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Blend your own perfect mix with a drink making experience day. From rum and gin making to brewing your own beer or mixing your own wine blend, you can really get into the spirit of things with friends and family.

Exploring the world of drinks is a captivating journey. From delving into the rich history and intricate flavours of rum, whisky and gin, to embarking on enlightening distillery tours, each moment is a chance to uncover the secrets behind these beloved spirits. Learning the art of crafting cocktails, whether it's mixing classics or inventing your own concoctions, let's you get your creative juices flowing. Whether sipping a meticulously aged whisky, savouring the botanical complexity of gin, or enjoying the tropical allure of rum, there is a drinks experience to suit every taste.

So what are you waiting for? Let's toast to the good times!

Rum Tasting Experience Days

Rum tasting experience days give you the chance to learn in depth about this popular spirit. A guided tour of a distillery takes you through the rum-making process from start to finish. You'll gain insights into the fermentation, distillation, and ageing techniques. Throughout the experience you and the rest of your group will discover the various types of rum, their regional distinctions, and the impact of different ingredients and ageing methods on the final product. Tastings are a central feature of the experience, giving you the chance to sample a range of rums, learn about subtle flavour profiles and develop an understanding of the spirit's complexity. Some sessions may also delve into the art of rum cocktail crafting, offering practical mixing lessons to round out the day.
You can also expect to discover the rich history and cultural significance of rum in various regions. These experiences often include anecdotes about the spirit's role in trade, piracy, and the Caribbean's vibrant heritage. Most importantly, you'll leave with an appreciation for rum and the ability to distinguish between different styles and brands. A rum tasting experience is both an informative and enjoyable gift idea for those eager to learn more about this timeless drink.

Whisky Experience Days

Whisky experience days offer an immersive journey into the world of this iconic spirit. These experiences often begin with an introduction to the history and production process of whisky, sometimes with the chance to tour a distillery and witness the various stages of whisky-making firsthand. No whisky experience day is complete without a few whisky tastings! Sampling a range of whisky varieties gives you the chance to fully appreciate the different flavours, aromas and tasting profiles of each blend.

An Edinburgh whisky experience is one of the best ways to learn more about this world famous spirit. You'll discover the working distillery of Glenkinchie, the Lowland Home of Johnnie Walker and find out how whisky is made in the heart of Edinburgh. Discover the landscape and rich heritage of this formidable brand from field to glass and see how the Edinburgh Malt that is distilled at Glenkinchie, became the vital components of Johnnie Walker whiskies. It's a full sensory experience, that includes a tutored whisky tasting of 3 drams and a wee cocktail in the tasting room, followed by lunch.

Gin Tasting Experience Days

Gin tasting experience days have surged in popularity in recent years, driven by a growing interest in craft spirits and a desire for unique, hands-on experiences. Tasting experience days offer an opportunity to explore the world of gin beyond the local bar, giving you a deeper understanding of the spirit's rich history, the diverse botanicals used in its creation, and the intricacies of gin distillation. These experiences often include visits to distilleries or gin-making workshops, where you can witness the production process firsthand and learn about the ingredients used.
Knowledgeable hosts or distillery staff will share information on the history and origins of gin, shedding light on how it evolved into the popular drink it is today. Through gin tastings you'll learn how to discern key botanicals and aromas in each gin, and evaluate the various flavour profiles. Whether at a local gin bar or a gin distillery, these experiences offer a relaxed, informative environment where enthusiasts can gain newfound knowledge and a deeper connection to this beloved spirit.

Distillery Tours

Distillery tours, whether for gin, whisky, or rum, are popular experience days to gift for birthdays and anniversaries. They provide an opportunity to learn about the craftsmanship and history behind their favourite drink. What you learn on a distillery tour can be varied from, exploring the meticulous process of distillation, witnessing the art of ageing, and gaining insights into the distinct flavours and aromas that define each spirit. It's a chance to appreciate the nuances of these drinks beyond just their taste and discover the dedication and expertise that goes into their creation.

During a distillery tour, you can expect to learn about the raw ingredients used, the fermentation process, and the significance of different stills and barrels in shaping the final product. You'll discover the influence of geography and climate on the flavours and ageing of the spirits. Guides often share the unique stories and traditions associated with the distillery, adding a historical and cultural dimension to the experience. Most importantly, you'll get to witness the labor-intensive nature of spirit-making and the passion that distillers pour into their craft.

Cocktail Creation Experience Days

If you love a cocktail on a night out, you've probably tried making your own. If it didn't taste quite the same as when it's made for you, don't despair, we've got the cocktail making experience day for you!

What is a cocktail? A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink made with either a single spirit of a combinations of spirits, mixed with other ingredients like juices, flavoured syrups, tonic water, shrubs, and bitters. Getting the quantities of each right is the difference between a great cocktail and a not so great cocktail.

On a cocktail creation experience day, you'll delve into the world of mixology, discovering the secrets behind the art of creating well-balanced and flavourful drinks. Under the guidance of skilled mixologists, you'll learn how to muddle, shake, and stir, discovering the art of perfecting classic cocktails or inventing your own signature concoctions. This hands-on approach lets you explore your creativity while savouring the fruits of your hard work!

The combination of learning and fun makes these cocktail making experience days a sought-after gift choice, offering a memorable, interactive, and enjoyable way to celebrate and appreciate the world of spirits and mixology.

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