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Murder Mystery Weekend Activity

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Murder Mystery Weekend Activity

Murder Mystery Weekend

(excluding Hampshire)
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Murder Mystery Weekend

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The Highlights

  • Murder Mystery Entertainment
  • Fun, laughter & prizes, solve the clues to find the villain!
  • An overnight stay in a standard double or twin room
  • Available on selected Fridays & Saturdays
  • Three course dinner
  • Vegetarian, vegan & gluten free options available
  • Breakfast
  • UK locations
  • Exchangeable Experience Gift

8 Locations To Choose From

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  • Hook - Hampshire
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Nottingham
  • Sheffield
  • Southend
  • Stourport-on-Severn
  • Winchester
  • York

The Main Event

Immerse yourself in a murder mystery weekend that sees you put your detective skills to good use and work out who committed the ultimate crime!

Available at top locations across the UK, this murder mystery experience is guaranteed to be a great laugh for you and your friends. Your little grey cells will be put to the test as soon as you get to dinner, where you'll need to unfold the story piece by piece by working out who is an actor and who is a guest. The actors will perform comedic and clue-packed scenes in between courses and will table-hop whilst dropping clues, giving you the chance to play detective and ask them questions. 

A delicious three course dinner is served alongside the murder plot featuring twists and turns, confessions and killers and then when the crime is solved, you get to retire to the safety of your room!

This murder mystery weekend is the perfect blend of fun, comedy and theatre where you can get as involved in the action as little or as much as you'd like. 

It makes for an amazing gift to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, if you know someone who loves a who dunnit, this murder mystery weekend would be a real treat!

Typical running order of the evening

Role-play murder mystery event and dinner theatre events tend to run for about 3 hours, so with a 7:30pm start the event would finish at approximately 10:30pm.

7:30pm Drinks reception. Meet at reception for pre-dinner drinks, where clue-packs and your character breakdowns are distributed. You will get to know who’s who so keep your wits about you so you don’t miss a clue.

8:00pm Sit down for dinner. Dinner is announced and the guests take their seats; the two professional actors play out a dramatic scene, ending in who knows what? Bloodshed?

8:15pm Dinner is served. Each course is served and the comic plot unfolds. The actors guide you through, unveiling the story and its twists and turns. You might be questioned by the detective or reveal an important clue when questioned by a fellow guest during the main course. Word-games and quizzes are introduced during the evening, which may reveal clues to who the murderer is.

9:30pm You solve the crime. Just before the dessert it’s your chance to be a super sleuth and figure out who did the deed! Then hand in your solution sheet in for judging, after which the dramatic denouement uncovers the dastardly villain whodunit. They may come to a sticky end…

10:00pm Prizes awarded. The star prize of one bottle of bubbly is awarded to the winning person and a booby prize to the most absurd solution. But there’s still a chance to win with the best fancy dress competition!

10:30pm End of murder mystery event.

Important Bits

Important to Note

The Murder Mystery Dinner will take place on either the Friday night or the Saturday night, this will be confirmed when booking in with the experience provider.


The experience is available on selected dates. Most locations are only available two or three times a year.

We recommend you book at least six weeks in advance to ensure that dates are available. All bookings are subject to availability.

Guests arrive from 7:30pm for the drinks reception, when the Murder Mystery event will start, sit down for dinner at 8:00pm and dinner is served around 8:15pm.

2 guests per bedroom.

2024 Schedule

Elvetham Country House Hotel Near Basingstoke
18th October, 1st November

Sheffield - Kenwood Hall & Spa
26th April, 17th May, 28th June, 26th July, 30th Aug, 27th Sept, 18th Oct, 22nd Nov, 5th Dec, 12th Dec, 28th Dec

Mercure York Fair Manor Hotel
7th June, 5th July, 2nd August, 6th September, 4th October, 1st November, 6th December

Muthu Westcliff Hotel - Southend-on-Sea
3rd May, 17th May, 2nd Aug, 20th Sept, 11th Oct, 15th Nov, 6th Dec, 13th Dec

Stourport Manor Hotel & Spa - Stourport-on-Severn
19th April, 31st May

Village Hotel Newcastle
27th April

Village Hotel Nottingham
18th May

Winchester Hotel & Spa
25th Oct, 22nd Nov, 11th Dec


Your voucher is valid for 12 Months from the date of issue.

