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The Thrill Seeker's Guide to Supercar Driving Experiences in the UK

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Luxury supercars, vintage classics, high-speed sports cars, or rugged off-road 4x4s – which would be your ride of choice? Whether you're drawn to the extravagance of a Ferrari or the timeless allure of a Jaguar E-Type, we’ll be handing you the keys to the most thrilling driving experiences the country has to offer. Join us for an adrenaline fuelled adventure as we tear through the hallowed racetracks of the UK, unveiling the irresistible allure of supercar track days that will set your heart racing.

Driving Experiences in South East England

South East England is a haven for driving enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of thrilling and memorable driving experiences. With its picturesque landscapes, historic race tracks, and a fleet of iconic cars, this region invites you to embark on a journey that combines the excitement of high-speed drives with the charm of its stunning surroundings. Whether you're craving the adrenaline rush of supercar track days, exploring the skill of a drifting experience or seeking family friendly adventures, South East England has something exciting for every type of driver.

Abingdon Race Track, Oxfordshire

Not one for the faint hearted, Abingdon race track offers an exhilarating blend of speed, power, and control. Abingdon is known as the fastest race track, with extensive straight and sweeping corners, that provide the perfect canvas to test both the handling and sheer power of exceptionally fast cars.

Not only is Abingdon superior when it comes to supercar driving experiences, but it’s also home to the adrenaline-pumping 4X4 Offroad Landrover experience. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to venture off the beaten path and face the challenge of massive climbs and rugged ruts of a training ground once used by military drivers. Offering a thrilling and bumpy adventure, this off road course is guaranteed to thrill.

Bicester Heritage Race Circuit, Oxfordshire

If you’re looking for a classic car driving experience in South East England, you won’t want to miss a track day at Bicester Heritage. Located in the picturesque county of Oxfordshire, it’s the national epicentre for historic motoring and classic cars.

This unique centre boasts an intricately designed racetrack that provides the perfect canvas for testing the handling potential of a wide array of classic vehicles. What sets Bicester apart is not just the challenging track but also the immersive experience it offers. As you navigate the track, you'll be surrounded by a stunning collection of classic cars, making every moment truly unforgettable. Although it's a relatively compact circuit, measuring just under 1 mile per lap, Bicester Heritage exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, creating the ideal backdrop for experiencing the timeless allure of iconic vintage cars.

Brands Hatch Circuit, Kent

Originally founded in 1926 as a grass track location primarily catering to motorcycle racing enthusiasts, Brands Hatch in Kent has since evolved into one of the globe's most renowned sporting destinations. The pivotal moment in its history came in 1960 when an extended Grand Prix circuit was introduced, propelling the venue onto the international stage. Brands Hatch proudly served as one of the UK's leading Formula 1 hubs during the '60s, '70s, and '80s, solidifying its status as a true racing icon.

For those seeking an exhilarating experience behind the wheel of extraordinary cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, and more, Brands Hatch offers a full-throttle, unforgettable day on the track, ensuring that every motorsport enthusiast's dreams come true. Please note that a full license is required to partake in these thrilling experiences.

Dunsfold Southern Circuit, Surrey

Dunsfold Southern Circuit in Surrey is not just a racing venue; it's the iconic home of 'Top Gear,' a show that has entertained viewers worldwide for over 40 years. Stepping onto the hallowed tarmac of this world-famous location is like entering the realm of on-screen heroes. Picture yourself behind the wheel of a powerful GT40, a sleek Lamborghini, or perhaps a classic Jaguar, all while channelling your inner Jeremy Clarkson.

Dunsfold Premium Race Track, Surrey - Top Gear Test Track

Get ready to live out your wildest driving fantasies at Dunsfold Premium Racetrack, famously known as the iconic Top Gear Test Track. This legendary location provides the perfect backdrop to experience the thrill of driving your on-screen heroes' cars. Dunsfold Aerodrome boasts an exhilarating track that puts a strong emphasis on testing a car's handling capabilities, offering no shortage of fast-paced sections to put your driving skills to the test. Perfect for both adults and juniors, it's the place where dreams of racing like Clarkson, Hammond, and May come to life.

Farnborough Adventure Course, Hampshire

Home to the beauty of Hampshire, the Farnborough adventure racetrack offers a unique driving experience like no other, making it the perfect destination for families and friends seeking unforgettable moments behind the wheel. This track is not only a haven for seasoned drivers but is also perfect for a kids driving experience, creating a welcoming and less intimidating setting that caters to drivers of all skill levels, including young enthusiasts.

