Best Hot Air Balloon Ride Gift Experiences For Birthdays And More

people in a hot air balloon waving down to spectators
Happy passengers on a UK hot air balloon ride.

First published at:
Publish date: 19th August 2022
Update date: 20th August 2022

With the UK hot air balloon festival season well under way, a balloon ride gift experience is a hot choice for birthday ideas.

While Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is over for 2022, there are still plenty of other ballooning events to enjoy across the country.

With Telford Balloon Fiesta in Shropshire taking place from 26th to 28th August and both Longleat Sky Safari and Yorkshire Balloon Fiesta returning in September, there is plenty of ballooning fun still on offer.

If someone you know has a birthday or other special occasions coming up and would love to go up, up and away, here are some of the best hot air balloon ride gift experiences in the UK and beyond.

The UK – England, Scotland and Wales

With more than 100 locations to fly from across the UK, WonderDays offers a huge choice of unique hot air balloon ride gift experiences nationwide.

From Scotland to South West England and Wales to East Anglia, a balloon flight experience offers unforgettable views wherever you choose to fly.

While the UK can have a more challenging climate for hot air ballooning than warmer countries, it is also one of the few places in the world where both morning and evening flights are possible due to the generally cooler weather.

Just some of the most popular and picturesque places to fly in the UK include the Lake District, the dramatic Peak District and the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, while cities such as Bristol, Bath and York and Manchester offer a different but equally unforgettable views.

Alvinosphotos 2

Italy - The Lakes and Tuscany

Hot air balloon rides in Italy take place at sunrise, with dramatically different landscapes and views wherever you choose to fly.

A flight with Balloon Tour brings the beauty of the Italian Lakes, from the widely known Lake Como to the lesser but equally stunning Lakes of Brianza.

If rolling vineyards and beautiful countryside are more their thing, a balloon ride experience gift with Ballooning in Tuscany offers such views and more.

Turkey – Cappadocia

Turkey’s beautiful Cappadocia region is an unforgettable place to fly in a hot air balloon.

Voyager Balloons is one of several companies offering balloon ride experiences, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or just looking for a unique holiday activity.

Enjoy a unique perspective on rock formations and Cappadocia’s world famous ‘fairy chimneys’, while once back down to earth you will toast your balloon ride gift experience adventure with a glass of Champagne.

Florida – Orlando

Florida is far more than just Disney theme parks, space centres and beautiful beaches, it is also a stunning spot for a hot air balloon ride.

Aerostat Adventures in Orlando has been bringing sunrise balloon rides to tourists for more than 15 years, offering views of Florida’s unique and untouched wilderness and wildlife you simply can’t experience from the ground.

If you are celebrating a birthday or other special occasion in Florida, a hot air balloon experience gift could be the perfect way to start the day.

Australia – Gold Coast

For those who really do dream about a hot air balloon ride in truly far flung places, Australia’s Gold Coast might make it come true.

Hot Air flies daily from both Cairns and the Gold Coast and is the biggest operator in Australia.

With the UK ballooning season running from March to October, many highly experienced pilots from the UK travel out to Australia and other countries to fly more during the winter months.

Whether you choose to fly in UK or anywhere else, a hot air balloon ride gift experience is something most people will never forget.


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