Top Things To Do In Liverpool With Kids

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If you’re looking for things to do in Liverpool with kids then visiting this city is a fantastic idea for several reasons:

Liverpool, a UNESCO World Heritage City, is steeped in history and culture. It's the birthplace of The Beatles, and a visit to The Beatles Story exhibition is a must for any music-loving family. The city's maritime history can be explored at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, and the Museum of Liverpool offers insights into the city's past, present, and future.

It has numerous child-friendly museums and attractions. The World Museum, with its planetarium, ancient world collections, and natural history exhibits, is particularly engaging for young minds. The interactive exhibits at the Science and Industry Museum make learning fun and fascinating for children.

The city is home to beautiful parks and outdoor spaces. Sefton Park, with its fairy-tale-like Palm House, playgrounds, and boating lake, offers a great day out for families. The Albert Dock area, part of the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City UNESCO World Heritage Site, is perfect for leisurely walks and enjoying the waterfront.

Liverpool hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year that are suitable for families. From the River Festival on the waterfront to the International Music Festival, there’s often something exciting happening in the city.

Liverpool’s theatres like the Liverpool Empire and the Everyman and Playhouse theatres offer a range of children’s shows and family-friendly performances, making for a delightful evening out.

Nearby beaches like Crosby Beach, with the fascinating 'Another Place' art installation by Antony Gormley, provide a fun day trip for families. Southport Beach is also a short drive away, offering traditional seaside amusements.

The city caters well to families when it comes to dining, with a wide variety of child-friendly restaurants and cafes that offer diverse cuisine options.

Many museums and galleries in Liverpool offer workshops and courses for children, ranging from art and crafts to science and technology, providing both fun and educational experiences.

Above all, Liverpool is known for its friendly atmosphere and warm locals. This welcoming vibe makes it an ideal destination for families looking for things to do in a city that feels both exciting and safe.

Here are some experience days specifically for children when looking for things to do in Liverpool with kids.

treasure hunt liverpool

Treasure Hunt Across The UK

Embark on the ultimate treasure hunt, exploring numerous UK cities! Suitable for up to 6 participants, this Outdoor Treasure Hunt offers an exciting and demanding journey, honing your detective skills across various UK locations. It's an ideal team-building adventure with friends or family, involving a mix of mental and physical challenges that will put your strategic thinking to the test.

This experience is a fantastic opportunity to visit several UK destinations, including London, Brighton, Cardiff, Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Manchester. Enjoy discovering national landmarks and having a delightful time on this unique exploration!

fairy photoshoot liverpool

Fairy Photoshoot

Treat your little ones to a magical Fairy Tale Photoshoot, perfect for up to three siblings. Watch their excitement as they unwrap this gift, leading to a day filled with enchantment and cherished moments with their siblings.

Capture the essence of fairy tales while they still believe in magic. In a setting straight out of a storybook, your children can become fairies or elves, immersed in a mystical world. They'll have a selection of enchanting costumes to choose from and a studio adorned with captivating props and backdrops, including a wooded wonderland, a shimmering mirror pool, and a landscape of toadstools, flowers, and plants.

As they delight in their adventure, a professional photographer will discreetly capture these moments, creating stunning photos that will be treasured forever. It’s an experience of pure joy and magic that they'll never forget.

junior trackday

Triple Junior Supercar Driving Experience

Delight the budding car enthusiast in your life with an unforgettable supercar experience!

They can select three iconic supercars from an impressive lineup including Aston Martins, Audi R8s, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Corvette C7, Nissan GTRs, and Porsches.

After a comprehensive safety briefing, they'll have the chance to drive each car for 3 miles at one of many tracks across the UK, accompanied by an expert to ensure safety.

This exhilarating experience is perfect for juniors aged 10 and above, offering an exciting adventure they'll always remember.

police car chase

US Police Car Driving Experience

Give a US Police car enthusiast an unforgettable track driving day experience!

They'll get the chance to drive a Police car for three miles around the track, complete with flashing sirens, recreating the excitement of classic American TV shows. This experience also includes a comprehensive safety briefing and introduction, ensuring a thrilling yet safe experience.

helicopter ride liverpool

6 Mile Helicopter Ride

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with this incredible helicopter adventure. You and up to three friends will have the opportunity to experience the unique sensation of hovering in a powerful helicopter, while admiring the breathtaking views below.

As you soar to heights of 1000 feet, your pilot will highlight various landmarks and sights. It's an ideal moment to capture with a camera, as the views from such a height are truly awe-inspiring.

A helicopter ride is an unforgettable experience, leaving you with lasting memories of the stunning sights and the exhilarating feeling of flying in a jet-powered helicopter above the earth.

helicopter stadium tour liverpool

Football Stadium Helicopter Tour

Surprise a football enthusiast with the ultimate gift: a helicopter tour over the Goodison Park & Anfield Stadiums! While they may already have an array of memorabilia from their beloved team, viewing their stadium from the air is a unique experience they're unlikely to have had.

Aboard a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter, you'll journey approximately 30 miles. The skilled pilot doubles as your tour guide, pointing out local landmarks along the way. This experience is a perfect blend of football passion and aerial adventure.

Knowsley park

Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park offers a unique encounter with over 700 captivating animals, ranging from the regal lions and tigers to playful meerkats and graceful giraffes. The park is dedicated to nurturing a deep appreciation for these animals, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the Safari Drive, Foot Safari, and informative Animal Talks.

The park is not only a haven for popular species but also for lesser-known ones, serving as a sanctuary for wildlife from across the globe. With a focus on education and conservation, the park's keepers are on hand to enrich your experience with fascinating facts and answers to your questions.

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