Best Reads To Take On A Spa Experience Day On National Read A Book Day

Books for best spa day experience
On National Read A Book Day, here's WonderDays top picks to enjoy during a spa experience day gift.

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Publish date: 5th September 2022
Update date: 5th September 2022

On National Read A Book Day, gift company WonderDays has put together a reading guide on the best books to take along to a spa experience day.

With 43% of people in the UK reading for pleasure at least once a week and over a third doing so multiple times, sitting down with a good book remains a popular way to relax.

One of WonderDays most popular relaxing experience gift ideas is a spa day, which led to the creation of a ‘Best Reads For Your Pamper Day’ guide.

“In one way, a good book is an experience gift in itself, as reading quickly takes you into the world of the story and the experiences of the characters within it,” said Maria Wilkinson, the company’s marketing manager.

“We all love to relax in different ways but quite a few of us here are keen readers, so as part of National Read A Book Day, we asked the team which book they would take on a spa day for an extra dose of chill time.”

Here is our top five books to read while enjoying a spa experience gift.

  • Best For Parents That Need A Laugh

Tired and Tested: The Wild Ride Into Parenthood by Sophie McCartney
Our WonderDays mums are all big fans of Sophie McCartney’s wholly accurate and hilarious observational takes on adulthood and parenthood through her Tired and Tested social media channels.
Tired and Tested: The Wild Ride Into Parenthood takes you on a journey from the heady, child-free days of the noughties to marriage, babies and family life – including the horrors to be found in the school mums' WhatsApp group.
It's an entertaining read for mums (and dads) who do manage to get away from parenting for a few hours to enjoy a bit of pampering for themselves.

  • Best For Autobiography Fans

This Much Is True by Miriam Margolyes
It has literally been 80 years in the making but the autobiography from BAFTA winning actor, activist and national treasure Miriam Margolyes has been worth the wait.
From childhood to her extensive career, including her unforgettable roles across the Blackadder series to Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films, This Much Is True has seemingly countless funny moments and anecdotes along the way.
Having once even been told to be quiet by the Queen herself, this is a heart-warming biography told in her inimitable blunt and honest style.

Relaxing spa experience day gift
Enjoy a relaxing spa experience gift as you escape into a good book.
  • Best Easy Read For Romance Fans

Cornish Clouds and Silver Lining Skies by Ali McNamara
Leaving the stress of real life behind and losing yourself to relaxation is what a spa experience day is all about.
If an easy romantic read is your cup of tea (or glass of Prosecco), Cornish Clouds and Silver Lining Skies will immerse you into a light and heart-warming romance set on the beautiful south west coast of England.
Several of Ali McNamara books have found their way on holiday with various members of the WonderDays team and this latest one is next on their list.

  • Best Good Vs Evil Fantasy Thriller

Fairy Tale by Stephen King
From the master of fantasy horror, Stephen King’s latest novel has at its heart a young hero and his dog saving an alternate world from evil.
Released just this week to rave reviews, what’s not to like when you have a monsters to defeat, a parallel fairy tale kingdom to save and the heart of a beautiful princess to rescue from evil?

  • Best Enduring Classic Read

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
First published in 1997, Memoirs of a Geisha is an historical novel telling the story of a fictional geisha in Japan in the years leading up to and during World War II.
Told in the first person, the life of a strong woman making the best of a bad situation quickly caught the eye of Hollywood, with the book made into a film in 2005.
In 2012, The Guardian ranked it the 48th best selling book ever in the UK.

Relaxing by the pool, over afternoon tea or in the jacuzzi, a good book really is the perfect partner for a rejuvenating and pampering spa experience gift from WonderDays.

National Read A Book Day is celebrated on 6th September each year and aims to encourage all of us to take a break from technology and the day to day stresses real life to enjoy reading for pleasure.


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