At Farnborough, you'll embark on an exciting journey through various terrains in a setting designed to be enjoyable and exhilarating for everyone. While it may not be the fastest track around, it certainly makes up for it with its stunning location, making every driving adventure a memorable one. If you're looking for similar adventures, you'll also find them in nearby Crawley and Stoneleigh.

Crawley Adventure Track, West Sussex

At Crawley Adventure Race Track in Sussex, your driving adventure is set to take you on an exhilarating journey through diverse terrains, all within a welcoming and less intimidating setting designed to cater to drivers of every skill level, including young drivers seeking a memorable experience. This venue is perfect for a young driver experience, offering a safe and enjoyable environment for budding enthusiasts to learn the ropes of driving under the guidance of expert instructors.

Located at the South of England Show Ground, the track offers a unique maze of roads meandering through woodlands, buildings, and fields, providing an ideal playground for your driving escapades.

Goodwood Motor Circuit, West Sussex

Goodwood Motor Circuit in Chichester is a classic venue for supercar enthusiasts, offering Ferrari track days and Lamborghini experience days. This historic 2.5-mile circuit, meticulously preserved to its original form, immerses you in the golden era of motorsport. You can drive iconic cars like the GT40, Jaguar, and Aston Martin, guided by expert instructors who ensure a thrilling and safe experience.

*Full Licence Holders Only*

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Supercar Driving Experiences in South West England

Discover the thrill of Supercar Driving Experiences in the enchanting region of South West England. Nestled amidst scenic landscapes and picturesque routes, South West England offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable adventure behind the wheel of iconic supercars. Whether you're a petrolhead seeking high-speed thrills or looking to surprise a loved one with a unique gift, there’s a variety of tracks and experiences to cater to every level of excitement.

Bovington Race Track, Dorset

Set in the stunning landscape of Dorset, Bovington Racetrack offers an adrenaline-packed driving experience, tailor-made for the passionate thrill-seeker.

With its sweeping turns and elevation changes reminiscent of the Nürburgring in Germany, it's a thrilling challenge just waiting to be explored.

What sets Bovington apart is its collection of iconic movie car replicas, including the Dodge Charger and Nissan Skyline from Fast and the Furious, and Transformers’ Chevrolet ZL1 Camaro. This makes Bovington Racetrack not only a dream destination for speed enthusiasts but also a perfect gift for movie lovers, allowing them to step into the shoes of their favourite film characters while testing their driving skills on this remarkable track.

Castle Combe Motor Track, Wiltshire

Castle Combe Racetrack, a former World War II airfield nestled in the charming town of Chippenham, boasts a storied history as one of the UK's oldest racing circuits. This legendary track offers a thrilling blend of winding corners and exhilarating straights, making it an ideal venue for a supercar driving experience and high speed passenger ride. Whether you're in the driver's seat of iconic classics or experiencing the sheer power of high-performance supercars from the passenger seat, Castle Combe guarantees an unforgettable adrenaline-pumping adventure.

*Full Licence Holders Only*

Kemble Airfield, Gloucestershire

Nestled in the picturesque Cotswolds near Kemble, the Cotswold circuit offers an exciting driving experience like no other, including junior supercar experiences for budding enthusiasts. This unique racetrack takes advantage of the expansive Kemble Airfield runway, transforming it into a thrilling course where you can truly put the pedal to the metal.

At Kemble Airfield, you'll have the opportunity to take the wheel of some automotive heroes, from iconic classics like the GT40 and Jaguar to fantastic supercars like Lamborghini and McLaren. It's here that you can test your skills and feel the adrenaline rush as you explore the handling and power capabilities of these incredible machines. Whether you're a seasoned driver or a novice seeking an unforgettable adventure, Kemble Airfield promises an exhilarating day of driving experiences amid the stunning Cotswold backdrop.

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Trackdays in the East Midlands

Welcome to the heart pounding world of Trackdays in the East Midlands, where a thrilling array of driving experiences awaits. Whether you've ever dreamed of taking the wheel of a powerful truck, pushing the limits with supercar driving experiences, or simply enjoying the thrill from the passenger seat with a high-speed passenger ride, our diverse range of adventures promises to satisfy every adrenaline craving. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of high-speed excitement right here in the heart of the East Midlands.

Blyton Park, Lincolnshire

Blyton Park, renowned as the official testing ground for Ginetta racing, is not your average racetrack. This versatile circuit offers an exhilarating mix of high-speed straights and intricate corners, suitable for drivers of all levels (minimum age 10). Located in Lincoln, it's the ultimate destination for an unforgettable driving experience in the East of England. So, whether you’re looking to gift a junior trackday or a triple supercar thrill, our huge variety of high speed experiences provide great fun for the whole family.

