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Romantic Date Ideas That Are a Little Out of the Ordinary

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Whether you’re planning to dazzle someone new with a first date they’ll never forget, looking for double date ideas that will crown you the champion of couples days out, or fancy treating your other half to a unique date night they’ll completely adore - we’re here to help you step away from the ordinary and find the magic in the extraordinary!

For those adventurous souls seeking to add a dash of excitement and a sprinkle of enchantment to their relationships, our curated selection of extraordinary date ideas across the UK, will easily sweep them off their feet. From soaring high in the sky to gliding through serene waters, and even keeping your feet firmly on the ground with unique couples activities, our guide to 'Romantic Date Ideas That Are a Little Out of the Ordinary' promises to earn you an abundance of appreciation and brownie points a plenty, as you treat them to couples experience days they’ll never forget.

Unforgettable Days in The Sky

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend the day together, that doesn’t involve your typical fancy dinner or movie night date, our sky high adventures across the UK will fill you with awe and wonder, leaving your hearts racing and your spirits soaring.

From breathtaking helicopter rides near iconic landmarks to the serene beauty of a hot air balloon ride for two, these unique experiences will elevate your romance to new heights (quite literally) and leave you both on cloud nine.

Enjoy a Sky High Adventure With Helicopter Rides Near Me

Hop aboard a thrilling helicopter ride near you and soar above the picturesque landscapes, where cityscapes and natural beauty collide. With tours across the UK, you’ll have your pick of beautiful destinations to explore, so whether you’re looking for extraordinary date ideas Manchester or date ideas Glasgow, you’ll have a wide selection of locations to choose from.

Explore the urban majesty of these cities from a perspective like no other. As you glide through the skies together, this unique date idea promises not just a journey through the clouds but also a delightful day you’ll never forget.

Experience Stunning Views With a Hot Air Balloon Ride For 2

Indulge in some quality time with your loved one as you embark on one of the most romantic days out you'll ever experience - A hot air balloon ride for 2! With panoramic views of Britain's most beautiful scenery stretching out beneath you, a hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

Feel the weightless thrill of soaring above the lush countryside, serene lakes, and picturesque villages. With locations across the UK, you’ll easily find date ideas near me, so you can drift peacefully above the landscapes you call home. It's the perfect chance to create lasting memories as you share this high-flying adventure together.

Get Your Hearts Racing With Indoor Sky Diving

For those seeking unforgettable days filled with heart pounding excitement, look no further than indoor skydiving. Prepare to have your hearts racing as you take the plunge into an adrenaline fuelled adventure. With expert instructors guiding you, you'll learn how to do flips, tricks, and other acrobatics while soaring in the air. It's not just an exhilarating experience; it's also one of the most unique indoor date ideas you can find.

So, if you're looking for date ideas Birmingham and have a craving for adventure days out, indoor skydiving promises a thrilling journey that will leave you both breathless and craving for more!

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Experience Days For Couples On The Water

Dive into a world of aquatic romance with our water themed days out for couples. For those who crave the thrill of the waves, we have an adrenaline-fueled adventure waiting for you on the Thames - a high-speed speedboat tour that will have your hearts racing and leave you with a splash of unforgettable memories.

If you're in the mood for something more serene and sophisticated, join us on a romantic dinner cruise aboard a sightseeing vessel. As you cruise along the tranquil waters, you'll be treated to breathtaking views and a fancy dining experience that's bound to set the mood for a truly enchanting evening. Whether you're looking for second date ideas or anniversary date ideas, our water based experiences promise to create cherished moments you'll treasure forever.

Embark on a Romantic Date Night and Indulge in Fine Dining With a Sightseeing Cruise

Treat your other half to a trip where romance meets adventure and let the ambience of our sightseeing cruises elevate your date night to new heights. Experience the epitome of romance and luxury with our sightseeing cruises in London and Scotland. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of these beautiful regions while enjoying delicious food that's as memorable as the views.

Whether you're in London or Scotland, our sightseeing cruises are the perfect way to spend a romantic evening together, enjoying a charming afternoon tea, top notch lunch or delicious evening meal.

Tour London With an Adrenaline Fuelled Speedboat On The Thames

If you're seeking exciting things to do in London for couples, prepare for an unforgettable adventure as you embark on a thrilling trip through the heart of the capital city. Hop aboard an adrenaline fuelled speedboat on the iconic River Thames, where you'll fly through the water at a heart pounding 35mph.

As you race along the river, get ready to feast your eyes on London's most famous landmarks in a way you've never seen before. It's not just a tour; it's a delightful day out filled with adrenaline, laughter and a front-row seat to the captivating history and architecture of London's iconic skyline. To add to the excitement, enjoy the upbeat rhythm of high energy party tunes that set the mood for a thrilling date night in the heart of London.

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Keep Your Feet on The Ground With Fun Days Out For Couples

If you're in search of fun things to do for couples in London or simply looking for exciting couples days out, we've got just the ticket to keep your feet firmly on the ground while your spirits soar. Our selection of unique date ideas London will add a playful twist to your date and make your quality time together even more special.

Experience a Magical Couples Day Out at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Embark on a truly magical couples day out as you step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter. Our extraordinary experience includes a delightful afternoon tea, perfectly complemented with tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour London. It's a journey where fantasy meets reality, allowing you and your loved one to immerse yourselves in the wizarding wonders that have captured hearts around the globe.

Stroll through the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, explore Diagon Alley, and relive iconic moments from the beloved series. With a blend of delicious treats and the magic of Harry Potter, this is not just your average date; it's a perfect recipe for romantic days out that promise much awe, wonder and delight!

Add a Unique Twist to Your Date with Monopoly Lifesized

If you're looking to treat your partner to something truly unique and complete your day with laughter and fun, roll the dice on a game like no other with life-size Monopoly! If fun is the theme you’re hoping to go for on your date in London, then this is the experience for you. Play Monopoly Lifesized and see the classic board game come to life as you and your partner take on challenges, build houses, and even escape jail together. It's 80 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun, creating hilarious moments you’ll never forget!


Date with a Difference: Beekeeping and Beer Tasting Experience

Indulge in a truly extraordinary date with our Beekeeping and Beer Tasting Experience. Whether you're in search of unique third date ideas or simply aiming to surprise your partner with an exceptional outing, this adventure offers the perfect blend of nature, flavour, and discovery.

Located in the heart of London, you'll embark on a captivating journey that begins with a guided tour of a live beehive, giving you both a fascinating insight into the world of urban beekeeping. Get up close and personal with these remarkable insects and gain a newfound appreciation for their vital role in our ecosystem.

But the excitement doesn't stop there – the grand finale awaits as you indulge in a thrilling honey beer tasting! Brace yourselves to sample not one, not two, but three exquisite honey beers, each boasting its own captivating and distinct flavour profile. It's a date that combines curiosity, flavour, and exploration, promising to create unforgettable memories for you and your partner.

So, whether you're planning an unforgettable first date, looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift, or celebrating a special occasion with your long term partner, we hope our diverse selection of unique experience days across the UK has ignited your imagination and inspired you to venture beyond the ordinary. These exhilarating adventures promise to enchant your date night with a touch of magic, making a second date a done deal!

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