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As Christmas fades into a distant memory, Valentine's Day is already taking the spotlight, with heart shaped balloons flying from shop doorways, glittery cards catching your eye in every store window, and of course, the ever persistent red roses standing tall and proud in every supermarket aisle. If you've grown tired of giving the same, predictable Valentine’s Day gifts, fear not, for we're here to rescue you from the clichéd and mundane and introduce you to the unique and extraordinary!

Whether she's a passionate foodie, a creative enthusiast, or an adventurous soul, our unique collection of couples experience days offer the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for every personality type. Although you may be buying a gift experience for her, these exceptional gifts are thoughtfully designed with couples in mind, offering you both the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and share in the wonder of these extraordinary gift experiences - So let’s hope she chooses to take you along with her!

To help you narrow down the choices, we’ve popped together a list of 10 popular gifts, that she’s sure to love this Valentine’s Day. So, whether you can see her flying around a racetrack in the supercar of her dreams or escaping the stresses of daily life with a luxurious spa retreat, we have the perfect couples gifts for a date night she’ll never forget!

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1. Overnight Spa Breaks for Couples

In these cold winter months, there’s nothing better than getting wrapped up in big fluffy robes, feeling the warm embrace of the sauna, and having your loved one by your side, as you enjoy the cosy tranquillity of a romantic spa break. These pamper gifts offer the perfect escape from reality to give you both some quality time together on this special occasion.

2. Afternoon Tea Bus London Tour

If you're on the hunt for Valentine's gifts for her that cater to her inner foodie, our afternoon tea bus London promises the perfect adventure! On this extraordinary journey, she'll be treated to a mouthwatering selection of sandwiches and cakes, all while enjoying the delightful ambience of a classic double-decker bus—a combination that guarantees unforgettable moments and a lot of laughter. This unique experience not only indulges her culinary desires but also turns it into a fun and romantic escapade through the heart of England’s capital city.

3. Pottery Wheel Experience

Ever seen that iconic scene in 'Ghost'? Get ready to channel your inner Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore as you try your skill at pottery making. This hands on experience gives you both the unique opportunity to bond over learning a new skill, laugh at each other's attempts to shape clay into art and ultimately create something special together. This pottery workshop is the perfect gift experience for couples who want to get their hands dirty and share an unforgettable experience that they’ll cherish forever.

4. View from The Shard & Marco Pierre White

If you're aiming to sweep her off her feet with a luxurious London experience, then look no further. Prepare for an evening of elegance and wonder as you ascend to breathtaking heights at The Shard, experience the awe-inspiring view from the Shard and round off your evening with a delicious three course meal at the renowned Marco Pierre White Steakhouse London.

This Valentine's gift for her isn't just about the exquisite food; it's about the cosy and romantic ambiance that will leave her feeling like a princess, enveloped in luxury and romance, creating a truly memorable and regal Valentine’s Day experience.

5. West End Theatre Show

Treat her to a Valentine’s day filled with culture and music, with tickets to her favourite West End show. Whether it's Frozen, Wicked, The Lion King, or Phantom of the Opera, you'll be swept away to a world of enchantment and wonder as you watch the stage come to life. These musical theatre experiences are perfect for couples who appreciate the magic of the stage, making it a truly special gift to remember for many years to come.

Phantom of the Opera 3

6. Bombay Sapphire Distillery Tour

If she's a lover of gin, then the Bombay Sapphire Distillery is an absolute must-visit among our drink experiences in the UK! Picture yourselves taking an immersive tour around the iconic factory, where you’ll discover all the best kept secrets behind the gin making process. Here, she’ll get to explore exotic botanicals, inhale intoxicating aromas, and even have the chance to sample the finest of Bombay’s gins. For the wife or girlfriend who craves unique experiences, this gin distillery tour is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her.

7. Wine Tasting Experiences for Two

Indulge in the art of wine tasting with our gift experiences designed for women who appreciate the finer things in life. Sip and savour delightful bouquets of exquisite reds and refreshing whites while enjoying complimenting Italian snacks, all in the charming company of your loved one. This wine tasting experience not only offers a delightful way to unwind but also provides the perfect opportunity to bond over the shared pleasure of fine drinks and good conversation. It's a gift that combines relaxation, sophistication, and the joy of each other's company, making it a truly special treat for you both to enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

8. Zip Wire Adventure

For those whose interests include thrilling adventure days out, our zip line experience is the perfect choice for women with a daredevil nature. With heart racing speeds of up to 70mph, our zip line experience offers an exhilarating adventure that will make her Valentine's Day a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

9. Supercar Driving Experience

For the women who adore the roar of powerful engines and the thrill of speed, our supercar driving experience is an ideal gift. Valentine's Day takes on a new level of excitement as you both get behind the wheel of your favourite supercar, available at various locations across the UK. Whether she dreams of cruising in a sleek Lamborghini, a fierce Ferrari, or a classic Porsche, this supercar experience is designed to satisfy every car lover's desires. It's not just a drive; it's a heart-pounding adventure that will leave you both with unforgettable memories of speed, luxury, and the joy of sharing such an incredible experience day.

10. Notting Hill Film Locations Tour

For a dose of movie magic, explore the iconic film locations of "Notting Hill” and rediscover the romantic charm of the film as you stroll through the picturesque streets, taking in the very places where Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts created cinematic history. This tour is a perfect Valentine's Day gift for her, offering a delightful blend of nostalgia, romance, and the opportunity to relive the moments that captured hearts on the big screen. Let love bloom as you walk hand in hand, immersing yourselves in the storybook settings that made "Notting Hill" an enduring classic.

Notting Hill 1

If you're eager to break away from the conventional Valentine's Day gifts of flowers and chocolates, our days out for couples provide an excellent alternative, offering the perfect opportunity to enjoy yourselves, create cherished memories, and share quality time together.

Whether you're captivated by the magic of a West End theatre show, have eyes for the gourmet luxury at Marco Pierre White London Steakhouse, or are seeking heart pounding excitement on a thrilling zip line adventure, our gift experiences for her are designed to craft special memories that will forever hold a place in your hearts.

So, this Valentine's Day, break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with the perfect couples gifts that promise an adventure filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

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