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30 Minute Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

  • 30 minute ride across the UK
  • Approx 60 mins with 30 mins flying time
  • Multiple UK venues
  • Available for up to 4 people


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25 Mile City Helicopter Tour

  • UK Helicopter Tour Experience
  • 25 mile ride
  • Up to 15 minutes flying
  • Safety briefing


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12 Mile Helicopter Flight Experience

  • Amazing helicopter trip experience
  • 12 mile ride across the UK
  • Many locations
  • Available for up to 4 people


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18 Mile Helicopter Flight

  • Thrilling Helicopter Trip Experience
  • 18 mile ride across the UK
  • Multiple UK venues
  • Available for up to 4 people


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6 Mile Helicopter Flight Experience

  • Available for up to 4 people
  • Multiple UK venues
  • Glass of bubbly option


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About Glossop

A helicopter ride over Glossop offers breath taking views of both natural beauty and historical interest. Glossop, nestled within the High Peak of Derbyshire, is surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes in the UK, providing a unique aerial perspective.

1. The Peak District National Park: As you ascend, the first expansive view will be of the rolling hills and moorlands of the Peak District, one of the UK's most beloved national parks. The park's diverse landscape, featuring valleys, limestone dales, and rugged peaks, stretches out in a vast tapestry of natural beauty.

2. Bleaklow and Kinder Scout: To the south and east, you'll see Bleaklow and Kinder Scout, two of the highest points in the Peak District. Kinder Scout, known for its striking plateau and as the site of a famous mass trespass in 1932, advocating public access to private land for walking, is particularly dramatic from above.

3. Longdendale Valley: The helicopter route might also offer views of the Longdendale Valley, which includes a series of reservoirs. These man-made lakes, set against the backdrop of the moorlands, create a stunning contrast of water and land.

4. Glossop itself: Flying over Glossop town, you'll observe its Victorian and Georgian architecture, including the market square, which forms the heart of the town. Glossop's history as a mill town during the industrial revolution is evident in its buildings and layout.

5. Historic Estates and Manor Houses: Depending on the flight path, you might catch a glimpse of some of the historic estates and manor houses that dot the landscape around Glossop, such as Chatsworth House or Lyme Park, though these are a bit further afield.

6. The Snake Pass: Another possible highlight is the Snake Pass, a winding road that cuts through the national park, offering views of the valleys below and the peaks above. From the air, the road can be seen snaking its way through the rugged terrain, a testament to human engineering in the midst of natural splendour.

A helicopter ride over Glossop and its surrounding areas offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the intersection of natural beauty, historical depth, and the human footprint on the landscape, all from a bird's eye view.

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