Sandtoft Airfield, Lincolnshire

Sandtoft Airfield, situated just outside Doncaster in Belton, North Lincolnshire, offers an exhilarating racetrack experience for car enthusiasts. This location boasts an 886-meter tarmac runway that provides the perfect surface for high-speed driving adventures. On the longest straight stretch, and assuming you adhere to safe driving practices, you can push the limits of Supercar driving and reach speeds of approximately 115 to 120 mph before skillfully manoeuvring into a corner.

With an impressive fleet of cars at your disposal, from the sophistication of an Audi to the sheer elegance of a Ferrari, our supercar driving experiences offer a delightful abundance of choices to satisfy your automotive dreams.

Mallory Park, Leicestershire

Located amid serene lakes and rolling hills in the Leicestershire countryside, Mallory Park stands as an iconic motorsport venue with a rich racing heritage and an exciting future. Available only to those with a full licence, Mallory Park invites you to partake in a huge array of thrilling experiences against a truly stunning backdrop.

*Full Licence Holders Only*

Northampton Circuit, Northamptonshire

This outstanding venue provides the perfect backdrop for you to unleash the power of your dream vehicles on its expansive and impeccably maintained circuit, which incorporates vast runways and taxiways. But it's not just the track that makes Sywell Aerodrome stand out. The facility boasts an array of amenities designed to enhance your visit, including an inviting on-site cafe and restaurant, ensuring you're well fuelled for your driving adventure.

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Supercar Drive Days in the West Midlands

Embark on the perfect gift-giving journey with Supercar Drive Days in the West Midlands. If you're on the hunt for an extraordinary present that will leave a lasting impression, look no further. This region, renowned for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, offers a diverse range of driving experiences, making it the ideal destination for purchasing a supercar driving experience as a gift. Whether you're seeking to surprise a loved one with an adrenaline-pumping adventure or looking to treat someone special for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, the West Midlands sets the stage for unforgettable moments behind the wheel of iconic supercars.

Lichfield Sprint Course, Staffordshire

Curborough Sprint Course, located near Lichfield in Staffordshire, is a revered gem among UK Motorsport Venues. Its unique blend of fast straights and challenging corners has made it a favourite for enthusiasts and professional drivers alike. Over the years, legendary cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, and even go-karts, have graced this iconic track. It continues to host prestigious sprint events, attracting competitors and spectators, while its rich history and diverse range of vehicles ensure an unforgettable motorsport experience in the heart of Staffordshire. If you're eager to experience the thrill for yourself, you can choose from these legendary cars and create your own unforgettable memories on the track.

Stoneleigh Adventure Track, Warwickshire

Stoneleigh Adventure Racetrack takes pride in providing a variety of driving experiences, from high-speed supercar thrills to off-road adventures that test your skills on challenging terrains. Additionally, expert instructors are on hand to ensure your safety and enhance your driving skills, making it an ideal location for both beginners and seasoned drivers alike. With a range of cars available, including classics and high-performance vehicles, you'll have the opportunity to tailor your experience to your preferences, creating lasting memories in the heart of Warwickshire.

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Supercar Driving Experiences in North East England

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Supercar Driving Experiences in North East England, where we offer a range of exciting experiences for all ages and preferences. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or introducing young aspiring drivers to the world of high-performance vehicles, our diverse driving experiences cater to everyone. Kids can create unforgettable memories behind the wheel with our specially designed Kids Driving Experience, ensuring memorable moments for the entire family. Get ready to experience the power and prestige of these incredible vehicles against the backdrop of the picturesque North East landscape.

Sunderland Circuit, Tyne and Wear

Warden Law Motorsports Centre, located at Sunderland Circuit in Tyne and Wear, stands as the ultimate haven for karting enthusiasts in the North East of England. As a recent addition to our curated list of exceptional driving experience venues for car enthusiasts in the North of England, this circuit offers an exciting opportunity to take your driving skills to the next level. Featuring an impressive 1-mile-long track, it promises an exhilarating ride with a perfect blend of challenging turns and extensive straights. Whether you're a karting enthusiast or a supercar fanatic, Sunderland Circuit is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Driving Experience Days in North West England

Get ready for exciting Driving Experience Days in North West England, a region renowned for its scenic beauty and vibrant cities. Whether you're a speed enthusiast or seeking a unique gift, North West England offers a variety of tracks and experiences to suit every level of excitement. Dive into the world of driving excellence as you explore the picturesque roads and circuits of the North West.

