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You know, it feels like the pace of life is picking up more and more these days. With world events flashing across our screens, constant notifications vying for our attention, and headlines screaming for an instant click, it's like everything demands our immediate response. There's this sense of urgency that's hard to escape. That's why I'm drawn to the idea of hitting pause on the whirlwind of life. Taking a short break away from the hustle and bustle is essential for me.

For me, part of the therapy of taking a break is in the search itself. I find it soothing to research potential destinations, making sure they tick all the boxes and fit within my budget. Budget has to be an essential part of anyone’s search really and with the cost of living as it is right now, do we stop taking those much-needed breaks from normality to re-charge our batteries, or do we still take that time for ourselves but do so with a tighter grasp on the purse strings.

Whether you are keeping to a tighter budget nowadays or not, we all want to feel like we have had some value for money. For this reason, I have looked at the breaks away that will break the mundane of the 9 till 5, but not break the bank!

First port of call is our “One Night British Inn Stay with Breakfast for 2”. This experience really is budget friendly as you can take a one-night break from £80 or why not make the most of your stay with the two night option for just £109.00 – That’s just £26 per person per night AND it includes breakfast! You can choose from 36 locations across the country so there is bound to be a stay that’s in the right place for you!

Maybe you fancy something a little different? An ideal escape from the daily grind could be a Glamping Trip, available with Breakfast for just £105 for two people! You'll find a serene and tranquil setting amidst the scenic countryside of Dorset, enveloped by lush woodlands, expansive heathlands, shimmering lakes, and a lively river bustling with various wildlife and an array of bird species.

Staying in the South West we can look no further than this Two Night Family Stay in a Shepherds Hut. If trying new things is high on your agenda, you wont likely have experienced anything like this before! This is Glamping with a difference! Suitable for Two Adults and Two Children, this idyllic getaway can be yours for just £150.00 for a family of four! Now that is a bargain!

Another great value offering at £109 for two is our “Short UK Stay” which offers a complimentary cooked or continental breakfast. With just short of 20 locations to choose from, you wont have any problems picking a great place to stay whether you north bound or venturing south! Each hotel will provide delicious seasonal dishes as well as great amounts of comfort at each destination.

Looking for something a bit more immersive? Then this Murder Mystery Weekend could be the break away for you. Available from just £129.97 per person, you are really onto a value for money winner with this option! Put your detective skills to the test and work out who committed the crime in this role play Murder Mystery Weekend! A three course dinner and an overnight stay is included and available from 9 locations at this price. Embrace the fun, laughter and solve the mystery in this themed break away!

Lastly, we have our Private Group Pod Glamping, for up to 16 people! Given the private nature of the experience and the fact it includes a hot tub, it's fair to expect this option to be a little bit more expensive, but you would be wrong. Based on a group of 16 people, this exclusive and private short break away is available from just £62.50 per person! Fire up the campfire or relax in the hot tub safe in the knowledge that you haven’t broken the bank to be taking that well deserved time away.

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