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Why Should We Buy Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma?

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When the clue is in the name of Mother’s Day, some people wonder why they have to think about buying Mother’s Day gifts for grandma when the day isn’t about her, it’s about the mummies?

But, we need to consider the bigger picture as although they have two separate titles, mums and nans are just an extension of each other if from the same family, and if not, are still a vital part to any family or at least should be!

There is also the extended circle of woman that offer a supportive role, whether its aunties, great aunts, friends, step mums or step grans, these are women we have to be thankful for.

Show these women some love and make a point to create special moments throughout Mother’s day celebrations as even though not all families look the same or celebrate the same way, it's important to make sure that you're considering and honouring all the mothers, mother-to-be, hopeful mamas, adopted grandmothers, and grand-nanas in your life.

Making her feel special

Making grandma feel special should be a family affair as, in the past in the UK and still in many countries, the grandmother is viewed as a matriarch of a family and thus deserves to be celebrated as one.

It’s the grandparents that have invested time and energy over the decades to make sure you and your family are loved and secure and it’s hoped that this legacy is left long after they have gone.

A study in the US highlighted this with a study about how grandparents wanted their grandkids to see their legacy and it showed that the top wish was that they had provided for their family even in the tough times. This doesn’t necessarily mean material goods but through support and encouragement when the chips were down!

An important factor was how they would hope that they taught their grandchildren to make a positive difference in the lives of others. This is such a sentimental wish for any parent as whilst you want health and happiness for them first and foremost, the fact that they wish to have raised thoughtful children that consider others is obviously so important too.

What does she want?

Interestingly, the only materialistic longing on the survey was where they wished that they were remembered for making a good living and sharing it with their family. When you consider that in 2021, the average Brit spent around £1.34 billion on Mother’s Day, an increase of more than 25% from 2019, this shows that the amount we spend on our mothers is part of a materialistic nature which conflicts with what generally grandparents wanted form their legacies.

So how can we celebrate our grandma on Mother’s Day without losing focus of what we’re trying to achieve which is thanking her for being part of our life? We consider what would make her smile and help her create memories with her loved one!

This is easier said than done when you consider top gifts for mother’s day in 2020:

  1. Flowers – 48%
  2. Chocolates – 41%
  3. A house plant – 24%
  4. Jewellery – 24%
  5. Shopping voucher / Gift card – 20%
  6. Candle – 17%
  7. A book – 17%
  8. Spa experience – 16%
  9. Photo frame – 15%
  10. Wine – 15%
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Although everyone loves to receive flowers and chocolates, how long are they going to be ingrained on your memory? For as long as they sit in a vase or last in the box, that’s how long! What you need is a way to give a Mother’s day gift for grandma that she is going to experience and treasure forever.

Your grandma will love being treated to a day out somewhere with her family and as there are a myriad of accessible locations across the UK available, even if your grandmother sometimes requires the use of home stair lifts, being able to enjoy a fun-filled day won’t be an issue.

Experience day gifts for Grandma

Experience the Brighton i360 with an champagne afternoon tea for a real memory creator. You and nan can go to Brighton and travel 138 meters in the air to see the gorgeous Sussex countryside before coming down and relaxing with a full afternoon tea at the Hilton Brighton Metropole.

If you fancy treating your nana to something more artistic, then get the creative juices flowing with a potters wheel introduction course. You can both design and create clay pieces under expert guidance from a professional and then take home the pieces to always remind you of the day you spent together!

Of course, if your grandma is the adventurous type, then an activity sat down is not going to suit her…what she needs is to fly round a race track in a Ferrari! Sign her up for a 3 mile blast round a track in a supercar of her choice and see her smile from ear to ear!

Other great gifts to give Grandma this Mother’s Day are:

  • Something for the garden
  • Jewellery
  • Edibles
  • Personalised gifting

Don’t forget your grandma this Mother’s day. Either combine the day with your mum and nan or treat them both to separate gifts if money is no object! Either way, use this day to really celebrate the strong, loving women in your life!

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