Kirkbride Airfield Race Track, Cumbria

Kirkbride Airfield, just North of the Lake District, boasts a thrilling 1-mile-long airfield track that sets the stage for an unforgettable supercar driving experience. This picturesque location plays host to a variety of exciting supercar driving experiences, making it a must-visit destination for high speed thrill seekers. The meticulously coned out circuit at Kirkbride Airfield has been purposefully designed to provide an immersive and exhilarating experience, allowing you to truly explore the capabilities of the supercars you'll be at the helm of. Whether it's the iconic roar of a Ferrari, the sheer power of a Lamborghini, or the timeless elegance of an Aston Martin, Kirkbride offers a unique opportunity to feel the exhilleration of these high-performance machines against the backdrop of stunning Cumbrian landscapes.

Three Sisters Circuit, Manchester

The Three Sisters Circuit stands as a beacon of racing excitement in the UK. This acclaimed circuit has witnessed the triumphs of champions across generations, including the illustrious Formula One icon, Lewis Hamilton. What sets Three Sisters apart is not only its storied history but also the array of high-performance cars available for enthusiasts to drive. From the sleek and powerful Lamborghinis to the precision-engineered Porsches and timeless classics like the GT40, the circuit offers an impressive selection. Its unique layout, featuring a blend of high-speed straights and technical sections, ensures a thrilling and rewarding driving experience for everyone.

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Supercar Driving Experiences in the East of England

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with high speed, supercar drive days in the East of England. This region, known for its rich history and scenic landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable adventure behind the wheel of some of the world's most iconic supercars.

Whether you're interested in the timeless allure of vintage classics or find yourself irresistibly drawn to the sheer power and prestige of elite supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini, the East of England has a supercar driving experience for every automotive passion.

Snetterton Race Track, Norfolk

Experience the thrill of Snetterton Racetrack in Norfolk, where a 2011 transformation turned it into a premier destination for driving enthusiasts. Expect a track that blends intricate sections with heart-pounding straights, providing unforgettable moments against Norfolk's scenic backdrop. Whether you're a seasoned driver seeking high-speed racing or looking to experience the luxury of supercar driving, Snetterton offers a huge selection of world class motorsport thrills.

*Full Licence Holders Only*

Tibenham Motor Track, Norfolk

Tibenham is a hidden gem for driving enthusiasts seeking a thrilling experience. This technical circuit offers an exciting blend of challenging twists and turns, perfect for putting your car control skills to the test. With a few fast straights added to the mix, this location promises an exhilarating day of driving. Whether you're yearning for a powerful supercar driving experience or seeking the nostalgia of a classic car driving experience, Tibenham Racetrack in Norfolk delivers an unforgettable track day that's bound to leave a lasting impression.

Wattisham Motor Circuit, Suffolk

Whether you're an adult seeking a day of supercar driving experiences or looking to gift a junior car enthusiast a young driver experience of a lifetime, Wattisham Airfield offers a wide array of driving packages to suit all preferences. Here, you can get behind the wheel of some of the most iconic vehicles, including powerful supercars, rugged trucks, and iconic American muscle cars. With its stunning Suffolk backdrop, Wattisham Airfield promises an unforgettable day of high-speed thrills and automotive excitement for all driving enthusiasts.

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Supercar Experience in Yorkshire and the Humber

Experience the heart-pounding thrill of Supercar Driving Experiences in Yorkshire and the Humber. Whether you're a seeking a high-speed adventure for a junior car enthusiast or looking to experience the thrill without the skill with a high speed passenger ride, our diverse range of tracks and experiences offer great fun for everyone.

Carver Race Track, North Yorkshire

Carver Race Track in North Yorkshire is the ultimate destination for driving enthusiasts. This 1.5-mile-long track offers an exhilarating experience with a perfect blend of speed and excitement. With 8 challenging corners to navigate and a lengthy straight stretch, it provides the ideal setting for drivers eager to put their skills to the test and savor the thrill of the race. Whether you're behind the wheel of a supercar, a classic car, or even an iconic movie themed car, the Carver circuit guarantees an unforgettable track day filled with great fun and heart-pounding excitement for drivers of all levels.

Tockwith Motor Circuit, Yorkshire

Tockwith racetrack is the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts aged 10 and up, providing an exciting array of experience day gifts to suit every passion. Originally a Ginetta racing test track, it's steeped in motorsport history. With high-speed corners and a lengthy straight, it's the perfect place to drive a supercar, try a junior driving experience, or learn the art of drifting.

