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Zip World

Here at WonderDays, we stay in tune with what’s on trend with our dedicated team of Customer Service Agents. After all, its these guys who are talking “experiences” all day long and they have a unique understanding into what’s hot and what’s not in the world of experience days.

What’s more, our team have a mountain of product knowledge and an unmatched insight into customer’s genuine feedback – Our Customer Service Team really do know their stuff!

Today we are talking to Customer Experience Champion Louise for her Top Wonderdays Experiences!

A Little Bit About Me: Working amongst all of these experiences all day is very tempting. I am a person who likes to experience new things and will never likely do the same experience twice! If I do, it must be good!

Zip World Velocity 2 - Fastest in the World

I have never done this experience but it’s definitely on my bucket list- anything adventurous then I’m game, if we were meant to stay in one place then we would have roots instead of feet!

Prison Escape Room Experience

I have personally done this experience with family, and it is suitable for family of all ages, it’s a good experience to have a tour of the prison and hear everything about the former prisoner’s life before being locked in your cell and working out clues to fight for your freedom!

Junior Supercar Driving Experience

This is a must for any supercar fan which I took my 12-year-old son to experience. He was a little nervous at first, however he got to drive 5 of his favourite cars 3 miles round a track along with an experienced track driver who put him completely at ease. In fact, he loved at that much we are booked to do it again!

Zip World Phoenix Zip Line

Ok, so another Zip but I cannot miss this out my top 5 as it is still a very different experience. A must for a thrill-seeking fan, although I’ve yet to experience it myself- I will be very soon! Reaching speeds and taking in the stunning views of the Welsh Valley and Mountains- Sounds good to me!

Q Hotels Spa Experience Day in Shropshire

Not every day can be an adventure, do you deserve a treat? The answer is a resounding yes! Grab a friend and book a well-earned pamper and relax.

Facials, massages, exfoliations, foot treatments or a body scrub? The choice is yours!

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