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Our Top 5 Steakhouses in London

London steakhouse mpw porterhouse
Marco Pierre White Beautiful Porterhouse Steak

History of the Steakhouse

It may come as a surprise that the Steakhouse originated in London as you’d be forgiven for thinking they came from New York as it seems such a classic American thing- a restaurant with indulging meats! But, the beginnings started in the 1690s in the capital where portions of meat, chops to be precise, were served for mainly men. They didn’t reach the USA until the mid-nineteenth century once the cooking techniques were developed from our side of the pond

Simpson’s Tavern, which retains much of the original décor from the 19th century, is the oldest steakhouse in London, and is considered an institution.

How do you like your steak?

  • Rare
  • Medium
  • Well Done

A Steakhouse considered reputable, will offer several cuts of beef. From New York strip to ribeye, filet mignon to Porterhouse, there is a cut for every appetite.

Steak is the only meat where you can have a say on how you like it as if you order your steak rare, you will cut into a prime cut of beef and see red from edge to edge. The centre will be cool and the flavour will be the true flavour of the meat.

The most popular choice of steak is a medium rare steak and is said to be the best way to keep the flavour of the steak. Its less bloody than a fully rare steak, but will still have a warm red centre.

The ‘well done’ steak is more for children and fussier eaters as steak that is grilled medium will have a hot centre and will be cooked throughout.

Rare Roast Beef
Roast Beef Cooked Rare

5 Awesome Steakhouses in London

A good meal is always a great experience when you choose a steakhouse in London. London is awash with exceptional steak houses from British beef, Argentinian asadao or a ribeye, they really is something to suit all budgets.

The capital has famous chefs offering succulent steaks like The Marco Pierre White London Steakhouse and Gordon Ramseys many offerings. Take a look at our top 5 steakhouses in London to find out where you can enjoy a sirloin, chateaubriand or fillet.

Beef and Brew, Kentish Town

The Beef and Brew offers you one type of steak, but they do it oh so well! There are lots of types of steak on offer including the 200g Hanger, Chateaubriand, and the T Bone.

As well as the steak and the great offer of sides, they have an extensive beer selection and a smaller wine list with all the classics.

It will come as no surprise that the head chef, Jessica Simmons, trained with Angela Hartnett at the Michelin-starred Murano.

Beef and Brew, Kentish Town

Provender in Wanstead, East London,

Provender is right up our street as it’s a French brasserie that offers a magnificent Entrecôte de Boeuf.

The cote de Boeuf is a 48 day chargrilled dry aged Aberdeen Angus rib of beef on the bone served for two people, served with a choice of sauces and then a choice of sides from gratin dauphinois, cauliflower cheese or new potatoes to name a few.

Provender in Wanstead, East London

Cut at 45 Park Lane

Everyone’s heard of the Dorchester, but did you know they were offering some of the finest steaks in the capital!

Created by Wolfgang Puck, the famous chef and restaurateur, Mayfair’s Cut at 45 Park Lane really offers you the luxury you may be looking for in London.

Cut offers a wide range of London-produced beef, in addition to imports from the US, Japan and Australia.

Cut at 45 Park Lane

Gaucho Piccadilly

You can always guarantee a cracking steak at a Gauchos and the one in Piccadilly is no exception!

Gaucho Piccadilly is bursting with history as its set in a former Spanish Embassy townhouse off Regent Street and with a firm commitment to its Argentinian style, it’s an impressive restaurant to enjoy!

With Argentinian steaks, flavours of Latin America and a perfectly curated drinks list the only thing to make your dining experience better would be premium cuts of Argentine Wagyu…lucky that’s exactly what they offer!

Gaucho Piccadilly

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse in London

Marco Pierre White London Steakhouse gives you a menu curated by the chef himself including favourites and modern day delicacies. The ethos of Marco is that all dishes are classic and they are cooked using the best locally sourced ingredients.

The finest quality grass fed Campbell Brothers beef is on offer with fillet steak, ribeye steak and sirloin steak with a number of signature steaks such as fillet steak au Poivre, garlic king prawns and garlic butter. Marco Pierre White Steakhouse in London is the place to be if you want lovely surroundings, a famous chef and beautiful food!

The world is your oyster when thinking about which steakhouse to go to in London, but this guide is a great starting point!

Share your experiences with us, so we can expand on this post and make it the Top 10 London Steakhouse list.

Marco Pierre White London Steakhouse
view from above of a steak dinner laid out on a table at marco pierre white porterhouse
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