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For the gift they'll remember forever, give them the gift of adventure! Our adventure experiences are for those who like to get their adrenaline pumping and have an appetite for the extreme.

17 % Off view over the london stadium and surrounding london skyline from the top of the arcelormittal orbit

Visit to the Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit in London

  • Visit the ArcelorMittal Orbit - the UK’s tallest sculpture
  • Ride The Slide - A hair-raising London experience!
  • Panoramic views of London
  • Plenty of photo opportunities


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25 % Off Gunpowder plot experience

The Gunpowder Plot Experience

  • Gunpowder Plot Experience day
  • Discover London in 1605 with live action, virtual reality and cutting-edge technology
  • Be part of the story and interact with the actors.
  • 1 hour 40 minute experience including a 20 minute interval


£90.00 £67.50
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8 % Off looking into the cockpit from the back of a helicopter on a helicopter experience day

Helicopter Simulator Flight Experience

  • Helicopter Flight Simulator Experience
  • Ride on the Agusta Bell 109 Helicopter for 45 minutes
  • Only one of its kind
£130.00 £120.00
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20 % Off Velocity 2 3

Zip World Velocity 2 - Fastest in the World

  • Zip Wire Experience
  • Worlds fastest zip line
  • Speeds of up to 100mph
  • 1555 meters of wire


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7 % Off visitors posing for photo with zombies covered in blood as part of a zombie survival experience

Zombie Survival Day Out Immersive Experience

  • For 2,4 or 6 people
  • Immersive survival adventure
  • Across 7 UK locations
  • UK’s best zombie experience


£149.99 £139.00
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25 % Off a human skull and part of a skeleton lying on the ground seen on a hotel of horrors escape room experience

Escape Room Experience for 3,4 or 5 People in London

  • Choice of 4 Escape rooms with varying difficulty
  • Book an Experience for 3 - 5 people including yourself!
  • Available both on peak and off peak times
  • Race against the clock and escape within 60 minutes!


£90.00 £75.00
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9 % Off person finger print dusting on a car door as part of a crime scene investigation experience day

Crime Scene Investigation Experience Half Day

  • Fascinating CSI Half Day Experience
  • Work with crime investigation experts
  • Unpick a real crime scene
  • Learn how to lift fingerprints


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6 % Off person in the cockpit of an airbus flight simulator at Deeside

Airline Pilot Flight Simulator Experience

  • Unique airline pilot flight simulator experience
  • Learn how to fly in a Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800NG simulator
  • Use procedures and controls used by major airlines
  • Fly for 1 hour under the control of an expert flying professional
£160.00 £150.00
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20 % Off person coming out of a tunnel on a go kart enjoying a quarry karts experience day

Zip World Quarry Karts

  • Go Karting Mountain Experience at Zip World
  • 3km of runs
  • 2 runs each
  • 2 hour duration


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20 % Off people going down zip lines over a quarry on a zip world titan experience day

Zip World Titan 2

  • Zip Wire and Truck Tour Experience
  • 45-minute guided tour in an ex-army truck
  • 1080m of runs
  • Speeds of up to 70mph


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31 % Off man and youngster on a fforest coaster ride experience through forest

Zip World Forest Coaster

  • Alpine Forest Coaster Experience
  • 365m up & 710 m down
  • Speed of up to 25mph
  • 25% gradient


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20 % Off person on a zip line through trees on a zip safari experience day

Zip World Zip Safari 2

  • Zip Safari 2 Experience
  • 21 zip lines and 17 elements
  • 565 m of walkways
  • 18 meters off the ground


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32 % Off people on a giant swing above the tree tops as part of a skyride experience at zip world

Zip World Skyride 2

  • Skyride 2 Giant Swing Experience
  • 24 meters off the ground
  • 30 minutes duration
  • Options for up to 6 people


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two people doing the plummet free fall experience at zip world

Zip World Plummet 2

  • Plummet 2 from Zip World
  • Freefall experience
  • 100 ft fall
  • 20 minutes duration


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21 % Off a child making their way across an obstacle course high in the trees on a tree hoppers experience at zip world

Zip World Tree Hoppers

  • Woodland Experience at Zip World
  • 12 zip line and 22 elements
  • 2 courses
  • 7 meters high


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15 % Off two people on the zip world phoenix zip line travelling over trees and a lake

Zip World Phoenix Zip Line

  • Worlds fastest seated zip line
  • 2 zip zones
  • 4 parallel lines
  • 2 hour duration


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34 % Off a hgv lorry on a race track for a driving experience day

