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Why Does This Supercar Experience Day Boss Hate Owning Supercars?

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Lamborghini experience day

Supercar experience day boss Tom Roche says he won’t own a commuter supercar anymore even though he owns a fleet of them for his thriving business offering track days across the UK.

Despite a supercar adorning the bedroom walls of many young car lovers, Roche has now changed his Lamborghini for a BMW as there were just too many variables that affected his everyday life when owning a supercar and constant attention and abuse were just a few of them!

Spyder track day

“Whenever I went out in my car, whether it was for fuel, going to the supermarket or even a drive through, I’d get the same barrage of questions on a daily basis” says Roche. “It could add an extra half an hour to my day with the most popular question being “what do you do for a job mate?” but the following questions weren’t far behind:”

  • How much is it to insure?
  • How much is it to service?
  • How fast have you taken it?
  • How many miles to the gallon?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Do you ever get pulled over by the police?
California track day

But the questions weren’t the only attention he received…”I would occasionally pull up at some traffic lights and either get abuse thrown a me in the form of hand signals from young lads on the streets, or from other drivers in their cars next to me!”

The constant photos were also a hassle Roche says. “People become so single minded when they’re taking photos on their phones that they don’t consider that I may not want my young children to feature in their photos, often plastered all over social media!”

“ I also had to be more mindful in my driving as I would often find myself having to make quick knee jerk reactions as other drivers would fix themselves to my blind spot just to find their phone, then tailgate me to take videos and overtake me to then slow down and get a selfie with the car in the background.”

These days Tom sticks to a more conventional BMW and focuses on running his track day business including an All Star Track Day.

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