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30 Minute Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

  • 30 minute ride across the UK
  • Approx 60 mins with 30 mins flying time
  • Multiple UK venues
  • Available for up to 4 people


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25 Mile City Helicopter Tour

  • UK Helicopter Tour Experience
  • 25 mile ride
  • Up to 15 minutes flying
  • Safety briefing


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12 Mile Helicopter Flight Experience

  • Amazing helicopter trip experience
  • 12 mile ride across the UK
  • Many locations
  • Available for up to 4 people


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18 Mile Helicopter Flight

  • Thrilling Helicopter Trip Experience
  • 18 mile ride across the UK
  • Multiple UK venues
  • Available for up to 4 people


£95.00 £89.00
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6 Mile Helicopter Flight Experience

  • Available for up to 4 people
  • Multiple UK venues
  • Glass of bubbly option


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About Coventry

Coventry offers a unique blend of ancient heritage and innovative spirit. A helicopter experience over Coventry and its surroundings reveals a fascinating array of sights, from medieval ruins to cutting-edge architecture, set within the lush landscapes of the West Midlands.

One of the most iconic landmarks visible from the air is the Coventry Cathedral, known for its striking contrast between the ruins of the old cathedral, destroyed during World War II, and the modernist new cathedral designed by Sir Basil Spence. From above, the juxtaposition of the two structures serves as a powerful symbol of peace and reconciliation, with the old cathedral's spire standing tall beside the new building's distinctive angular form.

The historic heart of Coventry is also home to the medieval St. Mary's Guildhall, which, from an aerial perspective, offers a glimpse into the city's past as a significant medieval centre. The guildhall's intricate architecture and its position within the city's ancient street layout highlight Coventry's rich heritage.

As the helicopter moves across the city, the Coventry University and University of Warwick campuses come into view. These bustling centres of education and research are marked by an eclectic mix of architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary, reflecting the city's ongoing evolution and its status as a hub of innovation and learning.

The surrounding areas of Coventry offer a tapestry of green spaces and suburban landscapes. From the air, the War Memorial Park, the city's premier parkland, is a standout with its expansive open spaces, sports facilities, and the poignant War Memorial monument, providing a peaceful retreat within the urban environment.

Further afield, the helicopter ride presents panoramic views of the Warwickshire countryside, with its rolling hills, farmlands, and picturesque villages. The meandering River Avon and the Grand Union Canal, with their locks and bridges, add to the scenic beauty, illustrating the region's rich natural and industrial history.

An aerial tour over Coventry also offers the chance to spot some of the city's modern landmarks, such as the Ricoh Arena, a multipurpose venue that stands as a testament to Coventry's vibrant sporting and events scene.

A helicopter experience over Coventry not only showcases the city's diverse attractions, from historic ruins to modern edifices, but also highlights its resilience, innovation, and the natural beauty of the surrounding Warwickshire landscape. It's a unique way to appreciate the multifaceted character of this dynamic city.

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