So, whether you're looking to surprise a young speed enthusiast or indulge in the thrill of high-speed driving yourself, Tockwith offers an unforgettable experience that promises adrenaline-pumping excitement and cherished memories for all.

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Driving Experience Days in Wales

Whether you're a thrill-seeker eager to harness the power and prestige of high-performance machines or looking to gift someone an extraordinary supercar driving experience, Wales unveils encounters that cater to every level of excitement. Brace yourself for an immersion into the world of driving excellence as you navigate the picturesque landscapes and circuits of this captivating nation.

Llanbedr Race Track, Wales

Set within the stunning Snowdonia National Park, Llanbedr Motor Circuit is a remarkable destination for driving enthusiasts of all ages. Featuring a pristine 1.5-mile track, this picturesque venue promises thrilling driving experiences that cater to both seasoned adults seeking high-speed supercar thrills and junior car enthusiasts looking for their first taste of supercar driving.

Imagine yourself at the wheel of some of the world's most exclusive supercars, including iconic names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, and many more. Junior driving experiences are also available, providing budding drivers with hands-on experience in a safe and controlled environment. It's an opportunity to blend your passion for exquisite automobiles with the breathtaking backdrop of Snowdonia's natural beauty, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

So if you're looking for a driving experience near me, we hope we've got you covered with our thrilling supercar driving experiences across the UK. Whether you're seeking the adrenaline rush of a supercar experience, exploring classic car legends, or embarking on unforgettable adventures with junior drivers, there's something for everyone in the diverse range of tracks and experiences the UK has to offer. From historic racetracks in South East England to the picturesque landscapes of Wales, these supercar track days promise to leave you with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for the world of high-performance driving. Get ready to rev your engines and embark on the ride of a lifetime!

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Driving Experiences Q&A

What Qualifies a Car to Be a Supercar?

A car is typically considered a supercar if it possesses exceptional performance, speed, and handling characteristics. These high-performance vehicles often feature powerful engines, cutting-edge technology, and aerodynamic designs. Supercars are known for their ability to accelerate rapidly, achieve high top speeds, and handle corners with precision. Iconic brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and others are synonymous with supercars due to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering.

What is the Best Supercar Driving Experience?

The best supercar driving experience is a matter of personal preference. At WonderDays, we provide a diverse range of extraordinary driving experiences, catering to enthusiasts of both supercar legends like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche, and iconic brands such as Mercedes, BMW, and Corvette.

If choosing just one seems impossible, we recommend our Triple Supercar Driving Experience. This exceptional adventure offers the opportunity to drive not one, but three luxurious supercars, delivering an unforgettable taste of the finest vehicles in the world of high performance driving.

What Do You Mean By Drifting?

Drifting is an exhilarating driving technique where the driver deliberately makes their car slide sideways through turns at high speeds, creating a thrilling spectacle of control and precision. It involves skillfully controlling the car's balance with precise throttle, steering, and braking, all while maintaining the slide. It's all about pushing the limits of control and turning corners into a thrilling display of skill and speed. At WonderDays, we offer the chance to live this excitement firsthand with our drifting experiences, designed to create heart pounding thrills and leave you on the edge of your seat.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Drive a Supercar in the UK?

In the UK, the minimum age requirement to drive a supercar is 10 years old or a minimum height of 4ft 5in (135 cm). This allows young enthusiasts to enjoy junior driving experiences and get a taste of the supercar world in a safe and controlled environment.

Are Junior Driving Experiences Safe?

Junior driving experiences prioritise safety above all else, with qualified, expert instructors playing an integral part in the experience.

The vehicles used for junior driving experiences are typically equipped with dual controls, allowing the instructor to step in and take control if needed, ensuring the safety of the young drivers at all times.

A Junior driving experience is carefully conducted in closed environments that are entirely free from other traffic, further minimising potential risks and providing a controlled and secure introduction to the world of driving.

This combination of expert instruction, dual controls, and controlled environments ensures that kids driving experiences are both safe and educational, allowing young drivers to build confidence and skills behind the wheel of their dream car.

How Long is the Land Rover Driving Experience?

Our off-road driving experiences are suitable for all ages, catering to both adults and children. We offer a range of 4x4 adventure, each with varying durations. You can start with a quick 30-minute session and have the flexibility to extend it to 1 hour, 2 hours, or even an exciting 3.5-hour off-road Land Rover experience. This allows participants to select the duration that aligns perfectly with their preferences and desired level of off road driving experience.

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