Ginetta G40 GT5 Race Car

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Ginetta G40 GT5 Race Car
ginetta g40 gt5 race car

About Ginetta G40 GT5 Race Car

  • Drivers licence needed
  • Not suitable for junior drivers
  • Height & weight restrictions apply

Important Bits:
Drivers licence needed
Maximum height: 6ft2
Maximum weight: 20 stone

The Ginetta G40 GT5 race car is a prominent figure in the realm of entry-level GT racing, offering a blend of performance, accessibility, and competition. Manufactured by the British company Ginetta Cars, which has a storied history in producing racing and sports cars, the G40 GT5 is designed to provide a stepping stone for drivers looking to make their mark in GT racing.

Featuring a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout, the Ginetta G40 GT5 is powered by a 1.8-litre Ford Zetec engine, tuned to produce a competitive power output suitable for its class. The car's lightweight construction, achieved through the use of a fibreglass body over a tubular steel chassis, enhances its agility and performance on the track. This combination of power and lightness ensures an exhilarating driving experience, with the car demonstrating sharp handling and responsive acceleration.

One of the G40 GT5's notable features is its emphasis on safety. Ginetta has equipped the car with a high level of safety features, including a roll cage, fire extinguisher system, and race-specification harnesses, meeting the stringent requirements set by racing authorities. This focus on safety makes the G40 GT5 a reliable choice for novice and experienced racers alike.

The car competes in the Ginetta GT5 Challenge, a popular one-make series that runs alongside major UK and European racing events. This series is renowned for its competitive field and close racing, providing drivers with valuable experience in racecraft and vehicle handling. The Ginetta GT5 Challenge is often seen as a springboard for drivers aspiring to progress to higher levels of GT and endurance racing.

In addition to its presence in competitive racing, the G40 GT5 is also available for track day enthusiasts and racing schools, offering a real race car experience to a broader audience. Its combination of performance, safety, and affordability makes it an attractive option for those looking to experience the thrill of racing without the high costs typically associated with motorsport.

Overall, the Ginetta G40 GT5 race car stands as a testament to Ginetta's commitment to developing accessible racing cars that do not compromise on performance or safety. It continues to play a significant role in fostering new talent and promoting the spirit of competition in the motorsport community.

Driving the Ginetta G40 GT5 Race Car during a supercar track driving day offers an exhilarating and authentic racing experience that stands out even amidst the company of other high-performance supercars. The moment you lower yourself into the cockpit of the G40 GT5, the racing pedigree of the car becomes immediately apparent. The snug fit of the race seat, the positioning of the pedals and the steering wheel, and the minimalist, functional layout of the dashboard all signal that you're in a machine designed for one thing: speed.

As you hit the track, the G40 GT5's characteristics become even more vivid. The roar of the 1.8-litre engine as it comes to life, the crisp response of the gearbox as you work through the gears, and the car's remarkable grip and handling through tight corners and long sweeps alike deliver a raw and immersive driving experience. Unlike many supercars that can often isolate their drivers from the mechanics of driving, the G40 GT5 connects you directly to the action. Its lightweight frame and potent powertrain mean every input you make is instantly translated onto the track. Acceleration is brisk and purposeful, and the car's agility allows you to push your limits as a driver, exploring the nuances of racecraft with every lap. The sensation of piloting the G40 GT5 on a track day is not just about speed but about the purity and precision of driving, offering a deeply satisfying challenge to both novice and experienced racers alike.

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