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When shopping for a Gift Experience for that Birthday Gift, Anniversary Must Have or Any Special Occasion really, I often end up meandering off into the kind of products or experiences I might like to do, rather than what I am actually shopping for! I think I do this no matter who or what I am shopping for, and I don’t think I’m alone!

This has afforded me a wonderful insight into some of the more unique experiences and gift angles that exist out there! I have been incredibly fortunate to have done many different experiences over the years, from a Hot Air Balloon Flight to a Supercar Track Day and a Go Karting Grand Prix. Each stand on their own merit of being pretty awesome experiences, but what about discovering something a little different? I was pretty surprised with the huge diversity of experiences that are on offer, most of which I would never have specifically researched or enquired about, not due to a lack of interest but more of an ignorance to its availability and accessibility!

I have done some research and have compiled a list of the most stand out, the most unique and the must do’s amongst them.

Crime Scene Investigation Experience

I could name so many people close to me who would LOVE this experience! Step away from the crime scene dramas on TV and get a firsthand look at the real world of Crime Scene Investigation. Experience a half-day of genuine investigative work, immersing yourself in the process of catching criminals.

You'll be part of a skilled team, working alongside forensic scientists, crash investigators, senior investigating officers, and major crime detectives, collaborating to crack the case. Donned in your forensic suit, you'll tackle serious crimes like murder, kidnapping, and arson. Your tasks will include lifting fingerprints, electronically casting and lifting footwear marks, analysing blood spatter, identifying hair fibres, and conducting interviews to create e-fits.

Airline Pilot Flight Simulator Experience

Ok, so although I was aware of this experience, what I was shocked by was how cost effective it was!

I have a real desire to do this so my enthusiasm is real! Soar across the skies learning everything you can about how a real pilot commands these gigantic machines all whilst not even leaving the ground. You’ll be under the expert guidance of an instructor who will guide you through a standard flight setting of start up, taxi, take off, departure, cruise, descent, landing and shutdown and you can use the same checklists and procedures that major airlines use.

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Land Yachting Experience

Ok, hands up! I did not know this was a thing! I guess this is what this post is all about, right! Suitable for novices or professionals, these wind powered land yachts zip nimbly about at speeds of over 40mph! Before you get out onto the open plains and feel the wind in your sail, you’ll learn, from an expert instructor, how to use the controls on a practice course to help build your confidence.

You’ll then have 2 hours to feel the adrenaline surge through you as you travel just inches from the ground on the ultra modern yachts.

Voted as one of the top 10% of attractions in the world by Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice Awards, 2021, and they have another fan and future participant in me.

Paramotoring Lesson Experience Including In Flight Photography

If you or your gift recipient has a head for heights and might be a but of an adrenaline junkie then this paramotor trial lesson experience is one of a kind as you’ll get to do something that is not only thrilling but is unique and great fun in equal measures!

A form of personal flying, paramotoring offers you unprecedented freedom, controllable safety and simplicity as you take off with a small engine strapped to your back like a rucksack which, when coupled with the glider which inflates above your head, means you can take flight with ease.

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Drinks Can Letter Making Workshop

I was genuinely surprised by this experience and the uniqueness of its creativity. You spend time getting creative in a unique learning environment with this Drinks Can Letter Making Workshop.

The workshop promises an inspiring and immersive atmosphere suitable for all skill levels. Guided by excellent tuition, you can expect a blend of fun, information, and productivity throughout the session. Techniques such as embossing, punching, and sanding will be explored to embellish the metal before attaching it to a blank wooden letter. For a finishing touch a recycled leather edging will be added.

Record 3 Songs With a Professional Recording Studio Experience

Discover what it’s like to be a trained singer and get a taste of the music industry with this professional recording studio experience. Start things off by meeting your skilled engineer, who will guide you through everything you need to know about recording a song in an industry standard recording studio.

Choose three of your favourite songs and record your voice with backing tracks (subject to availably) and then take home 4 mastered CD’s to treasure forever. Channel your inner Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran and get on down in a studio recording yourself singing!

We look forward to seeing which unique experience you choose!


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