Cliché Valentines Day Dates & Experience Gift Ideas

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're like most of us, your default plan for celebrating with your significant other probably involves a meal at a crowded restaurant followed by a box of chocolates.

It's sweet but so cliché!

If you want to show that special someone how much they mean to you this Valentine's Day, why not switch up the routine and give them something unexpected?

We've gathered some classic Valentines Day gift ideas – plus better alternatives that are sure to wow your partner so you can give them that ideal gift.

Plus: get ready to shop smarter (and save time) as we reveal all kinds of unique gift ideas that go beyond the usual flowers and chocolate offerings.

Valentines Couple Romance

Sometimes all it takes is showing how much you care with thoughtful gestures - no matter how small.

Have they been working non stop this year and are in need of a relaxing weekend? Why not treat them to a romantic getaway by heading for an overnight stay in the British countryside,

If you can't get away for a night, surprise your valentine with quick tour on the best Afternoon Tea Bus London has to offer!

And if you want to show your appreciation for all the little things they do, give them something that'll make their everyday life easier - like organizing supplies or fancy tech accessories.

Whatever you choose to give this Valentine’s Day, remember that it's not about the price tag - it's about showing that special person in your life just how much they mean to you!

Really have a think about who they are, and what they would like to do, this opportunity of a lifetime is about making memories after all!

Have they always had a flair for the dramatics, or perhaps love going to the theatre? Maybe it's time they tried their acting skills at a Murder Mystery Dinner Experience!

Valentines Couple

For those looking to avoid convention this Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional go-to's.

Instead of flowers and chocolate, opt for an experience gift that will create lasting memories.

Why not try out our favourite Gin Afternoon Tea London puts forward, or take a romantic hot air balloon ride.

Why not treat your other half to a special cooking class? It will definitely add some spice to your relationship - and you'll learn great new recipes in the process!

Or if you're up for something more daring, plan an adventure together like a James Bond Driving Experience or ziplining in wales! - these activities offer an adrenaline rush that roses just can't match!

Here are a few ways to break out of that cliché gift-giving pattern and create an experience that will last long after February 14th has come and gone!


jewellery making experience day gift ideas

Instead of gambling with what necklace or earrings to buy them this year, never knowing if they actually like it or if they are just being polite, allow them to get exactly what they want, because they get to create it at a Jewellery Making Course.

Making jewellery from scratch is a gift experience that beats unwrapping jewellery this Valentine's Day!

Create something unique and special for your significant other, made with love and care.

With the right tools and instruction, you can form metal into rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

The gift of such a joyous experience is far more memorable than ordinary jewellery - it's something to create cherished memories with!

The best part of this present is that not only will they think of you whenever they wear the piece they create, but they'll also never forget what a great day you shared together.

That's a piece of art in itself!

Don't settle for shop-bought goods this year; gift the gift of creativity instead.


Chocolate Ecstasy Tours tasting ice cream

If you're looking to spoil your special someone this Valentines Day, an unforgettable gift experience is a way forward!

Giving them a Private Mayfair Chocolate Tour & Tasting Experience is sure to be an experience like nothing else.

From getting a behind-the-scenes view into how quality chocolates are made, to tasting some of the finest chocolate in the world and learning about their unique flavours, this gift experience is perfect for the food-lovers and romantic souls alike.

Plus - you get the bonus of witnessing their excitement as they explore the world of fine chocolate – something simply priceless!


perfume making course experience day

Want to stand out and make an impression on Valentines Day?

Give your special someone the gift of creating their own scent!

With a Perfume Making Experience, you can help them craft a signature fragrance that's unique and representative of who they are.

Not only will it be far more meaningful than just gifting any old bottle of perfume, but it's also a gift that'll keep giving for years to come.

What better way to show someone you care this Valentine's Day than with a gift experience no one else can duplicate?


WonderDays Gift Voucher Frame

Ditch the gift trips to the store and give the gift of experience with an e-card!

This way, not only are you saving the planet but your wallet too! WonderDays offers free instant online gift cards, you can also set the delivery date for your email, if you're looking for it to go out on a certain date!

For Valentine's Day or any day, an e-card is a fun and modern gift that creates an unforgettable gift experience for your special someone.

You won't have to worry about long lines and crowded stores, because with an e-card all you need is your mouse and a few clicks.

So this year, why not ditch the Hallmark card and make the switch to sending e-cards?

Spend less and save your hard-earned money, and the planet with experience gifts - the ultimate incentive.

The lucky recipient - your valentine - will receive the perfect gift package, which after your experience can be turned into a frame so you both can treasure the memory forever!

You won't find that in a gift box!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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