SuperCars Mustang GT350

a blue escort on a race track as part of a driving experience day

Classic Car Track Day Experience

  • Choose 1 car from a Caterham, Mustang and Shelby and many more
  • No driving licence on certain cars (min age 10)
  • Three mile blast around the track
  • Monday to Friday
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All Star Track Day Experience

  • Drive up to 3 different cars from a choice of more than 60
  • 3 mile blast round the track in every car
  • Minimum age 10*
  • Weekend and weekday options


£49.00 £39.00
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American Muscle Car Driving Experience

  • The Mustang GT350, Camaro, General Lee, Kitt, & Cobra to name a few
  • Drive for three miles
  • No driving license required on certain cars
  • Monday to Friday
£99.00 £39.00
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Triple Supercar Driving Experience Plus High Speed Passenger Hot Ride

  • Three supercars of your choice
  • Choose from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche and more
  • Nine miles in total driving time ( 3 miles per car )
  • Monday to Friday
£119.00 £79.00
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Supercar Driving Experience - Choose From Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche & More

  • No driving licence required on certain cars
  • Choose from Lamborghini, Jaguar, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche but to name a few
  • 3 or 6 mile blast round the track in every car
  • Monday to Friday


£59.00 £39.00
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mustang gt350

About Mustang GT350

  • Not suitable for juniors
  • No premium upgrade needed

Important Bits:
Mustang GT350
Left hand drive manual transmission

The Mustang GT350 is a high-performance variant of the Ford Mustang, revered for its raw power and racing pedigree. This model, a modern iteration of the iconic GT350s of the 1960s, was designed to offer a more track-focused experience compared to the standard Mustang. The revival of the GT350 nameplate in recent years pays homage to the original Shelby GT350s, known for their success in American motorsport.

Central to the GT350's appeal is its engine, a naturally aspirated V8 that stands out in an era increasingly dominated by turbocharged and hybrid powertrains. This engine is renowned for its high-revving character and distinctive, muscular sound, delivering a driving experience that is both visceral and exhilarating. The power is complemented by a chassis tuned for precision handling, making the GT350 an exceptionally capable car on both road and track.

The exterior design of the GT350 reflects its performance capabilities, with aggressive styling, aerodynamic enhancements, and distinctive Shelby branding. These elements are not only aesthetically striking but also functional, contributing to improved downforce and cooling, essential for high-performance driving.

Inside, the GT350 blends sportiness with the classic Mustang feel. While it is equipped with modern conveniences and technology, the focus remains firmly on the driving experience. Features like bolstered sports seats and a driver-centric cockpit design emphasise the car's performance-oriented nature.

The Mustang GT350 is more than just a fast car; it's a tribute to the legacy of the Shelby Mustangs and a testament to Ford's commitment to continuing that legacy. It strikes a fine balance between modern performance technology and the raw, emotional appeal of traditional American muscle cars, making it a coveted vehicle among enthusiasts and collectors alike.

A Mustang GT350 classic car driving experience is an exhilarating opportunity to step back in time and experience the thrill of one of America's most iconic muscle cars. Behind the wheel of the GT350, you're immediately connected to the rich history and racing heritage that this car embodies. On the track, the GT350's raw power comes to life, as does its legendary V8 roar, providing an adrenaline rush that's both nostalgic and thrilling.

The car's responsive handling and powerful acceleration are a testament to the engineering prowess of its era. Participants not only get to push the GT350 to its limits under the guidance of experienced instructors, but they also get to appreciate the timeless design and classic feel of the car, from its vintage gauges to its muscular bodywork. This classic car driving experience isn't just about driving a classic car; it's about living a piece of automotive history, feeling every turn and straightaway just as drivers did in the golden age of American muscle cars.

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