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New Driving Experiences and Track Days-FAQ Including Junior Supercar Experiences

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4 red ferrari's lined up on a pit lane as part of a ferrari supercar driving experience

It's all change at WonderDays where driving experiences are concerned as we don't just have new products for the supercar driving experiences but we have more experience gifts for kids too on the track!

Let's cut to the chase and really look at the new additions to the supercar track day world in the form of two absolute beauties!

Lamborghini Gallardo Track Days

What's New in the Supercar Driving Experience World?

Currently we offer you the chance to take a supercar experience with eye wateringly expensive cars including

  • Lamborghini
  • Ferrari
  • Porsche
  • Jaguar
  • Aston Martin

You'll fulfil every F1 dream racing around a track for three miles in each car feeling like Kyle Larson across locations nationwide! You can choose the five cars listed above, or take a triple supercar blast with three of your choice.

If that wasn't enough to entertain, we now have two more additions to the supercar party with the chance to get behind the wheel of the Maserati Granturismo S and the Supra.

Both can hold their own in a dog fight with the Maserati hitting up to top speeds of 183 mph and the Supra 155 mph.

Maserati GranTurismo S Track Day

High Speed Passenger Ride

This is a gift that keeps giving as once you've completed your supercar blast, you’ll be treated to a high speed passenger ride in a sports car with a professional driver.

The supercar driving experience is a perfect gift for any petrol head, however, an experience day gift is more of a unique present for someone who hasn't really had the chance to appreciate how great adventures are instead of more stuff! Treat that special person in your life to a trip out, a day away from the norm, a chance to create memories, and what better way than to borrow some of the world’s favourite supercars cars and burn rubber!

The Mercedes AMG GT Driving Experience is Here!

If a load of awesome high speed supercars wasn't enough to hit the spot of the car fanatics, this Mercedes GT supercar experience definitely will!

The Mercedes AMG GT has a whopping 639 bhp, an impressive 4 Litre Twin Turbo, V8 engine and a top speed of 196 mph. One of the world’s most iconic cars, it's both fun and exhilarating and the prefect car for a driving experience day.

Always a leader in the motorsport arena, the GT3 took the world by storm when it became one of the most successful race vehicles of 2018, after it took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th place at the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.

So now you have the down low on this beast of a car, it's time to drive it! Buy Now: Mercedes GT Driving Experience

Mercedes gtr driving experience

Corvette Supercar Track Days

If you're looking for a slightly less flashy expensive car, then the Corvette C8, an American sports car turned super car, is the one for you.

With a 495bhp, the Corvette hits 60mph in just 3.2sec, thanks to not just the full launch control system, but also because of its short, close gearing and the super-fast shifts of its dual-clutch gearbox.

Also added to our range of supercar driving experiences, you'll get some real bang for your buck on this one! Learn More: Corvette C8 Driving Experience

Corvette Supercar Track Days

Classic Car Driving Experience Days

For a complete opposite of a supercar, we also offer the classics in the form of the Ford V8 Capri! Joining the likes of the

  • Mitsubishi Eclipse,
  • Skyline
  • Ford Escort
  • 1979 Charger R/T

this vintage vehicle that will take you back to the good old days!

Another addition to the pack, is the introduction of the ferocious 'FURIOUS' GT86. Get your drive on in this bad boy and you won't want to get back in your normal car to drive home!

Perfect for all generations, this experience is open to people 18 and above and will give you the best three miles of your life as you fully embrace the sounds, smells and absolute joy to be in one of these cars!

But before you go and book yourself onto a number of thrill days, have a look at some of the most asked questions around driving days.

Classic Car Driving Experience Days

Are Driving Experience Days Worth the Money?

These types of days out are always going to be a winner as if you think of the overhead costs of owning, running and maintaining a car, and then you've got the chance to drive a wide variety of vehicles from a Lamborghini through to a Mini Cooper, it's an absolute winner!

How Much is a Driving Experience?

This really depends on what you're aiming to do and how many cars you wish to cruise round the track. The cheapest form of driving day are the junior supercar driving experiences where your children can take part in kids driving experiences without worrying about ruining dads pride and joy!

Which Driving Experience is Best?

Now that's the £64,000 question! Which day out you choose really depends on what you like, what the recipient might like, what the age of the driver will be, whether you're looking for a junior driving experience or themed track day and the location.

Can I do a Driving Experience Without Licence?

As far as children are concerned and young driver training packages, the general rule is that drivers can be as young as 10 years old, providing they can reach the pedals with the padding provided. Minimum height restriction for junior drivers is 135 cm.

Who Can Do One?

Anyone that loves cars! Whether it’s a driving experience for a 16 year old, 30 year old or a 90 year old, we have options for any car obsessive!

Junior Supercar Driving Experiences

A driving experience for under 18's is what is classed as a track day for a child and is available across many tracks in the UK. Many children from an early age because obsessive about cars as it’s an easy thig to talk about for the parents!

They see cars on the road and make the sounds, nursery rhymes have cars in, TV shows are all about cars and there in most books aimed for young readers, so you can see why some kids grow up loving cars!

And what better car to love than the supercars! You witness a child’s face when one of the Ferraris models roar past on the street, or they see a Porsche hitting the speed limit on the motorway!

So, the ultimate gift for a young car lover has to be a junior track day! For them to be not just close to the car, but to actually sit in it and whizz round a driving track will be a gift that will last with them forever!

Our team is on hand to answer any questions you have about any of the supercar driving experiences we offer. We are available on live chat, email and the telephone for questions that may not be answered in the FAQ section on all the driving experiences.

Questions such as how long does the experience last, is the hot ride included and do I have to drive like I’m Lewis Hamilton are all relevant questions and can all be answered by us to help you know what to expect on the day!

Junior Supercar Driving Experiences
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