Stag Do Ideas To Win The Champions League Of Best Men!

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Your best bud is getting married and arranging the stag do is priority number one on your to-do list! Of course it is, this is your buddy’s big send off. You’re caught between what you want to do for your amigo numero uno, what the lads are likely to turn up for, and what that one mate who won’t get a pass from the Mrs, might actually turn up to do.

You’re looking for something different. You need something memorable, right? You need something bigger than a knees up at The Red Lion but you’ve been told to swerve trips abroad so Maga or Prague are out.

When it comes to the Stag Do, it’s never one size fits all, so we are taking a look at a whole host of different experiences that allow you to win The Champions League Of Best Men, The best of the best – Just need to nail that speech mate!

Before we get to what we are doing, we need to see which of the lads are in. Get yourself a list together and think long and hard about who the stag would actually want there. Does your stag really need Josh from marketing sharing cliche photos of him tied to a lamppost? Probs not.

Get yourself a group chat going. You will not want to be asking the lads for ideas at this point… Trust me, you’ll wind up with no decision or one that involves bungee jumping from a hot air balloon, hovering over the red-light district, dressed as a chicken. Actually…

Right, let’s move away from the tried and tested; what are we doing then?

zip world

Zip World Velocity 2

There are Zip Lines and then there is the Worlds Fastest Zip Line!

Send your bestie and his inner circle flying through the air at speeds up to 100mph.

Not only will you will you experience an adrenaline rush like no other, you will have officially defeated europe’s longest Zip Line.

Now that’s something to boast about over a pint, right?

stadium tour

Football Stadium Helicopter Tour Experience

The likelihood is, that if your amigo has a passion for a Football Club, he has probably done the usual tours of the grounds and trophy cabinets. Plus, if your stag is the only Evertonian in a sea of Liverpool supporters, stadium tours can be a little…. Awkward.

So, let’s take things up a notch (well, a few hundred feet actually). You and up to 3 fellow fans can take to the sky with this package that includes tours that allows you to see different stadiums dependant on where you're flying from. You’ll cover approximately 30 miles on board a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter whilst the skilled pilot also acts as your personal tour guide pointing out local landmarks!


50 Minute Thames Rockets Speedboat Experience – Private Charter

Lets crunch these numbers: 880 horsepower engines, 50 minutes of adrenaline fuelled fun, 12 impressed mates and 1 happy Stag

What better way to show the lads you mean business then by arranging your own private experience. Chartered specifically for you and your stag do, hurtle down the Thames at highspeed, taking in all the sights that London has to offer whilst listening to adrenaline filled party anthems.

police pursuit

Themed Driving Days

No matter what stage of life we are at, we are all big kids at heart and tell me an instance when a Themed Cops and Robbers Driving Experience or an Immersive Police Pursuit Driving Experience won’t be talked about for years to come. Unless your stag has a record then maybe sidestep that in favour of something with a little more *Vrrroooom* under the bonnet like a Supercar Track Day. Or maybe your stag is that guy… the suave, (former) ladies’ man who might like to take something a little more sophisticated for a spin. . . Aston Martin DB5 anyone?

shark tank

The Bear Grylls iFLY Indoor Skydiving / Shark Tank Experience

Ok, so we are shoehorning a few experiences into one here, and if you do this, we would recommend doing the same on the day. The iFLY indoor skydive is perfect for that Stag who thinks they have the *coughs” Courage to do a skydive but would probably go dizzy at the top of the stairs. Learn how to do flips, tricks, and other acrobatics from experts as you soar in the air! Or maybe they are more at home taking the plunge into an aquarium with over 1000 aquatic creatures and even sharks! They might not be great whites but telling your wedding party you all swam with sharks is surely worth of an entry into your Best Man Speech right? As if this wasn't enough, you can then exert some more energy with unlimited access to the Assault Course on the day of your visit!

wine tasting

Luxury Vintage, Estate Red Wine & Cheese Tasting Experience

Right, so this is possibly more niche and a sharp dive to the left of the “lads lads” culture but believe it or not, this is a hugely growing market for the more…. Shall we say “discerning” stag. Quench your senses and indulge in some of the most exclusive, famous, and highly admired red wines around the world.

You’ll have a choice of up to 7 exclusive red wines each paired with a carefully selected fine cheese to tantalise your tastebuds! So, sit back and indulge in the finer things in life at their exclusive venue at the Edwardian Grafton Fitzrovia in London.

If the stag and his cohort are more Monaco than Magaluf, you have just hit the bullseye with this classy experience.

Let us know if you decide to follow any of these experiences for the ultimate Stag Do adventures!!


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