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About Leicester

Leicester, a city with an illustrious history stretching back over two millennia, is a vibrant urban centre nestled in the heart of England. It is a place where ancient history and modernity blend seamlessly, offering a rich tapestry of cultural, recreational, and educational experiences. This city, known for its diversity and cultural richness, provides a multitude of attractions and activities that cater to a wide range of interests, making it an engaging destination for visitors.

At the forefront of Leicester's historical attractions is the remarkable tale of King Richard III, the last English king to die in battle. The discovery of his remains in a city car park in 2012 captivated the world, leading to the establishment of the King Richard III Visitor Centre. Located at the site of his burial, the centre tells the story of his life, reign, and the fascinating science behind his discovery and identification. Adjacent to the centre, Leicester Cathedral, a serene and historic building, now houses his final resting place. This area has become a focal point for tourists, offering a unique insight into a significant chapter of England's history.

Leicester's ancient past can also be explored at the Jewry Wall Museum, home to one of the tallest surviving pieces of Roman masonry in Britain. The museum and the adjacent Roman baths offer a glimpse into the city's Roman origins, showcasing Leicester's importance as a military settlement and its evolution over the centuries. The artifacts and exhibits provide a tangible connection to the city's ancient past, enriching visitors' understanding of its historical significance.

The city's rich cultural tapestry is further exemplified by its festivals and events, which celebrate Leicester's diverse community. The Leicester Caribbean Carnival, one of the largest outside London, and the Diwali celebrations, reputed to be among the grandest in the world outside of India, transform the city with vibrant parades, music, dance, and food. These events not only showcase the city's multicultural heritage but also create a lively and inclusive atmosphere that welcomes all.

For those interested in the arts, Leicester boasts a thriving scene. The Curve Theatre, with its iconic architecture and innovative design, stands as a beacon of modern performing arts in the city. Offering a range of productions from plays and musicals to dance performances, the Curve is at the heart of Leicester's cultural life. The Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre provides a hub for film enthusiasts and artists, screening independent films and hosting exhibitions and workshops that encourage creative expression.

Leicester's commitment to education and discovery is epitomized by the National Space Centre, one of the UK's leading attractions dedicated to space science and astronomy. With its striking architecture, including the iconic Rocket Tower, the centre offers interactive exhibits, engaging workshops, and the UK's largest planetarium, making it a fascinating destination for families and space enthusiasts alike.

The city's natural beauty and recreational spaces offer a respite from the urban environment. Abbey Park, with its historical ruins, ornamental gardens, and recreational facilities, provides a peaceful oasis for relaxation and leisure. Bradgate Park, just a short drive from the city, offers expansive wild landscapes, deer herds, and the ruins of Lady Jane Grey's childhood home, providing an idyllic setting for walking, picnicking, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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