Please note you must have booked and taken your experience before the expiry date.

Who Can Go

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Fancy dress is encouraged at shared party and private events, in the theme of the event such as flapper-style, mobster or Moulin Rouge. The best costume wins a prize! if you prefer to not dress up, the dress code is smart casual.
  • The experience provider will check with guests about any food allergies to ensure a meal can be provided for them.

What about Insurance?

The centres contracted with us hold public liability insurance. We also hold contingency liability cover. You will not be liable for accidental damage to equipment, except where damage has been caused as a result of recklessness or wilful negligence.

A cancellation indemnity, subject to terms, is included with every voucher.

How it Works

All you have to do is pay for the experience you wish to purchase and we’ll send a voucher and booking information to you or directly to the recipient, then you just need to check the info and book your experience.

Who Dunnit Locations To Choose From



A Murder mystery night in Hook can offer an engaging blend of suspense, interactive fun, and the opportunity to explore the charm of this Hampshire village and its surroundings. These events, often hosted in the picturesque settings of country houses, hotels, or sometimes even outdoor venues, provide an intriguing escape into a world of mystery, camaraderie, and intellectual challenge. Here’s why participating in a murder mystery event in Hook can be an exceptionally enjoyable experience.

One of the primary attractions of murder mystery experiences is the story. In Hook, these narratives often draw on the local environment and history, weaving tales that could involve anything from a scandal in a stately home to secrets buried in the rural landscape. Participants are thrown into these stories, playing detective or even suspect roles, which allows for deep immersion in the plot. The creativity and complexity of these storylines keep participants engaged and invested in unravelling the mystery.

Hook and its environs boast a variety of venues that add an authentic touch to the murder mystery experience. From grand country estates to cosy pubs, the settings provide a realistic backdrop that enhances the atmosphere. Participating in a murder mystery at one of these locales is not just about solving a crime; it’s about doing so in a place that could believably be part of the story. This adds a layer of realism and excitement, as the surroundings contribute to the overall experience.

Unlike passive forms of entertainment, murder mystery events in Hook are highly interactive. Participants engage not only with the story and the actors but also with each other. This interaction is a key part of the fun, as everyone tries to piece together clues, interrogate suspects, and solve puzzles. It’s a social activity that requires communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, making it a stimulating experience for all involved.

Murder mystery experiences are perfect for social gatherings, whether it’s with friends, family, or colleagues. They provide a shared goal and a talking point that can break the ice among strangers or deepen existing relationships. The need to collaborate and share insights on the mystery can foster new connections and strengthen bonds, all within the context of an entertaining and memorable event.

There’s a certain thrill that comes with the challenge of solving a mystery. Participants must listen carefully, think critically, and connect the dots to identify the perpetrator. The satisfaction derived from correctly solving the mystery, or even just from piecing together parts of the story, is a significant part of the appeal. It’s a test of wits and observation that leaves participants feeling accomplished.

For those not familiar with Hook, a murder mystery event can be a wonderful way to discover the village and its surroundings. Participants may find themselves exploring historic buildings, scenic spots, or hidden corners they might not otherwise visit. This exploration aspect adds an adventurous dimension to the experience, combining the thrill of the hunt with the pleasure of discovery.

Murder mystery events in Hook come in various themes and formats, from period dramas to modern-day thrillers, offering something for everyone. The diversity in storytelling ensures that repeat participants can always find something new and exciting. Furthermore, the option to choose from different levels of participation, from fully interactive roles to more observational ones, means that both extroverts and introverts can enjoy the experience in their way.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle's storied past, from its origins as a Roman settlement to its significance in the Industrial Revolution, provides a captivating backdrop for murder mystery events. This historical context enriches the stories, offering a narrative depth that can transport participants to different eras. Whether set in the Victorian age amidst the smoke of industrial growth or in the medieval times of Newcastle's castle and city walls, the historical settings add layers of intrigue and authenticity to the mystery.

Unlike passive forms of entertainment, murder mystery experiences in Newcastle are deeply interactive. Participants are not mere spectators but active players in the unfolding drama. They might find themselves exploring the Gothic architecture of Newcastle's ancient buildings, interacting with characters who seem to have stepped out of history, or deciphering clues hidden in the city's cobbled streets and alleyways. This level of immersion and interaction is a significant draw, offering a unique and memorable way to experience the city.

