Unveiling the Magic of London's West End

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Welcome to the enchanting world of London's West End, where dreams come alive and unforgettable moments are waiting to be experienced.

At Wonderdays, we take immense pride in offering experiences that transport you into the heart of theatrical excellence, London’s iconic West End. Home to some of the world's finest productions, breathtaking performances, and timeless stories, it’s a must-visit destination for any theatre lover.

Theatrical Brilliance

London's West End is renowned worldwide for its unrivaled theatrical brilliance. With a rich history spanning centuries, the West End has become synonymous with exceptional performances, dazzling sets, and unparalleled talent. Our theatre trips allow you to witness the magic up close and personal, as we handpick the most captivating shows for your pleasure.

Imagine yourself seated in a legendary theatre, eagerly awaiting the rise of the curtain. From the iconic productions like "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Les Misérables" to contemporary masterpieces like "Hamilton" and "The Lion King," the West End offers an impressive array of shows to suit every taste.

The West End Experience

We understand that a theatre trip is not merely about watching a show; it's about creating lifelong memories. That's why our theatre trips are designed to indulge all your senses, from the moment you arrive in the West End to the final applause.

To complement your theatrical adventure, we offer experiences that include pre-show dining at renowned restaurants such as the Hard Rock Cafe and Gordon Ramsay’s York & Albany, where you can savour delectable cuisine or alternatively, if you prefer a traditional afternoon tea we’ve got that too.

What is the best show in the West End?

From classic tales to contemporary sensations, London’s West End has a show for every theatre lover. Which is the best? Well that's for you to decide but here is a selection of some of the most well-loved West End shows:

Meet the wonderful witches of Oz on this unforgettable journey to the Land of Oz, revealing the untold story of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. It’ll leave you spellbound!

This stage adaptation of the beloved Disney film will captivate you with its magic, music and heartfelt storytelling no matter your age.

Phantom of the Opera
If you’ve never seen this classic, are you really a theatre fan? As one of the most spectacular theatre productions in history with a musical score from Andrew Lloyd Webber, it's a must-watch.

Tina: The Tina Turner Musical
This high-energy production is simply the best as it pays tribute to the iconic queen of rock and soul. Whether you're a lifelong fan of Tina Turner or simply appreciate incredible music and captivating storytelling, this show is sure to delight.

The Lion King
Prepare to be transported to the majestic African savannah, where the sun rises on an unforgettable theatrical experience that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. The vibrant costumes, captivating choreography, and awe-inspiring puppetry make this a true wonder of the West End.

Les Misérables
A captivating tale of love, sacrifice and the indomitable human spirit. It's a classic theatre show that has stood the test of time and not one to be missed.

Loved by adults and children alike, this theatre adaptation of the classic childhood story is a real treat. With over 100 international awards and rave reviews, the tale of Matilda and her adventures is sure to delight.

Six The Musical
Prepare to be entertained as the 6 wives of Henry VIII tell their side of the story. With upbeat, catchy songs and clever lyrics, you'll wish all history lessons were taught this way!

MJ The Musical
Inspired by the life and music of the legendary pop icon, this is a must-see for any fan of Michael Jackson.

Jersey Boys
A jukebox musical that tells the story of the rise and success of the 1960's rock 'n' roll group The Four Seasons. From their formation and struggles to their triumph to becoming one of the most popular music acts of their time, Jersey Boys is an energetic celebration of music.

Guys & Dolls
If it's a night of glitz, glamour and entertainment you're after, you can't go far wrong with Guys & Dolls. Its memorable characters, show-stopping musical numbers and witty dialogue make this West End show hard to resist.

Back To The Future
Transport yourself into the world of Marty McFly, Doc Brown and the iconic DeLorean time machine. Adapted from the film trilogy, with talented performers and thrilling dance numbers, you'll be swept away in this exhilarating West End show.

What can you wear to a West End show?

You may think that a night at the theatre requires you to dress up but these days anything goes, there's no dress code.
The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you're wearing, whether that's jeans and trainers or a dress and heels, you can choose how smart you want to dress, or not dress.

How early should you arrive to a West End show?

It's recommended you arrive at least 30 minutes before the performance is due to start. This should give you plenty of time to find your seat and get settled in.
If you arrive late, you risk missing part if not all the show as it's not always possible to admit guests once the show has started.

Can you take bags into the theatre?

