Meeting Alpaca’s – A Morning Petting and Trekking with Alpaca’s

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Philip the Alpaca

As with most parents, my partner and I have always gone out of our way to try and provide our kids with exciting and rewarding opportunities that can be both educational and fun.

One of our children really likes animals and we knew an up close and hands on experience with animals would really get us bonus points when it came to his birthday.

Having done some research into animal interaction experiences, I didn’t want to be going all over the country for larger zoos or safari parks as we wanted something more small and friendly, so I was delighted when I managed to find this wonderful Alpaca Trekking Experience, nestled away just outside of Woodseaves Idyllic Village situated on the Shropshire/Staffordshire Border.

Alpaca experience

The experience was really cost effective, and the booking process was easy. We simply had to email the experience provider with our Wonderdays voucher numbers and arrange a date. Communication with them was swift, friendly, and efficient.

On the day, we had one very excited young man and one very excited old man (me!). We set off in plenty of time and the information provided on both the website and from the experience provider got us to where we needed to be on time. We were warmly greeted by Ollie who showed us where to park (which was free) and where to head to commence the experience. Ollie was very welcoming and gave us all the relevant information as to what we could expect from our morning.

Meeting the Alpaca’s was just wonderful. We had a choice of which Alpaca we were to be trekking with and shown how to handle them correctly on the lead. Ollie led us out and was very chatty and friendly throughout the entirety of the trek. We had lots of questions about the set up there, as well as some questions on the Alpaca’s traits, rearing and personality… Ollie was only too happy to answer. You can tell this guy really enjoys what he does.

Philip and an alpaca

A few times one of us would be holding the Alpaca the wrong way or potentially allowing the Alpaca to be in charge on direction and whether it was time to stop for a snack on the grass. Our guide was patient and very professional throughout.

We had time to stop during our Trek through the Staffordshire countryside to stroke and pet the alpaca’s and there was no rush around this. It felt like we were being given all the time in the world to enjoy these lovely animals.

When we walked back to the original meeting point, we had the opportunity to have take some photos with the Alpaca’s as well as feed them. There was also some unique handmade merchandise you could purchase after the experience. There was no pressure around this and no hard sell whatsoever.

What was lovely about the experience was this was clearly set up and run by people who truly love working with Alpaca’s and showing them off to the willing public.

We left the Alpaca Trekking with memories of this experience that will last forever, and not only have we recommended this highly to our family and friends, but we have also already purchased again to revisit this excellent set up and the cuddly Alpaca’s!

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