The murder mysteries crafted for these experiences are often complex and creative, requiring participants to think critically and creatively to solve them. The narratives may weave in local legends, historical events, or fictional scenarios that play on Newcastle's character and culture, providing not just a puzzle to solve but a story to become a part of. This storytelling aspect, combined with the thrill of the "whodunit," keeps participants engaged and entertained throughout the event.

Murder mystery events naturally foster teamwork and social interaction. As participants gather clues and deliberate over the evidence, they must communicate, collaborate, and share ideas. This can be particularly fun in the sociable atmosphere of Newcastle, known for its friendly locals and vibrant social scene. Whether with friends, family, or colleagues, the experience can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

For both locals and visitors, murder mystery experiences offer a new way to see Newcastle. Participants might find themselves noticing architectural details, historical plaques, or local landmarks they had previously overlooked, all while navigating the city's streets in pursuit of clues. This blend of exploration and entertainment provides a unique perspective on Newcastle, highlighting its cultural and historical richness in a fun and engaging manner.

The appeal of murder mystery experiences also lies in the intellectual challenge they present. Solving the mystery requires deductive reasoning, attention to detail, and logical thinking. This mental stimulation, combined with the narrative and historical exploration, makes for a fulfilling and rewarding experience, offering a sense of accomplishment to those who manage to crack the case.

Murder mystery experiences in Newcastle cater to a wide range of preferences and occasions, from hen and stag parties to corporate team-building events and casual evenings out with friends. The versatility of these events, in terms of themes, settings, and difficulty levels, ensures that there's something for everyone, making murder mystery experiences a universally appealing option for entertainment in Newcastle.



A murder mystery day in Nottingham presents an intriguing and immersive way to experience the city, blending its rich historical tapestry with the engaging and interactive nature of live-action role-playing. This unique adventure allows participants to step away from the mundanity of everyday life and plunge into a world of intrigue, deduction, and suspense, set against the backdrop of Nottingham's storied streets and landmarks.

Nottingham, with its legendary connections to the tales of Robin Hood and a history steeped in folklore, rebellion, and mystery, serves as the perfect stage for a murder mystery experience. The city's ancient castles, historic pubs, and hidden alleyways offer a setting that feels both timeless and mysterious, providing an atmospheric canvas for a story of intrigue to unfold. Participants find themselves walking the same cobblestone streets as historical figures and legendary outlaws, an experience that not only deepens the immersion into the murder mystery but also connects them to the city's rich past.

The structure of a murder mystery day leverages the human love for stories, particularly those that involve puzzles and secrets waiting to be uncovered. By casting participants as characters within the narrative, it taps into our innate curiosity and desire for problem-solving. The interactive nature of the experience, where each player contributes to the unfolding story through their actions and decisions, ensures a deeply personal and engaging involvement in the mystery.

Moreover, the social aspect of a murder mystery day cannot be understated. It brings together friends, family, and sometimes strangers, fostering teamwork and collaboration as participants work together to solve the puzzle. The shared goal of unveiling the mystery encourages communication and camaraderie, creating lasting memories and strengthening bonds between participants. In the picturesque setting of Nottingham, this shared adventure becomes even more memorable, as teams navigate through historical sites and landmarks, piecing together clues and enjoying the city’s offerings.

Participating in a murder mystery day in Nottingham also appeals to the detective in all of us. The thrill of the chase, the gathering of clues, and the ultimate satisfaction of solving the mystery tap into a universal desire to understand and make sense of complex narratives. This active engagement with the story and the setting enhances the overall experience, making it more rewarding and enjoyable.

Additionally, a murder mystery day is an excellent way to explore Nottingham in a unique and engaging way. Beyond just visiting landmarks, participants interact with the city’s history and culture as part of the narrative. This immersive approach to tourism allows for a deeper appreciation of the city, as every street, building, and historical site becomes a potential clue or a piece of the puzzle in the larger mystery.

Finally, the flexibility and creativity inherent in murder mystery events mean that no two experiences are the same. The storyline can be tailored to incorporate specific elements of Nottingham’s history and culture, ensuring that even locals might discover something new about their city. The unpredictability of participants’ actions also guarantees that each murder mystery day is a unique event, filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep everyone engaged and entertained.