Every theatre has has their own guidelines on this however as a general rule, it's best to only take a small bag with you. If you have a larger bag or rucksack, you'll likely be asked to leave it in the onsite cloakroom (normally free of charge).
And don't forget that most theatres operate a bag search as you enter the building so remember to arrive in plenty of time to accommodate this.

Can you go to the toilet during a West End show?

Make sure you go to the toilet BEFORE the show starts! Many shows have intervals of around 20 minutes or so but you can bet the queues for the toilets will be huge so always go beforehand if possible.
Oh, and getting up mid-performance is a big no-no. You'll end up annoying those around you and it can be distracting to the performers on stage. Another reason to get their early!

Can I bring food and drink to a West End show?

A bottle of water and snacks to enjoy during the interval is fine but it's best to avoid eating anything during the performance so you don't risk distracting those around you. Noisy packaging or anything mega crunchy or smelly is a no-no!
Many theatres have a bar where you can pre-order drinks for the interval however be aware that you'll need to transfer drinks into plastic cups to be take them back to your seat.

Can I use my mobile phone at a West End show?

Many theatres will have strict rules when it comes to the use of mobile phones during a show, and that's to keep it switched off and in your bag. No-one wants to be distracted by the light of a phone or a weird buzzing sound. If necessary, you can check your phone during the interval and put it back when the show starts again. You don't want to risk missing anything!

Can I take photos during a West End show?

This may vary depending on the theatre but the general rule here is NO photography or videography allowed inside the theatre. Not only is it very distracting, it can often be illegal as many performance contracts forbid the recording of a performance.

How long is a West End show?

It can vary but the average running time for a West End show is around 2 hours 30 minutes and normally includes a 15 to 20 minute interval. So for example, if the show starts at 7:30pm, it'll finish by 10pm. Wherever possible, we'll ensure the running time is given in the show details to help you plan your evening.

How long do West End shows run for in London?

The length of time that a theatre show runs for depends a lot on its popularity and success. Some may only run for a few weeks or months while others run for a few years.
The longest running West End show? That'll be The Mousetrap which opened in 1974, followed by Les Misérables, which has captivated audiences for over 35 years since its premiere in 1985.

Are West End shows suitable for children?

A lot of West End shows are suitable to be watched by children, in fact many are musical adaptations of children's books and films like Matilda and The Lion King.
It's always best to check for any age restrictions before booking as a show could contain content or language that is not appropriate for a younger audience.

Do I need to understand English to enjoy a West End show?

When watching a West End show in London, it can definitely help if you can understand english but it's by no means essential. Many shows use music, dance and visual storytelling to convey their message and as so many shows are based on well known stories that have been around for years, you may already know the story and can still enjoy the whole spectacle of the performance.

Why is it called the West End?

Good question! The West End is so called because of how London formed, with the City of London in the east and the City of Westminster in the west. Over the years, the City of London became a financial and business centre, while the west became associated with leisure and entertainment, including theatres.
The West End was a popular place for the wealthy to live as it was usually upwind of the smoke drifting up from the crowded city and it became THE place to go for shopping and to be entertained, like it is today!

What is the largest theatre in London's West End?

There are some BIG theatres in London! The English National Opera's London Coliseum can seat an impressive 2,359 people and the London Palladium can seat 2,286 people.
On the other end of the spectrum, the smallest theatre in the West End is the Arts Theatre with 350 seats.

What else is there to do in the West End?

Ok, you've seen all the theatre shows, now what else is there to do? Well, plenty actually!
London's West End may be known primarily for its theatres but there are many other museums, attractions, restaurants and shops to keep you busy on a day out in London.

Let's start with the shopping
- Oxford Street and Regent Street offer amazing shopping opportunities with an array of flagship stores. The world's largest LEGO store and M&Ms World in Leicester are both worth a visit. Bond Street houses all the designer boutiques you could wish for while the royally approved Fortnum & Mason is a must-visit.

West End Attractions - You are spoilt for choice with a plethora of top quality attractions from the British Museum and National Gallery to Madame Tussauds, Tate Britain, Westminster Abbey and a little place called Buckingham Palace.

Eating in the West End - Where do we start?! One thing's for sure, you won't go hungry in the West End, whatever your budget. If you're looking to treat yourself (and why not), you need to visit the Brasserie of Light at Selfridges. This art deco inspired dining room is truly spectacular and that's not just the food, the giant crystal encrusted Pegasus (by Damian Hirst) that hovers over diners heads is a sight to behold.
For a more laid back affair, there are plenty of options. Check out street food traders at Market Hall West End or Chinatown for affordable eateries.

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