Helicopter Rides Ardfert

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30 Minute Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

  • 30 minute ride across the UK
  • Approx 60 mins with 30 mins flying time
  • Multiple UK venues
  • Available for up to 4 people


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11% Off a blue and white helicopter flying over fields as part of a chopper experience

25 Mile City Helicopter Tour

  • UK Helicopter Tour Experience
  • 25 mile ride
  • Up to 15 minutes flying
  • Safety briefing


£129.00 £115.00
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37% Off helicopter take off helicopter ride for 1

12 Mile Helicopter Flight Experience

  • Amazing helicopter trip experience
  • 12 mile ride across the UK
  • Many locations
  • Available for up to 4 people


£99.00 £69.00
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19% Off a black helicopter taking off for a helicopter tour with a person waving through the window

6 Mile Helicopter Flight Experience

  • Available for up to 4 people
  • Multiple UK venues
  • Glass of bubbly option


£49.00 £44.00
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About Ardfert

Imagine soaring above Ardfert, nestled in the heart of County Kerry, Ireland, as if you were a bird gliding effortlessly through the sky. The helicopter flights are is nothing short of magical, with each landmark telling its own unique story.

As the helicopter lifts off, the first jewel to catch your eye would be the ancient Ardfert Cathedral. From this bird's-eye view, the historic ruins are a mesmerising labyrinth of stone, revealing the grandeur of times past. You can't help but marvel at how these walls have withstood the test of time, each stone a silent witness to centuries of history.

Gliding further, the patchwork quilt of the Irish countryside unfolds beneath you. The vibrant greens of the fields are dotted with sheep, peaceful and undisturbed by your presence in the skies. It's a serene sight, the essence of rural Ireland captured in a single, sweeping glance.

Then, the coastline comes into view, a dramatic meeting of land and sea. The Atlantic Ocean hugs the shores of Banna Strand, its waves whispering secrets to the sandy beaches. From above, the water shimmers, a myriad of blues that sparkle in the sunlight. It's a breathtaking sight, the kind of view that stays etched in your memory long after helicopter flights have touched down.

Circling back, the helicopter offers a glimpse of the local golf course, its meticulously maintained greens a stark contrast to the wild, natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. It's a reminder of the community here, of leisurely days spent in the pursuit of the perfect swing.

As the ride comes to a close, the compact, charming layout of Ardfert village itself comes into view. From this vantage point, the streets seem to invite exploration, each turn promising a new discovery. The sight of the village from above is a heartwarming reminder of the tight-knit community that calls this place home.

A helicopter tour over Ardfert is more than just a sightseeing trip; it's an immersive experience that connects you to the heart and soul of this enchanting corner of Ireland. It's a perspective that transforms ordinary views into extraordinary memories, leaving you with a profound appreciation for the beauty and history that Ardfert so generously shares.

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