Things You Might Not Know About Hot Air Balloons

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Everything On Hot Air Balloons Infographic

Did you know the first ever passengers in a hot air balloon were a sheep, a rooster and a duck, which flew almost 240 years ago?

Or that the first people to cross the English Channel in a balloon did so without their trousers on?

As one of their most popular flying experiences, gift experience day company WonderDays has created an infographic with everything you need to know about hot air balloons.

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Our Favourite Special Shape Hot Air Balloons

Everything On Hot Air Balloons covers facts such as how hot air balloons work, the first ever manned flight of any aircraft and why Champagne has become synonymous with ballooning.

It also airs some facts and figures of what sort of special occasions people most often buy a balloon ride gift experience for, with birthdays by far rising into the top position for 62% of online shoppers.*

Abi Sadler, partnerships manager for WonderDays, said hot air balloons had an almost universal appeal to almost every age group and demographic.

“The sight of a hot air balloon brings such excitement and joy to pretty much anyone, it’s no wonder balloon flights in the UK are one of our most popular experiences,” she said.

“One of the most popular blogs from our ballooning experience day provider’s website is ‘How Do Hot Air Balloons Work’, so we’ve put together a fun infographic with all the information you could ever want to know about these majestic aircraft.

“The romantic nature of a balloon experience day gift means most are bought for a spouse or partner, with many of those chosen as a present for a special birthday.”

Other fun facts covered in the infographic include the first gas balloon flight, how hot air balloons saved both people and mail during the 1870 Paris siege and what it takes to become a hot air balloon competition winner.

The full infographic can be viewed on the WonderDays experience gifts website here.

WonderDays launched in May 2022 as a more flexible alternative to traditional gift experience day websites.

With hundreds of different experience days to suit all tastes and budgets, making the everyday a WonderDay is just a click away.

First Flame Infographic Sample
First Ever Hot Air Balloon Flight
Click Here To See The Full Everything On Hot Air Balloons Infographic

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Chateau Versailles

*Hot Air Balloon Provider Customer Survey - October 2020

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