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The Ultimate Guide to a Harry Potter Day Out in London

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Calling all witches, wizards, and Muggles alike! If you're a hardcore Potterhead planning a day out in London, then you've come to the right place. Whether it’s the spellbinding Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatre show or the eye-opening Harry Potter walking tour of London, the capital is a must-visit hotspot for experiencing all the best bits of the enchanting world of Harry Potter. In this guide, we'll unveil the ultimate Harry Potter-themed itinerary, to transform your weekend in London to one of pure magic. So grab your wands and let's get started!

See the Wizarding World Come to Life at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Theatre Show

If you too were devastated when the Harry Potter film series came to an end, fear not—the magic lives on in the most awarded West End play on stage, ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’.

Experience spellbinding special effects in this powerful eighth-story adaptation by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne. Journey alongside Harry and his youngest son, Albus, as they navigate the dangers of a family legacy in a world tinged with mysterious dark forces.

Eager to be part of this magical spectacle? Secure your Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets and make sure you check out our Essential Guide to the Harry Potter stage show, to discover the magical moments you can expect on the day.

Harry potter and the cursed child london west end theatre show

Step Into the Movie on the Harry Potter Walking Tour

Unravel the secrets of the Wizarding world as you tread in the footsteps of young witches and wizards along the hidden cobblestones of London. Perfect for Harry Potter fans, this Harry Potter Walking Tour London will lead you through the secret streets where the magic of the movies were brought to life. From the bustling streets of Diagon Alley to every witch and wizard's favourite haunt - The Leaky Cauldron, you’ll be completely spellbound as you explore the unexpected places that featured in the Harry Potter films.

Harry Potter london walking tour

Unveil the Magic at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Embark on a magical journey into the very heart of the wizarding world with Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets. Situated in Watford Junction, just a short train ride from central London, the Warner Bros Studio Tour showcases the imagination and attention to detail that went into the production of the Harry Potter films, making it an unparalleled experience for Harry Potter fans of all ages.

With authentic sets of the iconic Hogwarts Great Hall, the original Hogwarts Express and the eerie Forbidden Forest, you'll feel as though you've stepped directly into the pages of the Harry Potter series itself. From intricate costumes to dynamic special effects, the studio tour in London, will have you uncovering a treasure trove of enchanting behind-the-scenes secrets from the making of Harry Potter.

Step into the Forbidden Forest at Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Brew Love Potions at The Cauldron Bar

A Harry Potter-themed day in London simply wouldn't be complete without mastering the art of potion-making and enjoying a few butterbeers along the way. Introducing, The Cauldron’s Harry Potter Bar London - your go-to venue for firewisky, gillywater, butterbeer and your very own witches brew!

As you step into this enchanting space, you're immediately outfitted with a wizarding robe and a magical wand, the essential tools for your potion-making experience. Under the expert guidance of the Potion Masters, you'll craft your own mystical brews, using a selection of magical ingredients that will have your potions bubbling, changing colours, and vanishing in a wisp of smoke.

The bar itself is full of enchanting details, from cauldrons and magical creatures to potion bottles and spell books, all designed to make you feel like you've stepped into the magical world.

Potion making with cauldron

Fill up on Cauldron Cakes at Cutter & Squidge’s Afternoon Tea

The Harry Potter afternoon tea at Cutter & Squidge is a magical dining experience not to be missed on your Harry Potter day out in London. This enchanting event takes the quintessentially British tradition of afternoon tea and infuses it with a bewitching dose of wizardry. Guests are welcomed into a charming setting inspired by the Gryffindor common room, complete with rustic bookcases and a selection of cosy armchairs.

On the menu, you'll find a delightful array of magical treats, from spellbinding pastries and delicious scones to mystical elixirs served in their very own potion bottles. It's an immersive experience every Potterhead really should experience!

Enjoy an Enchanting Stay at The Georgian House Hotel

Ever wondered what it would be like to stay in your very own four-poster bed, walk along a candlelit passageway and disappear behind a hidden bookcase? The Georgian House Hotel London offers a truly enchanting Wizard Experience that takes guests on a mystical adventure through their portrait-lined hallways.

Designed with an enchanting blend of 19th-century architecture and magical elements, this charming hotel is the perfect digs for your Harry Potter-themed day in London. Not only do they offer a selection of cosy, candlelit chambers, but the option to take the experience to a whole new level, with their magical afternoon tea and potion-making class. Whether you're a seasoned wizard or a curious Muggle, the Georgian House Hotel ensures an unforgettable stay that will leave you feeling utterly spellbound.

Harry potter book laid on a bed

Crack the Code in a Harry Potter-Themed Escape Room

Do you have what it takes to step into Harry Potter’s shoes and solve the magical mystery of The Enigma School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? This immersive London Escape Room is a must-try experience for anyone in search of their own wizarding adventure.

The room itself is a work of art, intricately designed with an array of magical elements—from enchanted objects to cryptic scrolls. With challenging riddles and immersive storytelling, it's a captivating experience that tests both your magical abilities and problem-solving skills.

Here, you’ll put your powers to the test as you race against the time-turner to solve puzzles, decipher runes, and unlock spells to achieve your quest. Whether you go with a group of friends or family, this Harry Potter escape room promises a spellbinding hour of mystery and magic.

Discover the Inspiration behind the magic in Edinburgh's Harry Potter Walking Tour

It may not be in London, but if you’d like to journey back to where it all started then you mustn’t miss the Harry Potter Walking Tour Edinburgh.

Stroll along the cultured cobbles of Edinburgh and immerse yourself in a world of enchantment as you discover how the city's hidden alleyways, ancient architecture, and historical figures served as the inspiration behind J.K. Rowling's magical universe. As you navigate through the narrow lanes and explore the age-old buildings, it's easy to see how the city's mystical ambience and rich heritage influenced the creation of iconic locations like Diagon Alley and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

But the fun doesn't stop there; you'll be sorted into one of the four magical houses upon arrival and tested on your Harry Potter knowledge throughout the tour. With trivia questions and magical challenges, it's not just a walk through the city—it's a fully interactive wizarding experience designed to delight fans of all ages.

Edinburgh harry potter walking tour

So there you have it, Potterheads—a fun-filled guide to living out your magical fantasies in London, and even a bit beyond. From spellbinding theatre to immersive tours and magical dining, London has something for all manner of Harry Potter fans to explore. And if you're up for a journey back to where it all began, the Edinburgh Harry Potter Walking Tour is well worth the magical detour. No matter how you choose to spend your day, one thing's for sure: the magic is very much alive, and it's waiting for you.

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