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Meals Out For Two

Our dining out for two experiences help you celebrate life's little and big moments and most importantly save you from doing the washing up!

If you're looking for a fail-safe gift, a meal out for two is the perfect option. Everyone loves eating out, it's such a treat! Trying a dish you've never tried before or sticking with a favourite knowing it's going to be better than you can cook at home, and no washing up! The dream!

That aside, a meal out is a lovely way to spend time with a loved one, relaxing and letting the conversation flow. In the fast paced world we live in, it's a great excuse to slow down and reconnect over fabulous food. Whether it's a birthday gift, anniversary present or a "just because" gift, a meal out will always be appreciated.

Meals Out For Two

When you want to impress, choosing the right restaurant for your meal out for two is key. Do they enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate luxurious surroundings? Or are they someone who prefers a more casual setting? What's your budget? These are all things to consider to make sure your meal out is a success.

London fine dining on a bus
Yes you read that right! Your meal for two can take place on the move. Choose from either a lunch or dinner experience which you'll enjoy on a converted high-end double decker bus. You'll travel through London taking in all the famous landmarks as you indulge in the finest cuisine prepared with the best seasonal ingredients.

Afternoon tea bus tours
A meal in itself, an afternoon tea has become incredibly popular for a meal out to celebrate a special occasion. A London Afternoon Tea Bus Tour lets you indulge in a sumptuous afternoon tea and great views as your bus navigates the streets of London. If you're in Edinburgh or Glasgow, a Vintage Red Bus Bistro Tour offers a sparkling afternoon tea for two with the choice of Prosecco or Gin.

Immersive Dining Experiences
Get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure!
A dining experience where you feel part of the action is a real treat. In Glasgow, you can be part of a Taste of Scotland dining experience like no other. As you dine in the refined ambiance of a top restaurant in Glasgow, digital laser projections transport you to Scotland's majestic landscapes, immersing you in the country's natural beauty. The team of master distillers, brewers, and chefs will guide you through a meticulously crafted 5-course menu that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, showcasing the very essence of Scotland's flavours. Each dish is a masterpiece, inspired by the changing seasons and using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

An immersive dining experience with a top celebrity chef is sure to impress. You'll sample an ever evolving and changing tasting menu that is served and created in front of yourselves and the other guests. No stuffiness or dress code here, just fabulous food cooked to perfection.

Michelin Starred Dining Experiences
Booking a meal for two at a Michelin-starred restaurant makes an exceptional gift for a special occasion because it offers a luxurious and unforgettable dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Michelin starred restaurants are renowned for their impeccable service, artistic presentation, and exquisite culinary creations, making every bite a journey of flavour and elegance. The ambiance and attention to detail create an atmosphere of romance and indulgence, making it the perfect gesture to show appreciation and affection on a momentous day.

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