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Why An Experience Day Is The Ultimate Gift

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It will come as no surprise, but we fully believe at Wonderdays that experiences are pretty awesome for many reasons, but mainly because you’re more likely to remember a unique adventure than you are another pair of slippers!

An experience day voucher offers you the chance the pick a completely new activity therefore pushing you outside of your comfort zone and ultimately pushing your body into a endless cycle of desire of wanting to go on adventures over things!

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Create Memories

Another benefit of taking part in activities is the memories you gain from it.

Although you get that initial excitement hit from a physical present, memories of paintballing with your crew or afternoon tea with the girls stays around a lot longer than a new mobile phone will!

Save the World!

Its not just about the materialistic element either, think about the poor old environment!

All these throwaway clothes that we are gifted, the useless plastic gadgets, items for the home we don’t like, they all end up somewhere when we’re done with them; in a landfill!

But, an experience day voucher is not going to negatively impact the environment on the whole as experiences, if planned consciously, can be a way of receiving great enjoyment while also treading lightly on the earth.

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Not Just Another Experience Day Company

After discovering the benefits of taking an adventure over an actual gift, considering how you wanted to be treated by a company is also an important aspect of buying a voucher.

By choosing Wonderdays, you’re choosing a company that really has your interests at heart.

We make sure that all of our suppliers are completely customer centric and they consider the buyer as a person and not just a number.

Our website offers you many ‘outside the box’ options as we’re not just your 2.4 stereotypical experience day company!

We know you’ve got ‘Aunty’ Rach who’s actually your mum's best mate who loves to come on your adventures, and the ‘blended’ family who actually consists of three adults and 6 children!

We get this! We hear you!

We fully understand that we need to be flexible and that’s what we’ve done in our approach by offering you, your friends and family the best chance of having a truly great Wonder Day with us!

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