Shaking Up The Experience Day Market - WonderDays Is Here!

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Publish date: 14th June 2022
Update date: 15th June 2022

A brand new experience day company offering a revolutionary flexible booking experience never before seen in the market has launched in the UK.

WonderDays is brought to you by a team that has been in the experience days market for almost 30 years.

Launching on 30th May 2022 after almost three years in development, directors Matt Jones and Philip Thygesen were determined to create the most flexible and user-friendly way for people to buy their dream experience day.

At the same time, they wanted to ensure suppliers providing those experiences get the best out of any partnership.

Having both sold experiences directly to customers and been the provider of an experience sold through third parties, Matt and Philip’s team knew they could build a unique company that truly offered a top level experience for both customer and provider.

“For almost 28 years, our other company has been the provider of balloon rides both directly to customers and through other, third party experience day companies,” said Matt.

“We know what works both from a customer perspective and the supplier side of things, when you’re selling your experience through someone else.

“At the core of WonderDays is the most flexible, user-friendly buying experience in the industry, running side by side with our focus on ensuring providers of those experiences get the best deal possible.”

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WonderDays director Matt Jones (right with a friendly lemur) with Partnerships Manager Abi Sadler (left) and Sarah Cartwright (centre), senior keeper at Hoo Zoo and Dinosaur World.

An Experience Day Company That Puts You First

The WonderDays website is a bespoke build, designed from the ground up for both a seamless buying and supplier experience.

“Instead of searching ‘driving experience’ and seeing multiple different products of the same thing for one person, two, four and so on, WonderDays simplifies it with one, single experience and you choose how many you want it for,” added Matt.

“Our category selections and search have the fastest and most responsive load times in the industry.

“WonderDays offers both the buyer and the provider a more focussed, simple to use and intuitive experience than any other company in this field.

“We chose the name WonderDays because our core ethos is to make the ‘everyday’ a ‘wonderday’, whether you are buying an experience or selling one.”

For more information, contact the WonderDays marketing department on

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