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Stuck for Inspiration? Steal Other Couples Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

All you need is love

We’ve all been there before…you’ve been together for so long that you’re stuck for Valentine’s day gift ideas? Or the polar opposite in that you’re new to this dating game and you want to impress your new love!

Either way, don’t let FOMO consume your life as we have all the facts and figures you need to find out what everyone else is doing and either copy them, or go large and blow their ideas out the water for the greatest Valentine’s Day experience your other half will ever have!

Sometimes the cliché cards and lingerie just don’t cut the mustard; the woman in your life wants more, so why not a Valentine’s afternoon tea instead? A Valentine’s weekend? Or what about a Valentines bungee jump? Brings a whole new meaning to the words “I’m falling for you!”

Dining out is the preferred gift on this lovers day, but with £267million spent on Valentine’s weekend getaways, it seems a bit more planning is needed than just booking a table on Open Table and hoping for the best!

Couple cooking on Valentine's Day

Who said romance is dead…with 26% of couples cooking a special meal for their loved one, lets just hope the night isn’t then ruined when they argue over who has to clean up! Although unsurprisingly, Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants, second only to Mother's Day.

Where do you shop?

Valentine’s Day isn’t always a happy occasion though with divorce filings increasing by 40% every year…maybe the argument about the washing up was just the last straw for some couples!

Even with the huge wealth of shopping resources in the UK for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, the fact over 50% of people scour their local supermarket says a lot about us as a nation!

Firstly, it shows how much supermarkets have evolved over the years whereas they used to be just for food or the odd birthday card, now you can buy everything under the sun so supermarkets are perfect locations for the perfect gift.

Secondly, it shows us just how busy we are in our everyday lives as instead of spending hours in shopping centres or online looking for gifts, we prefer to grab a present when we pop to the shop for some milk and bread!

If this awesome infographic doesn’t give you any inspiration, then resorting to Valentine’s gifts experiences for couples will be perfect as you’ll find a day out to suit every age and interest!

Valentine's Day Infographic

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