Sheffield, a city famed for its industrial heritage and vibrant cultural scene, offers an unexpected yet fitting backdrop for a murder mystery day that promises to be as enthralling as it is memorable. This activity, which combines elements of live-action role-playing, puzzle-solving, and interactive theatre, taps into the human fascination with storytelling, mystery, and the thrill of the chase. In the context of Sheffield, with its unique blend of urban landscapes and green spaces, historical sites, and modern cultural landmarks, a murder mystery day becomes not just a game but an immersive journey through the heart of the city.

The appeal of a murder mystery lies in its ability to draw participants into a narrative that requires them to think critically, work collaboratively, and immerse themselves fully in a fictional world. Sheffield, with its diverse settings ranging from the industrial relics of its steel-producing past to the serene beauty of the Peak District at its doorstep, provides a versatile stage for such narratives. The contrast between the urban environment and natural beauty introduces a dynamic setting where stories can unfold in unexpected ways, adding depth and complexity to the murder mystery experience.

Moreover, participating in a murder mystery day in Sheffield allows individuals to engage with the city’s heritage in a novel and interactive manner. The city’s historical sites, such as the Kelham Island Museum or the Sheffield Cathedral, can serve as evocative settings for the mystery, grounding the fictional narrative in real-world history and architecture. This connection to place not only enhances the realism and immersion of the experience but also educates participants about Sheffield's past, weaving historical facts and local lore into the fabric of the game.

The social aspect of a murder mystery day is another significant draw. It brings together people with varying skills, interests, and perspectives, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. As teams navigate the streets of Sheffield, deciphering clues and interacting with characters, they must communicate effectively and pool their collective knowledge to solve the puzzle. This cooperative element strengthens relationships among participants, making the experience not just a mental exercise but a social one as well.

Engaging in a murder mystery also taps into the universal human love for stories, particularly those that involve suspense, mystery, and the element of surprise. Players find themselves at the heart of a narrative, where their actions and decisions can influence the outcome. This level of engagement is exhilarating, providing a sense of agency that is often lacking in more passive forms of entertainment. The unpredictable nature of the game, coupled with the distinctive character of Sheffield as a setting, ensures that each murder mystery day is a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Furthermore, the game encourages participants to observe their surroundings more closely, often leading to a deeper appreciation of Sheffield’s urban environment. Hidden architectural details, historical plaques, and lesser-known landmarks become focal points of interest and curiosity, revealing aspects of the city that might otherwise go unnoticed. This heightened awareness of one’s environment enriches the experience, transforming an ordinary day in the city into an exploration of its hidden mysteries.

The flexibility of a murder mystery day also means that the experience can be tailored to suit a wide range of interests and themes, from historical intrigues to contemporary thrillers. This adaptability ensures that the game remains fresh and engaging, appealing to both locals and visitors alike. Whether participants are longtime residents of Sheffield or first-time visitors, the murder mystery day offers a novel way to connect with the city, blending entertainment, education, and exploration in a way that few other activities can.

A murder mystery day in Sheffield is more than just a game; it is an immersive experience that combines the thrill of detective work with the joy of discovery. Through the streets and landmarks of this dynamic city, participants embark on a journey filled with mystery, collaboration, and adventure. The unique setting of Sheffield, with its rich history and cultural diversity, adds layers of depth to the experience, making every clue, every twist, and every revelation a moment of genuine excitement and engagement. For those seeking a fun, intellectually stimulating, and distinctly memorable way to experience Sheffield, a murder mystery day offers an unparalleled adventure.



One of the key elements that make Southend an ideal location for a murder mystery day is its diverse range of settings, from the Victorian elegance of the Royal Pavilion to the mysterious expanse of the estuary. These locations provide a rich backdrop for the storytelling, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the narrative and feel as though they have stepped into another world. The contrast between the bustling town centre and the tranquil seafront creates a dynamic environment where clues can be hidden in plain sight, and suspects might be encountered along the scenic promenade or within the quaint streets of the old town.

Engaging in a murder mystery day in Southend is not just about solving a crime; it's about experiencing the town in a unique and interactive way. Participants have the opportunity to explore lesser-known areas of Southend as they follow leads and decipher clues, gaining new perspectives on the town's history and cultural landmarks. This exploration is guided by the narrative of the mystery, which can weave in historical events, local legends, and real-life characters from Southend's past, enriching the experience with educational and historical insights.

