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How to Celebrate Oktoberfest When You Don't Like Beer. Our Guide for Non-Beer Lovers to Create a Truly Memorable Experience.

Lederhosen Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest Parade
WonderDays OktoberFest Facts Infographic

What is Oktoberfest anyway?

Oktoberfest is an annual festival held in Munich, Germany, that runs from late September to the first weekend in October. It is the world's largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair). The event is famous for its lively atmosphere, enormous beer tents, traditional foods such as pretzels and sausages, and cultural events including parades and folk music. Millions of visitors from around the globe attend each year to enjoy the festivities and the specially brewed Oktoberfest Beer.

If you're not a fan of beer, there are plenty of other options for drinks that you can enjoy during Octoberfest. Wine and cocktails are two popular choices. You can also find non-alcoholic options like apple cider and root beer. Whatever you choose to drink, make sure to enjoy it in a festive atmosphere! You don't have to like beer to enjoy Octoberfest! There are plenty of other ways to celebrate this Bavarian festival. Octoberfest does not have to be held in a traditional bierkeller. Plenty of cocktail bars around most cities will hold an evening of their own.

One way to enjoy Oktoberfest without drinking beer is to purchase a gift experience. This way, you can still enjoy the festive atmosphere without having to drink the beer.

Play some traditional German games!

There are plenty of games and competitions to be enjoyed at Octoberfest, even if you don't drink alcohol. Try your hand at Hammerschlagen – a game where players take turns hammering nails into a piece of wood. Or, test your accuracy with a game of target shooting.
If you're creating your own Oktoberfest why not give the target shooting a go? Our Archery Experience is a great way for the family to all enjoy a fun and exciting new skill together!

traditional afternoon tea experience day gift idea
Afternoon Tea Experiences

Eat all the German food!

Oktoberfest is all about the food! From sausages and pretzels to schnitzel and sauerkraut, there are plenty of delicious dishes to feast on. Make sure you try a little bit of everything to get the full Oktoberfest experience. Alternatively, why not try cooking courses? Brush up your skills to make your own food!

Trade those pubs for vineyards, and head to one of our many drink experience tastings. With great offers and a large range available across different locations, you can select your favourite drink and go from there! From cocktail tasting to wine and cheese and even champagne, we've got it all to turn the holiday you thought you may have to sit out into your own perfect place.

drinks experience day gift idea
Drinks Experiences

Maybe the finest brews in the world that you are looking for is a coffee or tea? Why not try a special blend of tea at one of our Afternoon Tea gifts?

Dance the night away!

The music at Oktoberfest is contagious! Even if you don't like beer, you'll still find yourself tapping your feet and swaying to the beat. Get out on the dance floor and enjoy yourself – no beer required.

While the men can head to the bierkeller to drink their Steins, that doesn't mean drinks with the girls have to be the same. Mark this special occasion by exploring something new. Try out our cocktail making classes where you can taste new flavours and learn how to make your favourite tipples.

Or when looking for alternatives to your bog-standard breweries, why not try a Gin Distillery Tour ? Learn about how and where gin has been made throughout history while you try different flavours!

gin distillery tour at shakespeare distillery in stratford upon avon
Gin Tasting Drinks Experience

Dress the part!

One of the best parts of Oktoberfest is the traditional Bavarian dress. A key aspect of this cultural celebration is the wearing of customary Bavarian attire: for men, this includes lederhosen, short or knee-length leather breeches often adorned with embroidery, paired with checkered shirts, wool socks, and alpine hats. Women traditionally wear dirndls, which consist of a bodice, a blouse, a full skirt, and an apron, with variations in length and style that can signify different regions or marital statuses. These garments not only add to the festive atmosphere but also pay homage to regional history and craftsmanship.

Remember Oktoberfest is about celebrating and having fun, it doesn't matter what you drink or where you are as long as you enjoy yourself!

Download the PDF of our Oktoberfest 2022 Infographic

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