Top 15 things to do in Reading if you're looking for an adventurous weekend

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If you’re looking for some classy yet realistic adventurous fun this weekend, then a weekend in Reading could be just the tonic. Filled with so many fun activities in the city and the surrounding areas, there’s lots to choose from.

1. Exploring the Chiltern Hills: Venture into the great outdoors with a hike or bike ride through the scenic trails of the Chiltern Hills. The area offers routes for all abilities, from gentle walks to challenging mountain biking paths. Or take a steam train trip in the Chiltern Hills.

2. Kayaking on the River Thames: Embrace the water with a kayaking adventure down the Thames. It's a peaceful yet exhilarating way to see the countryside and experience the river's natural beauty.

3. Paddleboarding: For a calmer but equally adventurous water activity, try stand-up paddleboarding on the Thames, perfect for balancing skill and serenity.

4. Skydiving: For the ultimate adrenaline rush, experience the thrill of skydiving. Tandem jumps are available for beginners, offering breath taking views as you free-fall and then gently parachute to the ground.

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride: Who doesn’t love the thought of a hot are balloon trip! Enjoy the serene beauty of Reading and its surroundings from a hot air balloon. It’s an unforgettable way to start or end your day, floating above the landscape.

6. Indoor Climbing: Test your climbing skills at one of Reading's indoor climbing centres. It's a great physical challenge, with walls designed for all skill levels.

7. Historical Exploration of Reading Abbey: Dive into Reading's rich history with a visit to the ruins of Reading Abbey. It's a fascinating journey through time that offers insight into the town's past.

8. Beale Wildlife Park: Get close to nature and wildlife at Beale Wildlife Park. It's an adventure for animal lovers, with a variety of species to learn about and interact with.

9. Paintballing: Team up with friends for a paintball adventure. It's a thrilling way to engage in some friendly competition while testing your strategic thinking and agility.

10. Laser Tag: Similar to paintball but with a high-tech twist, laser tag offers all the excitement without the mess. It’s a fun and active way to spend a few hours.

11. Escape Rooms: Challenge your mind with an escape room experience. Work as a team to solve puzzles and clues to escape before time runs out.

12. River Cruises: Take a leisurely cruise along the Thames to see Reading from a different perspective. It's a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery and learn about the area's history.

13. Mountain Biking in Swinley Forest: Just a short distance from Reading, Swinley Forest offers an array of mountain biking trails that cater to all levels, surrounded by beautiful woodland scenery.

14. Rowing: With the Thames at its doorstep, Reading is a great place to try rowing. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, rowing is a fantastic workout and a unique way to enjoy the river.

15. Participating in Local Festivals and Events: Reading hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, from music and food festivals to sporting events. Participating in these local happenings is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and vibrancy of Reading.

From thrilling outdoor activities to cultural explorations, Reading offers something for every adventurer looking to make the most of their weekend. Whether you're seeking physical challenges, intellectual puzzles, or simply a new way to experience the natural beauty of the UK, Reading's diverse array of activities ensures an adventurous and memorable weekend.

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