The social aspect of participating in a murder mystery day cannot be underestimated. It offers a fantastic opportunity for team-building, family outings, or a fun day out with friends. The collaborative nature of solving the mystery requires communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, making it an excellent way for groups to bond and create lasting memories together. The shared goal of solving the mystery, set against the backdrop of Southend's scenic views, adds to the excitement and enjoyment of the day.

Moreover, the interactive and immersive nature of a murder mystery day taps into the human love for storytelling and adventure. Participants are not merely passive observers but active characters within the story, making decisions that influence the outcome of the game. This level of engagement provides a sense of agency and immersion that is deeply satisfying and fun. It's an escape from the routine of daily life, offering a chance to step into the shoes of a detective and experience the thrill of the chase first-hand.

Additionally, a murder mystery day in Southend leverages the town's unique atmosphere, blending the traditional British seaside experience with the suspense and intrigue of a classic whodunit. The sound of the waves, the smell of the sea air, and the sight of the world's longest pleasure pier all contribute to an atmosphere that is both cosy and mysterious. This distinctive setting enhances the narrative, making the mystery more engaging and the experience more memorable.

Finally, the flexibility of the murder mystery format means that the story can be tailored to fit Southend's specific character. Themes can range from historical mysteries linked to the town's past, to modern-day thrillers set against the backdrop of the seaside resort. This adaptability ensures that the murder mystery day remains fresh and exciting, appealing to a wide range of participants, whether they are local residents or visitors exploring Southend for the first time.



The appeal of Stourport-on-Severn as a backdrop for such an event extends beyond its aesthetic virtues. The town’s origin as a key port linking the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal with the River Severn introduces a historical depth that enhances the storytelling aspect of a murder mystery day. Participants are not merely solving a fictional crime; they are stepping back in time, navigating through spaces that have witnessed centuries of history. This historical immersion adds a layer of complexity and richness to the experience, making the puzzle-solving aspect not just about the 'who' but also the 'when' and 'why'.

Moreover, the natural setting of Stourport-on-Severn, with its riverbanks, parks, and the unique Georgian canal basins, offers a varied and visually stunning landscape for a murder mystery adventure. The juxtaposition of natural beauty with the historical and cultural landmarks provides a dynamic and versatile canvas for the game’s narrative. Participants could find clues nestled in the tranquil beauty of the Riverside Meadows, or entwined with the historical narratives of the town’s canal heritage. This variety ensures that the game can cater to diverse tastes, appealing to those who enjoy nature as much as history enthusiasts.

The social aspect of a murder mystery day is significantly enhanced by Stourport-on-Severn’s intimate and welcoming atmosphere. The activity brings together participants of all ages and backgrounds, fostering a sense of community and teamwork as they collaborate to solve the mystery. The small-town setting encourages interactions not just among the participants but also with the local community, potentially integrating local lore and personalities into the storyline. This inclusion of local elements makes the experience more authentic and engaging, providing a deeper connection to the town and its history.

Engaging in a murder mystery day in Stourport-on-Severn taps into the universal human love for storytelling and the intrigue of the unknown. It satisfies the curiosity to uncover secrets, the thrill of the chase, and the satisfaction of solving a complex puzzle. The narrative-driven nature of the game, coupled with the immersive setting of Stourport-on-Severn, ensures a deeply engaging experience. Participants become part of a living story, where their actions and decisions influence the outcome, providing a sense of agency that is both empowering and exhilarating.

Furthermore, the event encourages participants to observe their surroundings more closely, promoting a deeper appreciation for Stourport-on-Severn’s unique features. It transforms familiar landscapes into mysterious terrains filled with hidden clues, encouraging a new perspective on the town’s spaces and stories. This heightened awareness and engagement with the environment elevate the experience from a simple game to an explorative journey.

Lastly, the flexibility and adaptability of a murder mystery day mean that the event can be customized to fit the unique characteristics of Stourport-on-Severn. Themes can be tailored to reflect the town’s canal history, its natural landscapes, or even local legends and folklore, ensuring that the mystery resonates with the setting. This customization makes each murder mystery day a unique event, capable of capturing the imagination and sparking curiosity among participants.

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