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10 Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

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When shopping for the special man in our lives, it can be so hard to know what to buy. Just what do you get for the guy who has everything and when prompted for ideas is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, we’ve all faced the struggle, resulting in those last minute panic buys. So this Valentine’s Day, we want to help you beat the frustration with a gift he’ll never expect, but will undoubtedly love!

Let us introduce you to our experience days! Perfect for all manner of personality types, from foodies and creatives to adventurers and sports fans, you can be sure you’ll find the best Valentine’s Day gift that will not only show your affection and appreciation but will give you a chance to spend quality time together and create unforgettable memories!

Valentine’s Gifts for Creatives

For the artistic and imaginative men in your life, explore our selection of Valentine's gifts tailored to their creative flair.

1. Leather Crafting Wallet Workshop

Searching for the perfect gift for him? Look no further than our Leather Crafting Wallet Workshop. Thoughtfully curated, to give you hands on experience, this unique workshop is the perfect opportunity for him to put his creative skills to the test and craft something truly unique. What makes this gift even more special is the chance to add a custom monogram, so if personalised Valentine's gift ideas are what you’re after, then you really can’t go wrong!

If you’re looking to create lasting memories, this workshop is designed for groups of 6, giving you the perfect opportunity to gather your couple friends and enjoy getting creative together on this unique day out for couples!

2. Blacksmith Experience For Couples

Immerse yourselves in one of our most romantic experience days for couples with our Blacksmithing Experience for 2. Here, you’ll have the unique opportunity to enjoy a day of teamwork as you work side by side, creating something special and truly unique to you both. This hands on adventure is the perfect present for those couples looking to enjoy the thrill of something new and a little bit different.

Couples Forging 2

Unique Sports Gifts For Men

Discover a range of unique sports gifts for men that will delight any sports enthusiast.

3. Stadium Tours

Whether he's a football fanatic or a hardcore rugby fan, we offer a variety of unmissable stadium tours, including the legendary Liverpool stadium tour, the thrilling Tottenham stadium tour, and the iconic Twickenham stadium tour. These experiences will give him an exclusive behind the scenes peek into the infamous grounds of his favourite team, giving him exclusive access to the rich history and atmosphere of the sport he adores. But if you'd like to really blow his socks off with a gift he’ll love, why not treat him to a helicopter ride over his favourite stadium? This sky high experience truly is the VIP tour of a lifetime!

4. Segway Experience

Embark on a thrilling adventure with our Segway Experience! With 14 locations across the UK, you can easily find a Segway experience near you. It's a fantastic way to explore the beautiful landscapes while mastering the art of Segway riding. Whether you're looking for fun date ideas or unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him, our Segway Experience promises an unforgettable time. Glide through scenic paths, forests, or even urban settings as you enjoy the feeling of freedom and adventure. It's the perfect unique gift for those seeking an exhilarating and memorable outing with their other half this Valentine’s Day.

Discovery for One

Valentine’s Gifts For Foodie’s

Spoil the special man in your life this Valentine's Day with food experiences he’ll never forget!

5. Charcuterie Course

Surprise him this Valentine's Day with a Charcuterie Course that's all about indulging in the world of gourmet food. If unusual gifts for him are what you’re after, then this unique food experience offers the perfect couples day out! Picture a day filled with hands on fun, expert guidance, and top quality British meats. Here, you’ll both have the chance to dive into the secrets of crafting charcuterie, from traditional butchery to curing techniques. After an exciting morning of learning, you’ll get to revel in the excitement of it all while enjoying a delicious lunch and sampling the fruits of your joint labour.

6. Immersive Dining

For the romantic type seeking a truly special experience, our Immersive Dining offers the epitome of luxury with VIP seats at the highly coveted 'kitchen table', in Andrew Sheridan’s famed restaurant. This exclusive table allows you to witness the culinary magic of a celebrated chef unfold right before your eyes, as you’re immersed in the restaurant's dark and romantic ambience. With every delicious course, you'll be swept away on a journey of flavour and excitement as you’re served only the very best selection of culinary dishes. It’s a Valentine’s Day gift that will leave you both excited and amazed as you share in this unique luxury experience.

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Fun & Quirky Gift Experiences For Men

Explore a world of fun and quirky gift experiences designed exclusively for men, where adventure meets novelty and every moment promises excitement and laughter.

7. Paintballing Experience Days For Two

Gear up for an action packed adventure with our Paintballing Experience Days for Two – the ideal quirky gift for men who crave adrenaline fuelled fun! This Valentine's Day, surprise him with an exciting day out that guarantees laughter, excitement, and just a touch of friendly rivalry. Paintballing isn't just an excellent way to bond with your husband or boyfriend; it's also the perfect opportunity to exact sweet revenge for all those times he’s left his dirty washing on the floor. So, suit up, strategise with your partner, and embark on a day, filled with strategy, laughter and teamwork as you navigate the paintball battlefield. And hey, if a few extra paintballs happen to find their way towards him, well, we won't spill the secret.

8. Zombie Survival Experience

If he's always the first to suggest a horror film as your movie of choice, then this immersive zombie survival experience is tailor made for him. With seven spine chilling locations across the UK, including a fort, factory, boathouse, forest, air hanger, prison, and jail, you get to choose the scene of your impending zombie attack. It's an adrenaline-pumping adventure that's sure to leave your heart pounding as you fight for your lives in this theatrical and entertaining zombie apocalypse scenario. Whether he goes solo or you join in, it's one of those quirky gifts that will have him talking about how to survive a zombie apocalypse for days to come. Unleash his inner zombie slayer with this unforgettable experience day designed exclusively for him.


Thoughtful Gifts For the Adventurous Type

If he's got a wild streak and loves the chance to embark on a new adventure, we have experience days for him that will ignite his spirit and have him ticking off his wish list in no time!

9. Hot Air Balloon Rides For 2

Treat him to a sky high adventure with our Hot Air Balloon experience, a gift that combines the thrill of exploration with the wonder of our UK landscapes. As soon as your feet leave the ground, you'll be in for an action-packed adventure, floating peacefully above picturesque countryside or even cityscapes, depending on the location you choose. It's an experience filled with romance that promises to take his breath away, making it an exceptional gift for the adventurous soul in search of new horizons.

10. Bungee Jumping Experience

Give him the ultimate thrill with our Bungee Jumping Experience, a unique and exhilarating Valentine's Day gift for him. With 11 locations across the UK to choose from, this heart pounding adventure promises to redefine his idea of excitement. The moment he takes that leap, the rush of endorphins and adrenaline will make him feel on top of the world and wanting to do it all over again. It's a dramatic departure from the daily routine, and the sheer exhilaration he'll experience will leave him buzzing about this unforgettable adventure for a long time to come. So, if you're looking for a truly unique and thrilling Valentine's Day gift, our Bungee Jumping Experience is sure to provide a memorable and adrenaline fuelled experience.

So, whatever you choose to give the special man in your life this Valentine’s Day, we hope our exciting range of unique gifts will help you solve your gift giving dilemma. These experiences are not just presents; they're opportunities for you both to enjoy quality time together, create cherished memories and take a u turn from the mundane and arrive at the extraordinary. Whether it's igniting his adventurous spirit, indulging his creative side, or tantalising his taste buds with gifts for foodies, these experiences offer the perfect opportunity to celebrate trying something new together this Valentine’s Day!

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