Ultimate Truck Driving

  • No driving licence required!
  • Minimum age 10*
  • Drive a 45-foot race car transporter!
  • Monday to Friday
£149.00 £99.00
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61 % Off famous car from film for a movie car track driving experience day

Fast and Furious Driving Experience

  • No driving licence required on certain cars
  • Choose from 8 of the most iconic cars including a Mitsubishi Eclipse or Dodge Charger
  • Take it for a 3 mile blast around a high-speed circuit!
  • Monday to Friday
£99.00 £39.00
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34 % Off a hgv lorry on a race track for a driving experience day

Young Driver Truck Experience

  • Experience driving an enormous truck
  • Minimum age 10
  • Enjoy 20 minutes of driving with expert instruction
  • Monday to Friday
£149.00 £99.00
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8 % Off the cockpit of an airbus flight simulator at Deeside

Basic Flight Simulator Experience

  • Flight simulator experience
  • Aeroplane lovers ideal gift
  • 40 minutes of simulating a flight in a Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A320
  • Learn with a professional instructor
£130.00 £120.00
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50 % Off Scary experience london

The London Bridge Experience Scary Family Fun

  • Entry to The London Bridge Experience
  • Adults and childrens options
  • Award Winning horror attraction in UK
  • Historical tour of an iconic London landmark


£23.50 £19.50
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69 % Off a side view of a caracal at hoo zoo in shropshire as part of a carnivore combo experience day

Meet The Carnivores Experience

  • 1 hr experience meeting amazing carnivores
  • 4 top predators from 3 continents
  • Snakes, Owl, Foxes and Servals
  • Full access to the farm once completed


£150.00 £49.00
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38 % Off escape room prison style london

Escape Room London

  • Escape room experience
  • Based in London
  • 3 to choose from
  • 60 minutes duration


£60.00 £50.00
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33 % Off Escape Room Game

Puzmat Family Experience At Home Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

  • An escape room on a mat
  • 8 years and up
  • For up to 8 players
  • 2-4 hour game time
£47.97 £31.98
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38 % Off young boy feeding a lemur on a junior half day zoo keeping experience day at hoo zoo

Junior Half Day Zoo Keeper Experience

  • A half day zoo keeper experience
  • Look after, handle and feed a range of animals
  • Experienced keeper supervising
  • Access to the farm when finished


£150.00 £99.00
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53 % Off woman with meerkats on her lap as part of a meerkat experience day at hoo zoo in shropshire

Meerkat Experience

  • Learn about Meerkats with this popular experience
  • Hand feed the animals
  • Play and stroke them
  • Experienced staff members on hand


£99.00 £49.00
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If you know someone who loves adventure, the perfect gift for them has got to be an adventure experience day. These unique and thrilling experiences give them the chance to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Whether it's soaring through the skies in a tandem skydive, navigating white-water rapids on a rafting excursion, or conquering rugged terrain on an off-road driving adventure, these days are all about excitement and making memories. It's the kind of gift that not only brings a burst of adrenaline but they'll also go home with a sense of accomplishment at what they have achieved.

Adventure experience days are all about embracing the unknown, pushing boundaries, and relishing the thrill of the moment. They offer a chance to escape the everyday routine and dive headfirst into a world of excitement and discovery. They also make for great social experiences, as friends and family can join in the fun, sharing in the laughter, excitement, and the stories that are bound to be told for years to come. Adventure experience days are a tangible way to celebrate a love for adventure, and they make for fantastic, unforgettable gifts.

Save On Zip Line Experiences

Zip line experience days are fun! No question about that!

Soaring high above the tree tops at high speed, a zip line experience isn't for the faint hearted but it is a thrilling adventure and a fabulous gift experience for that person who loves to push themselves to the limit.

Zip World Velocity 2 - The world's fastest zip line where you can reach speeds of up to 100mph!

Zip World Titan 2: A zip wire and truck tour experience. Travel over rugged terrain in an ex army truck for 45 minutes and learn about the slate caverns rich history in this overground tour across the Welsh countryside. You’ll then arrive at the zipping platform where you embark on a whole different kind of adventure, travelling at speeds of up to 70 mph across two incredible zip lines, all whilst seated!

Zip World Phoenix Zip Line: Set in Mid Glamorgan in Wales, the Phoenix is the world’s fastest seated zip line and will see you and up to four friends get strapped into the zip line for the flight of a lifetime. Named after the soaring bird, you’ll reach incredible speeds as you take in the stunning views of the Welsh valley and mountains.


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