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This ones for you, Lionesses!! :-)

Don't worry, we all know what happened...that old chestnut, "Yeah sure, that sounds great. Let's go for a drink, but just one drink, watch the Euro 2022 Final then go home" thinking you'd be back in time to watch Gogglebox on repeat, but later on, you find yourself with a vodka tonic, whiskey sour, 6 Jaegerbombs, and a glass full of regret deep!! Plus it's a Sunday night!!

And now you've got a day ahead. You've made plans to hang out with that old school friend you ran into but totally didn't want to. "OMG! Yes!!! I am free tomorrow. Let's do something! "
You still don't know what possessed you to say it. Was it just good manners or the booze?

So now you need to plan a day out, and you're ridiculously hungover.
Trust us, we know from personal experience that there's nothing quite like the feeling of a hangover. You wake up feeling groggy, nauseous, and generally terrible. The last thing you want to do is get out of bed and face the day.

So don't give yourself more of a headache. We've done all the planning work so you don't have to.

Sunday mornings are meant for two things: eating and nursing a hangover.

…And while there's no magic cure for a pounding head and an uneasy stomach, there are certain foods that can help to ease the symptoms. A greasy breakfast is often touted as the best hangover cure, but truthfully, anything that settles your stomach will do the trick. If you're feeling particularly delicate, opt for something bland like rice or toast. For those with a stronger appetite, a trip to the Sunday market is in order. There you'll find all sorts of hangover-helper dishes, from spicy curries and samosas to comforting bagels.

If you're looking for something on the finer side of life, you can't go wrong with dinner or Sunday lunch at Marco Pierre White's London Steakhouse Company.

Not only do they provide delicious food, but they also offer a welcome change of scenery. So next time you're feeling low, don't reach for the same old comfort food. Instead, try something new and go out for a meal. Who knows? It might just be what you need to turn your day around. With a hearty three-course meal including a side dish and a cocktail, you'll be feeling right as rain in no time.

Our hangover food remedy recommendations:

a selection of food dishes to illustrate experience days for food lovers

Which leads us to part two on how to heal your head.


A spa day may sound like the perfect cure-all, but there's actually science to back up the idea that relaxation can help relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

When we're stressed, our bodies release cortisol, which can worsen headaches and upset stomachs. By contrast, when we're relaxed, our bodies release endorphins, which can help to improve our mood and reduce pain.

The relaxation and pampering can help to ease your symptoms and make you feel like a completely new person.

Whether you opt for a massage, facial, or simply some time in the pool, spending a day at the spa is sure to help you recover from your night of excess. And if you're really feeling rough, you can always add in a few extra treatments, like a full-body massage or hot stones!

Our hangover relaxation remedy recommendations:

woman having a face mask applied during a facial to illustrate daycation gift experiences

It's time to get moving.

There's nothing like a shock to the system to wake you up from your hangover.

Before you reach for another hair of the dog, consider this: exercise might be the best cure for your hangover. It has been said to be one of the best natural remedies and a pain reliever!

According to research, working out can help to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation, both of which can help to ease hangover symptoms. Additionally, exercise releases endorphins, which can help to boost your mood and fight off feelings of fatigue. There's also nothing like a slightly startling experience to spike your adrenaline and regulate your blood alcohol levels.

Whether you're, rafting on the River Tay, Sea Kayaking, Coasteering, Surfing or Aqua Sphereing. The adventure experience day packages are the perfect way to unwind and really be at one with nature whilst doing something you love.

Our hangover exercise remedy recommendations:

Kayak experience days

Our experiences are great for groups of friends and family alike, and remember that a shared experience is a great experience.

So feel blessed in the knowledge that your friends are feeling pretty rubbish too.
Check out our different categories for more examples of amazing activities you can get up to together TODAY!

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