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34% Off a selection of supercars on a race track at car chase heroes driving experience day

All Star Track Day Experience

  • Drive up to 3 different cars from a choice of more than 60
  • 3 mile blast round the track in every car
  • Minimum age 10*
  • Weekend and weekday options


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a mad max inspired land rover driving off road through a muddy puddle on a driving experience day

About Mad Max Truck

  • Not suitable for juniors
  • No premium upgrade needed

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Mad Max Truck

The "Mad Max Truck" typically refers to the heavily modified vehicles featured in the "Mad Max" film series, particularly the post-apocalyptic, dystopian setting of the movies. These trucks are known for their rugged, over-the-top designs that fit the harsh, survivalist environment of the films.

In the "Mad Max" world, vehicles are not just modes of transport; they are lifelines and symbols of power. The trucks in these films are often characterised by their extreme modifications: armour plating, spikes, large off-road tires, and an array of fictional weapons and defensive mechanisms. These modifications not only serve the narrative of the films, providing a visual representation of the brutal world, but they also reflect the resourcefulness of the characters in using whatever materials are at their disposal to survive.

The design of the Mad Max trucks is a blend of practicality and fantasy, with a focus on making them look as intimidating and battle-ready as possible. The aesthetic is raw and industrial, often featuring exposed engines, rusted bodywork, and a hodgepodge of parts from various vehicles. This creates a unique and striking visual style that has become iconic in the genre of post-apocalyptic fiction.

While these trucks are fictional creations designed for the movies, their influence has extended into popular culture, inspiring car enthusiasts and builders to create their own Mad Max-style vehicles. These real-world replicas capture the spirit of the films' vehicles, emphasizing a rugged, survivalist approach to vehicle modification.

An off road driving experience in a Mad Max-style truck offers a unique and thrilling adventure, transporting participants into a world of rugged terrain and raw power. These experiences, typically held in challenging off-road environments, allow drivers to navigate through rough landscapes, embodying the spirit of the iconic Mad Max vehicles.

The trucks used are heavily modified for extreme conditions, featuring large off-road tires, enhanced suspension, and powerful engines, making them well-suited for tackling steep inclines, rocky paths, and muddy trails. Guided by experienced instructors, participants learn the intricacies of off-road driving, mastering skills such as throttle control, obstacle navigation, and vehicle recovery.

This off road driving experience isn't just about handling tough terrain; it's an immersion into a post-apocalyptic fantasy, where the ruggedness and resilience of Mad Max-style trucks can be fully appreciated. For those seeking an adrenaline rush and a taste of adventure, an off-road experience in a Mad Max truck provides an unforgettable journey into a world where the vehicle is a key to survival and mastery of the land.

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