAX screening but there will most likely be an extra fee for this charged by the cinema.

I’ve got another discount code, can I use it with this?

No, this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, this can be used by any age however normal age restrictions will apply to all films as well as any relevant standard terms applied by the participating cinema.

Can I use this to go to the cinema tonight?

Yes you can however you will need to activate your FILMPASS PRIME membership however claiming your cinema tickets is instant.

But my local cinema is offering a better deal, why would I buy from you?

We appreciate that cinemas will offer their own discounts and special offers. However when buying from us, you’re buying into the flexibility of being able to use this experience at any of the 300+ locations, for any film at any time.

This is what makes it the ultimate gift for any film fan. The gift recipient can choose the cinema they want to go to, whether that’s their local one or the one nearest to them when they’re on holiday (in the UK of course!), and they can choose the time that suits them best, be it a Monday afternoon or a Friday night. And the tickets are valid for a full 12 months, giving the recipient plenty of time to use them or save them for a rainy day.

Great Reviews

  • Amazing price

    Was a bit confused how to redeem for tickets but eventually got it. Was great price!


    Sherry|16 Jul 2024

  • Great!

    It was a bit confusing to start on how to claim and then book, but now I have done it I will be buying this offer again.


    Simon|13 Jun 2024

  • Cinema ticket

    Enjoyable experience worth it. Really good value for money.


    Martin|4 Jun 2024

  • Great deal

    I was skeptical but bought this deal and followed the instructions and booked cinema tickets all within 10 mins 😀

    Cinema tickets are far too expensive for me to go otherwise.


    Louise|17 May 2024

  • Great options but claim process is a bit fiddly

    I loved being able to go watch a movie for free! But the process for claiming the tickets is really quite fiddly, requiring several different steps at different websites that each required a new sign-up / registration. I'm online quite a lot and still found it quite confusing. I imagine it'd be quite difficult for someone who isn't as familiar with being online.


    Jamie|8 May 2024

  • Fabulous

    Was a little skeptical at first, but worked so well.
    Family cinema trips are quite expensive now, so this really helps make it more palatable. Would definitely recommend and use again


    Adele|3 Apr 2024

  • Great idea

    Great that these can be used at any cinema, normally you're restricted to where you can use vouchers. Looking forward to my next cinema trip!


    Jan|25 Feb 2024

  • Good saving

    Used my tickets to see One Love


    Susan|22 Feb 2024

  • Cheaper tickets

    Thought this might be too good to be true but getting the codes wasn't that difficult. The cinema is getting so expensive these days so nice to know i've got a good deal here.


    Liz|28 Jan 2024

  • Treated myself!

    Bought for myself and as gifts too, everyone loves going to the cinema!


    sue|22 Jan 2024

  • Cheap tickets

    Great idea for cheap cinema tickets. Process was quick and easy and as the tickets last 12 months, you can use them when you want. Have given as gifts too and were greatly received.


    Abigail|9 Dec 2023

  • Great present idea

    Got some as stocking fillers for christmas.


    Mike|5 Dec 2023

  • cheap cinema visits

    Great to have in your pocket for a rainy day :)


    steve|1 Dec 2023

  • Birthday gift

    Bought a set of 4 tickets as a birthday gift, went down well.


    stephen|30 Nov 2023

  • Great price

    Great price for cinema tickets.


    margaret|21 Nov 2023

  • Excellent deal

    I was a bit dubious about this as it seemed a bit too good to be true, but bought a pair of tickets to try it out. The code arrived immediately. The booking process is a bit convoluted, but after a few minutes I had booked my half price tickets for Oppenheimer at the local Odeon. I've now bought another five pairs of tickets, great bargain.


    Mark|7 Aug 2023

  • Cenema ticket is the best

    Very easy and you have more time to decide when to watch a film.


    Fitzgerald|31 Jul 2023

  • Took almost 10 hours but....

    then I got my code and could book my cinema tickets. Great price so nice saving for me and the missus.


    Alan|20 Jul 2023

  • da da, dun dun, da da

    We went and saw MI7 and no complains about the tickets. Great price but had to swap the wonder days vouchers first. Now that we know this we could see ourselves do this again.


    Steve|18 Jul 2023

  • 1/2 price made me a little sceptical to begin with

    I was a little worried about this offer to begin with. 50% off on cinema tickets but in the end it was all good. I got my activation code from filmpass after 4 hours and booked my cinema tickets. Gonna buy some more as they are valid for a year. As a film lover I am sure I will be able to use them again. So many great films coming out this year.


    Fan :)|18 Jul 2023

  • What can I say?

    Amazing price - That's it :D


    Nina|9 Jul 2023

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